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damnboy She Her Hers

Heartfelt Pop Ballad 

We are smack in the middle of summer and are being graced by brand-new music from all over the world. The latest single that is about to dominate our favourite playlists is from Vietnamese-Hawaiian artist, damnboy! The singer-songwriter-producer released ‘She/Her/Hers’ on August 28th and it’s quite a song.

damnboy! took the global music industry by storm in 2018 with the hit single ‘How High’ which topped in Hawaii and took over several Billboard charts. With an impressive roster of live gigs with the likes of MAX, Blackbear and Nelly, damnboy! has slowly but surely increasing his diverse discography.

His previous release was the alt-pop collab ‘Lingers On’ with Eleanor Kingston which allowed us to enjoy a duo we didn’t know we needed with their soulful harmonies. Well, teasing his upcoming EP, damnboy! has finally dropped the pre-release single ‘She/Her/Hers’, his first single of the year which gives us a glimpse of what to expect in the coming months.

Imagine a scene where a man, gripped by the ache of losing someone he held dear, pours his heart out to the moon. This song isn’t just a song; it’s a vessel for his regrets and desires. Every note captures the bittersweet essence of yearning and sorrow, threading together all those moments that slipped through his fingers.

Not to be fooled by the toe-tapping melody, the pain comes across as he sings, ‘So I stare at the moon/Whisper these words to you/I wonder where you are/Wish you were here but you’re not’. His soothing voice complements the percussive beat as he similarly uses straightforward lyrics to bare his heartbroken soul.

Described as a pop ballad, damnboy! opts for a simple but nostalgic arrangement with a glitchy mesh of drums and piano, letting his voice be the highlight of ‘She/Her/Hers’. The tempo in the chorus rises with his voice, making listeners ache for the mysterious girl, a testament to damnboy!’s producing skills.

Continuing with this thread, the rest of the EP will include the recurring theme of heartbreak and regrets as damnboy! hopes to reflect and dissect the different types of heartbreak one faces in life. The upcoming EP can be considered a collection that eloquently captures these moments woven into the fabric of the main emotion – love. As he puts it, “Everyone…experience[s] a form of [heartbreak] at some point in their lives.”

Listen to ‘She/Her/Hers’ by damnboy! on Spotify.

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