Daisy Jones & The Six – Episode 3 “Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight” Recap & Review

The Collaboration

Episode 3 of Daisy Jones & The Six, titled ‘Track 3: Someone Saved My Life Tonight’, begins with Teddy and Daisy listening to her new song. He likes it and she says she will churn out 9 more songs in a week to make an album. 

It is 1974 and Graham picks Billy from rehab who is least interested in the band as he can only think about his daughter. Graham regales him with tales of his little girl and Billy starts sobbing for everything he has missed. Graham thinks that the addiction was just a one-off thing and confesses that he had thought everything would go back to normal once Billy came back. 

The band is excited to see Billy but he rebuffs them as he goes to meet his daughter. Camilla’s mother is living with them and she doesn’t look happy with his arrival. Mrs. Alvarez tries to take the girl, Julia when Billy refuses to pick her up but Camilla sends her out. He is afraid of Julia and misses Camilla but she keeps a distance. 

Eddie and Warren reveal that the label dropped them after the tour was cancelled and they had to pay back their advance. They all got jobs and Eddie says they were worse off than where they had started from. The interviewer asks if he is still mad which he denies but calls out Billy for ruining it for them.

Billy moves into Graham’s room and when asked to play the guitar he refuses. He says he is out since he can’t be like their father and abandon his daughter for the band. 

Meanwhile, Daisy struggles to write the remaining 9 songs. Simone gets a chance to sing for Lee Parlin and while they are celebrating, she falls for Bernice at first sight. She offers to show her around New York where she works and when Simone hesitates, Bernie wonders if she read her wrong. 

Simone confesses that Bernie had ended up being right and at the party, they had disappeared together. While Daisy looks for them, she spies Wyatt, the ex who stole her song. He mocks her that she went by her real name Margaret when they were together and that she does not have a #1 hit song. She tells him to thank her and when he acts ignorant, she pushes him into a pool. 

Elsewhere, Graham and Eddie are mad at Billy for leaving the band. Billy spends his days fixing the outhouse where he and Camilla live. Teddy stops by on the band’s behalf but says he actually thinks Billy is doing the right thing. He tells him that while he is glad that Billy is back on the right track it will never get easier for him ever again and Billy looks scared.

Meanwhile, Graham and Karen try to look for a replacement but struggle. She starts talking about how she doesn’t want to settle down like Billy but she wouldn’t mind sleeping with people. Graham tries to shoot his shot but fails miserably. They go through several auditions for a new frontman but none of them hit the mark. Eddie asks them to give him a chance since he is better at the guitar than Billy and The Six agree. 

Meanwhile, Simone is busy recording and Lee likes her singing. However, he inappropriately touches her till she moves aside. She is upset by the groping and tears up when she reaches home. 

In Laurel Canyon, Billy tells Camilla that they should move back to Pittsburgh for a stable life. She says she moved to LA for them. He tries to reason with her to be practical and she tells him that she never backs out when things get difficult. She points out that he has never picked up Julia and he says is afraid of messing things up. But he finally picks up his daughter for the first time.

Eddie hangs out with Camilla and Julia saying he misses them while Billy is away. He is inquisitive about Camilla and Billy’s situation and she tells them when there is love everything is possible.

During Christmas, the band and Billy party together. He offers to play them something and Eddie is sarcastic as he tells him that he can’t just pretend everything is fine. Billy apologizes while the rest of the band is annoyed with Eddie’s rudeness. He pretends to joke and calls Billy back. The interviewer asks why he stayed and Eddie says he doesn’t know.

Back in his groove and as The Six’s frontman, Billy plays the new song for Teddy who says it is good but it will be difficult since he cancelled the tour and burned a lot of bridges. He is proven right when the label rejects Billy’s song.

At the same time, Daisy hangs out with Teddy and cribs about her writer’s block. She hears Billy’s demo and starts reworking it. Teddy is confident that a female vocalist is what The Six needs but Billy does not like the idea. Their first meeting at the studio is awkward as Daisy compliments him while he just looks defeated. The interviewer asks them about this meeting and while Billy looks away, Daisy smiles.

She has some weird demands like whiskey and milk and dimming the lights which have Teddy chuckling, the recordist commenting on her perverse sense of humour and Billy looking unhappy. Billy tries to talk to Daisy about the song but she just tells him to start the duet. The first take is an NG as Daisy feels uncomfortable with The Six staring at her and Karen sends them away. She encourages Daisy who is thankful for her.

Billy already seems exhausted but he goes ahead with take 2. Karen and Teddy are both blown away by their harmonies. However, they hit an obstacle again as Billy realises that Daisy has reworked the lyrics and he didn’t get the memo. While she loves the song, she finds his version dishonest as it’s about redemption after letting someone down and then moving on. She calls it a conversation and annoyed with her critiques, Billy storms out.

Daisy just finds the whole thing amusing as he takes Teddy to a random, dark closet. He is upset with Daisy’s rework and Teddy confesses that the label rejected the song. Outside, Eddie as usual cribs about Billy’s tantrum. Teddy and Billy return and Daisy is once again snarky as she wonders if they are going to fight more or record. She keeps playing with the mic testing and it gets on Billy’s nerves.

To make things worse or better, Teddy lies and says Billy’s mic isn’t working so the two have to sing into the same mic. The beginning is tense as Billy tells her that they will record both versions while she just smiles and says he has a good voice. Billy recalls that they never recorded his version. 

During the take, the whole time he stares daggers at her before he too gets immersed in the song. Billy is conflicted after the playback but tells Camilla that the recording was bad. Meanwhile, Daisy tells Simone back home that it was the best day of her life.

The Episode Review

After the fast-paced exciting beginning of The Six, episode 3 slows down just like their career which came to a standstill after Billy checked into rehab. Including Daisy and Simone, everyone goes through a hard time as they try to figure things out and just keep moving forward. Of course, there are some who take advantage of such situations like Eddie and the pervert of a producer who messes with Simone.

And it looks like we are finally getting more insight into why the band didn’t last long. As usual, we have Eddie who is unhappy with the outcomes. And while in another life Daisy and Billy might have been the best of friends under different circumstances, neither have the patience to compromise at the moment.

At first glance, it seems that Billy is the only one annoyed with her simple and harmless antics. But Daisy too doesn’t take into consideration his issues and keeps goading him which we have a feeling will continue for the rest of the band’s career.

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