Daisy Jones & The Six – Episode 4 “Track 4: I Saw The Light” Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Daisy Jones & The Six titled ‘Track 4: I Saw The Light’ begins with The Six hearing their song ‘Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)’ everywhere and getting excited. Of course, except for Billy who claims his version was about redemption and love while Daisy had turned it into a celebration of doubt which he hated. He wanted to make new music immediately but the song was a hit and they all got their first pay cheques.

Their spending represented their personalities – Graham buys a surfboard, Karen invests in the stock market, Billy rents a place just for him and Camila, Warren buys a fur vest and Eddie buys fancy guitar equipment. They are invited to their first gig in a Hawaii music festival after the disastrous tour and while their name is last on the lineup list, they are excited.

Eddie cribs as usual of their set timing which is at 1 pm while Billy is worried as he feels they need more time to prepare. They do a group huddle and Daisy hangs out on the side with Karen revealing that the catch was that the organisers also wanted her to perform with them.

Billy tries to give her a pep talk but Daisy is her arrogant self. He tells her that they will play the collab song fourth and he will call her on stage. As the band goes on stage, the now-alone Daisy suddenly looks nervous and she takes a pill.

As The Six finish the first song, she looks annoyed and walks on stage. She is greeted by the crowd while Billy tries to stop her. In the interview, he says she did it on purpose, while Daisy says she was just impatient. The crowd goes crazy as they perform ‘Honeycomb’. Daisy and Billy smile as they end the song and he says she was supposed to leave then.

The crowd chants her name and she asks if they want her to stay for one more song. Daisy tells the interviewer that they didn’t let her leave. She sings with Billy and while they sing into the mic, touching cheeks and looking at each other, it seems more like a fight as they battle for the mic. However, it comes across as chemistry and the crowd loves it.

After the stage, the band is in awe but Billy confronts her about coming on early and she cheekily replies that all his songs sound the same so she thought he had already played three songs. The festival interviews them and asks about their next collaboration. Billy thanks Daisy for singing his song and says it is a one-time thing.

The reporter looks disappointed while Daisy looks angry. She pulls Billy aside and points out that she wrote the song. He wishes her luck and leaves. In the van, Karen approaches Billy and tells him that it would be good if they teamed up with her. He is angry as he says that while Daisy is talented, she takes all the attention and is just waiting to explode. He fears that they won’t survive her.

Daisy says that Billy never accepted that he needed help and she channelled her anger into songwriting. One day, while she and Simone are watching TV, they hear a girl group singing. But one of the singers turns out to be lip-syncing to Simone’s voice. Daisy is furious while Simone blames herself for not letting Lee have his way with her as he must have used her voice out of revenge.

Simone suggests that she needs a fresh start and that she has Bernie in New York. Daisy sees how happy Bernie makes her and tells her to go for it. Daisy says Simone was her only real friend and with her gone, she was lonely. She breaks into her old home owned by someone else now and is arrested. The interviewer asks about it and she says it is not true.

In prison, she has no one and she calls Karen to bail her out. Karen is surprised that Daisy does not have anyone else and wonders how she even got her number.

Daisy hangs out with Teddy and complains that she doesn’t want to be solo anymore as she has a whole arrangement planned in her head. He tricks her into thinking that The Six is not right for her and she gets interested. He tells her that she is frontman material and the Six already has one. She scoffs as she says she knows Billy doesn’t like to share while Teddy looks at her mischievously.

Meanwhile, Camila and Billy watch the festival interview together and she looks peeved off with his answers. He asks what’s wrong and she points out that he could have given Daisy some credit for the song. She tells the interviewer that all rock stars have egos but she wouldn’t let it stop Billy from being great. So, to help him out she gave him a little push.

It then cuts to Camila planning a huge party. As Karen and Graham arrive, they talk about a vote to bring Daisy into the band which Camila overhears and smiles. She also notices Graham’s heart eyes and pushes him to confess to Karen but he is afraid. Throughout the party she mocks him but he doesn’t take the bait.

Meanwhile, Daisy arrives as per Camila’s invitation while Billy who had no idea looks confused. Daisy says hi and goes to get a drink. Billy goes after her and apologizes for the festival. She smiles and he tries to bring up the topic of her joining the band. She asks why he wants her and he doesn’t have an answer which angers her and she leaves. Camila goes after her but Daisy points out that they don’t like each other so there is no further discussion.

Camila thanks her for changing her life with the collab but they will never know their fullest potential if she leaves. Daisy is conflicted but she comes back. The power goes out and while everyone lights candles, she hears Julia crying upstairs. She brings the girl to Billy who thanks her. Karen starts playing the piano and The Six start an impromptu jam session. Daisy starts singing while looking at Billy. He joins them and sings with her. 

Karen is excited at the outcome and she tells Graham that Daisy is a good fit. He suddenly kisses her and confesses that he likes her. She gently rejects him and leaves. He is disheartened but one of the partygoers, Caroline sits with him. Camila goes to Billy and tells him that Daisy is what he needs to become a hit and he says he knows.

The next morning, Daisy wakes up at their home, hungover. Camila tells her that The Six is a family that looks after each other and Daisy says that it hasn’t been her experience. Camila welcomes her into the band with the condition that they will look after Daisy and she has to look after them too. In the interview, Camila says trust goes both ways and asks if she made a mistake by trusting The Six and Daisy.

The Episode Review

Okay, sure it is sometimes a little hard to like Daisy but that is why the writers gave us that whole backstory. Her sassy, arrogant self is just a front but just like everyone else, she doubts, she struggles and most importantly, she is human. She pretends to be strong but she also has her weaknesses. Also, kudos to Riley Keough for portraying such a complicated character. 

And talk about that chemistry, phew, she and Sam Claflin really pulled off one of the most difficult relationships onscreen. Despite seeing how Daisy and Billy are off stage, their performance at the festival and in the recording studio was amazing and we really bought it just like the fans and the rest of The Six.

We may have Camila and Karen to thank for that, the boys truly are no help. This episode was for the girls and the girls only as they finally got their screen time from Simone’s challenges to Camila and Karen pretty much doing the legwork of bringing Daisy into the band. 

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