Dallas Green – The Love Still Held Me Near | Album Review

Track Listing 

Meant To Be
Fucked It Up
The Love Still Held Me Near
A Little Mercy
Things We Choose To Care About
After Disaster
Without Warning
Hard, Hard Time
The Water Is Coming
Bow Down To Love
Begin Again


Singer/songwriter Dallas Green yet again conjures up emotions under the moniker City And Colour, and he embraces his feelings head on with the record The Love Still Held Me Near. His solo endeavours have earned him acclaim, proving that he can mix it up with acoustic flair.

There’s no doubting Green’s talents as a songwriter and lyricist, as he has the power to change perceptions and move listeners. Yes, the album has sad songs and tracks which ache, but they’re all imaginative and beautifully constructed.

Green is hurting on this collection, and his world has reached the core of oblivion, though he’s fighting back. This shows immense character and strength.

‘Meant To Be’ starts this album off as Green sings about big city dreams but knows he’s fading into black. The acoustic sound is pleasing, and the melody is infectious.

‘A Little Mercy’ begins with subtle percussion, and Green sings about crying out and faltering. His remarkable lyricism shines, while ‘Without Warning’ is another acoustic track dazzling in it entirety. Green’s vocals are impeccable and he won’t surrender at any moment.

Dallas Green shows he can make great solo albums, and the Alexisonfire guitarist dazzles even when he’s feeling sombre.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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