Daisy Jones & The Six – Episode 5 “Track 5: Fire” Recap & Review

The Process

Episode 5 of Daisy Jones & The Six titled ‘Track 5: Fire’ starts off with the band getting ready to record in November 1975. Daisy’s pill and wine routine coupled with her eccentric behaviour keeps getting to Billy who tries to play nice. But Daisy is not affected as she tells Warren to stop eyeing her legs, writing 20 songs for the band and being her impatient and excited self.

That doesn’t last long as Billy being Billy already has 13 sappy pop songs and Daisy accurately guesses that they are about his wife and the rain. She suggests that the album should be everyone’s and the band members take their chance to put out new ideas which frustrates Billy. As he and Daisy start bickering, Teddy tells them to take a break together.

It doesn’t seem to work as they fight over where to go, the car radio, what to order and why Billy keeps writing songs about Camila. As they eat at a restaurant, ‘Stumbled on Sublime’ plays, the song Wyatt stole from her. Billy hums to it and when she asks him about it he says he likes it. She reveals that it is her song and he is impressed.

At the house, Warren and Eddie get ready to go to the cinema to pass the time while Graham plans to surfboard. Karen offers to join him at the beach and things seem tense. As they get ready to leave, Caroline shows up and Graham kisses her. Karen gets awkward but the couple tells her to join them.

Daisy breaks into Teddy’s place and teases Billy who is horrified. Both confess that they don’t know how to write songs with another person and reject each other’s already written songs. Billy tells Daisy that he can’t understand her hippie themes and to drop the metaphors at times.

She takes the suggestion and while he plays a melody that Graham came up with she starts humming. Billy gets into it but is confused when she suddenly takes off her clothes and jumps into the pool. He asks if they are taking a break and she says she is writing. He stares at her before composing himself.

At the beach, Karen finds out that Caroline won a pageant, likes Barry Manilow, is a premed student and will become a doctor. She wonders what she is doing with Graham and Caroline calls him nice and sexy. At that moment, Graham runs up to them like a wet, mangy dog, looking anything but sexy and asks if they want to learn surfing. Caroline rejects the idea but Karen agrees much to her surprise.

As for our songwriters, Daisy drinks, dances and listens to music. Billy plays the guitar and is surprised at their contrasting songwriting process. She tries to loosen him up but he feels uncomfortable. She tells him that they don’t need to be friends but they need to know each other and they start a game of quid pro quo.

They end up bonding over their secrets and have a breakthrough. Daisy figures out that Billy writes songs about who he wants to be and instead of that idealistic mush, he should turn to his darker thoughts.

Graham and Karen go surfing and she asks if he and Caroline have anything in common by pointing out that she is a Barry Manilow fan. He tells her to back off and jokes that they don’t need to talk as he and Caroline have other things to do. They laugh and try to surf but when they return Graham runs and hugs Caroline while Karen is again left alone.

Meanwhile, Billy and Daisy work on a song and she says it took them hours. Billy cryptically confesses that it was quite something when they did work well together.

While returning, Graham grills Caroline about Barry Manilow by pointing out that he doesn’t even write his own songs. She says he has feel-good, catchy songs and our tortured rockstars, Graham and Karen share an exasperated look. As they reach the house, Karen insists on Graham walking her to the door much to his confusion. He gives in and the moment they are out of Caroline’s sight, Karen kisses him. He is surprised but takes her to the bedroom.

Daisy and Billy seem to be agreeing on something for once but he ends up calling her broken as he says he was wrong about her. She is upset as she takes a pill and hides in the garage. Billy runs after her to apologise and tells her how his dad left him. They affirm that they are not the broken ones and at that moment a surprised Teddy shows up. They laugh as he asks how they got in.

At the house, Karen and Graham are busy making out but separate when Warren and Eddie arrive. The phone rings and while Graham is flustered, Eddie picks up and says Teddy has called them. They find a jovial Billy and Daisy who play the song for them titled ‘Let Me Down Easy’. They all confess that it was a good day and a good song. Everyone gets creative freedom to do what they like and the recording goes well.

Eddie thanks Daisy for letting them all have a say instead of Billy just controlling everything. Karen says the two were each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses. At the end of the recording, Daisy and Billy hug and pause before breaking away. Graham notices the moment and is stunned while everyone else celebrates the recording.

Billy reaches home late and Camila wonders if the recording was bad. He just kisses her feverishly.

The Episode Review

The songwriting segment was pretty interesting and intense. Their different approaches to songwriting not only gave insight into who they are but foreshadowed their relationship.

There also seems to be some unresolved sexual tension between them. And while Billy and Camila are perfect together, it does seem that something might happen between him and Daisy and we aren’t the only ones who noticed.

But will Graham who himself has no qualms about two-timing stop them? Yes, Billy and Daisy are each other’s biggest asset when they are in an amicable mood but it just wouldn’t work out. The two are too glaringly different and similar and would be toxic for each other. It also wouldn’t be fair to Camila who has been nothing but supportive of the two. 

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