Daisy Jones & The Six – Episode 6 “Track 6: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night” Recap & Review

No Regrets

Episode 6 of Daisy Jones & The Six titled ‘Track 6: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’ begins with the band recording the album ‘Aurora’ while Billy and Daisy write the songs. The two say they would constantly fight while the boys hint that something could have been going on between them but they didn’t care as they came out with great songs.

Teddy is extremely confident to the point that he asks Rolling Stone to do a story on them. Billy and Daisy read each other’s minds and give the same suggestions, cheering each other and staring at each other intently while recording. Graham claims that he wasn’t concerned about their relationship…yet. But Daisy asks the interviewer how much of the truth she should spill.

Meanwhile, Camila bitterly reveals that she was busy raising a child alone. One day. While he is talking to Daisy on the phone, she goes through Billy’s songbook and sees the song ‘Please’ which is about being tied down due to family.

Daisy calls themselves rivals but they keep helping each other and smiling and having inside jokes which Jonah, the Rolling Stone writer notices. He keeps making notes whenever Daisy and Billy have a moment and the latter gets vexed.

Billy tells Jonah that he and Daisy are like Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway (known for the infamous chemistry on Bonnie and Clyde and their in-real-life tense relationship). Jonah pokes as he further asks if it is all an act but Billy denies it saying while they do have something, in the end, they have different lives.

Elsewhere, Camila shares a darkroom with a Spanish photographer and he flirts with her. She laughs as she points out her husband in a photo of hers. The photographer, however, notices Daisy in the photo making heart eyes at Billy and Camila simply smiles.

She tells Karen about the encounter and the keyboardist is intrigued. Camila brushes aside the idea but points out that Billy is not present anymore even when he is with her. They move on to Graham and Karen is surprised that Camila found out. Camila tells her that Graham loves her and Karen doesn’t look too happy.

That night when Billy comes home, Camila tries to ask about the recording but he isn’t too forthcoming. She tells him that she read ‘Please’ and she liked it and he says it is Daisy’s song. She asks him why he doesn’t play any of the songs for her and he says he wants them to be perfect for her which just annoys her further. 

Jonah claims that all of the songs were coded with messages between Billy and Daisy. Eddie laughs at the idea but Billy seems to get closer to her. She leaves to get an upper and he says she can do cocaine in front of him. They go to the beach as Daisy gets writer’s block and she confesses her real name is Margaret.

He confesses that she made ‘Honeycomb’ better and she says she knows. He adds that she makes everything better and sparks fly as they look at each other. He drops her at her hotel room and there is some tension as she waits for him to come in and he looks like he is losing control. However, he leaves which just annoys her as she goes out for a smoke. Billy says that he looked at the drugs in her room and said that he left because of the temptation.

Daisy says he is lying as it wasn’t the drugs that stopped him (we definitely know that). Daisy finds Jonah staying at her hotel and sits with him. To get something scandalizing at least out of her, he lies to her that Billy told him it was all an act, what he and Daisy have and that he only cares about the music. Daisy pretends not to be ruffled but asks for coke. 

The next day, she doesn’t show up to the studio and Billy is worried. He goes to check up on her only to find Daisy stoned out of her mind, jumping in the pool and cutting her leg on glass. He is angry and the next day he writes a song for her ‘More Fun To Miss’… than to be with. She understands why he wrote the song but she doesn’t like it. The recording goes badly as he keeps grilling her while she doesn’t give her all.

She leaves and he follows her. The interviewer asks what happened that led to Daisy singing the way she did for that song but both are silent about it. Daisy confronts Billy about what is going on between them, hoping that she is not crazy to be the only one who feels it. He is speechless and ends up kissing her. But he feels guilty when he goes home to see Julia and Camila sleeping.

He brings them on the set of the ‘Aurora’ album photoshoot and the photographer compliments Camila for being the album’s inspiration while Billy is awkward. Daisy watches them and he goes to ask if she is okay. She just smiles and greets Camila and Julia. Camila recognises ‘Please’ being played and compliments Daisy for writing it. The singer is confused as she says Billy wrote it and leaves.

Meanwhile, Graham tries to kiss Karen on the set but she stops him. He asks if she is ashamed to tell the others of their relationship but she has other concerns. She says that the world will think she is only in the band because she is his girlfriend instead of her talent and he is understanding.

During the shoot, Daisy is cold and when the photographer asks for just her and Billy in the shot, she puts on a big fake smile. During a break, Jonah catches Billy to confirm some of the facts and brings up his rehab stint and that he missed Julia’s christening, information all given by Daisy. Billy is furious and pulls her aside.

She, however, brings up their kiss and the fact that he brought Camila to the set. He just says he kissed her to get her back in the studio. As they fight, Camila spots them and takes their photographs. Daisy leaves and while driving, she can’t stop thinking about the way Billy would look at her and she crashes her car as she tries to write down new lyrics.

An angry Camila dresses up and goes out without telling Billy who is curious. She says she needed a secret of her own but she goes to a bar alone and drinks teary-eyed. Eddie spots her and leaves his date to give her company. She comes home alone after midnight and just tells Billy that she had dinner with a friend.

The next day, Eddie avoids Billy. Daisy plays her new song ‘Regret Me’ to the band and tells them the song is for Billy. He tries to reject the song but everyone including Teddy votes against him. Angry, Billy walks out and Jonah catches him. Billy is further annoyed but begs him not to put his daughter in the story and Jonah asks for something better. The band records the song without Billy and reveals that was the last recording of the album.

Teddy gives them a break before their tour rehearsals while ‘Aurora’ is a hit. Karen spends her days with Graham while an unhappy Daisy turns to drugs and alcohol. Jonah sends her the rough draft of his story and it’s about the band waiting for her during sessions while she comes in hours later, intoxicated without a care for anyone.

Guess the bright side is him complimenting how well her voice blends with Billy’s and their chemistry. Billy goes through the photos of ‘Aurora’ and doesn’t like a single one. Camila gives him the photos that she took of him and Daisy fighting and we see that they are the ones used in all the official posters and album jackets.

She says that the day he falls in love with Daisy is when they end. Billy promises Camila that it will always be her and they hug. He tells the interviewer that history is not what almost happened but what did and we see him going to meet Daisy only to see that she has left for Greece.

The Episode Review

Oh boy, looks like the writers are laying down the groundwork for the Billy-Camila distancing until he finds solace in Daisy. And while this episode is all about how Billy and Daisy work well together and understand each other at a level no one else can, their relationship would open a whole Pandora’s box.

We already see that with the way she doesn’t think about the consequences or other people when she mentions Julia to a gossip-hungry journalist and gets angry with Billy for bringing his very much beloved wife and child on set. Sure, he kissed her in a moment of weakness and may have feelings for her, but that doesn’t erase the years he and Camila have been together.

But that line ‘You make everything better’, Billy that was smooth. If he was single, he and Daisy would probably have some hate sex or enemies-to-lovers trope. But with it being in the 70s, they will probably do that anyway. Credit to be given where due though, with Daisy not covering up for Billy’s lies to Camila as he needs to handle his own mess. 

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