Daisy Jones & The Six – Episode 2 “Track 2: I’ll Take You There” Recap & Review

On The Road

Episode 2 of Daisy Jones & The Six titled ‘Track 2: I’ll Take You There’ begins with music producer Teddy Price claiming he became an unintentional father figure to his artists. It then cuts to the Dunne Brothers going to Rod’s place in LA who looks surprised to see them. He says he cannot help but promises to get them a gig at a bar.

As he shoos away the band, Graham gets Karen’s number from him but is flustered on the call. Billy takes over and asks Karen to be in their band which she agrees to after asking Camilla to be honest about what she thinks of the band. Present-day Karen reveals that since she was 15 she would join bands and move till she found one with promise. She didn’t think The Winters had potential and so joined the Dunne Brothers.

Elsewhere, Simone heads home and is shocked to see Daisy cooking there. She promises to cook every day and pay half the rent if Simone lets her be her roommate to which she agrees.

Camilla reveals that they too found a cheap and broken-down house in Laurel Canyon but it was their first home. Karen shows up to find it in disarray and the boys playing pirates. Graham is in his underwear and he is embarrassed while she just laughs. Camilla welcomes her and while she doesn’t have a good impression she goes along with it as they become a permanent fixture at the Filthy’s, the bar recommended by Rod.

Billy shares that while not many people saw them, they spent 8-9 months there and became closer as a band. Camilla spends her days recording them, sending photos to newspapers and trying to get into contact with record labels. Meanwhile, Teddy is in a quandary as his last six albums fail and his manager tells him to take a break.  

The Dunne Brothers barely make enough to cover the rent and Warren wonders if they should have just followed Chuck’s footsteps. Camilla tells them not to give up but they start bantering about not having enough food and beds, and changing the band name. While Karen brings it up, Eddie pushes on the name change which annoys Billy. Karen comes up with The Six as it would also include Camilla and she is happy about it.

While they are arguing, Daisy walks by their table and ends her shift as a waitress. She heads to the Troubador where Simone introduces her. While Daisy performs, Teddy stops by and is impressed. After the gig, he gives her his card and tells her that with his help she can be something. She is anything but humble as she says she doesn’t need his help shaping her music and walks away. Later in an interview in the 80s, the host is shocked that Daisy had first rejected Teddy.

One night, while Graham is parked outside a convenience store waiting for Billy, Teddy walks in. Billy approaches him and while he doesn’t make a strong impression at first, he convinces Teddy who gives him one chance to play for him. But that night, Billy’s excitement wanes as he is not able to figure out what song to play for Teddy. Camilla encourages him to try out a new song he has been working on and while Eddie questions him, they go ahead with it.

At the studio, they introduce themselves as The Six and play it. In the interview, Teddy confesses that he was blown away. However, Billy reveals that it wasn’t easy since they didn’t get the deal immediately as Teddy kept working them hard for months. Billy understands why as he accurately points out their flaws and Teddy is convinced that they are ready to record an album. 

At the same time, Teddy keeps chasing Daisy who thinks he wants to sleep with her. She says she is not interested in his critique of her songs but he just plays Dusty Springfield and walks off. Daisy, however, is hooked and reveals that it was the first time she wanted to live up to someone’s expectations as she starts to consider what he has told her.

As for Teddy, he is busy with The Six’s album recording which takes six days and then plans a tour. Billy dreams of having his own place and Camilla tells him that she is pregnant. She is afraid of what he thinks and what they will do but Billy simply marries her that night. Graham congratulates Billy that he is going to be a father and suddenly reality hits the frontman. 

When asked about their first tour, all of the former band members look uneasy while Camilla who had been stuck at home says she remembers everything. Billy would call her every day but forget that he did, forget she is pregnant and his voice would slur. After a while, he stops calling her while Karen avoids her.

Camilla shows up at their tour stop and walks in on Billy sleeping with groupies. Eddie says that Billy was ungrateful while she was heartbroken. Before Billy confronts Camilla he snorts cocaine and she slaps him. She tells him to straighten up once the baby is born and leaves.

Daisy starts reworking her music and is happy with the way it turns out. She plays it for Simone who enjoys it. Billy continues his coke and alcohol-addled routine which affects his performance. Teddy shows up at their San Diego performance and is unhappy as he tells him that Camilla has had a little girl. He takes him home and tells The Six that they will regroup in Seattle.

At the hospital, Billy gets cold feet and says he cannot meet Camilla in his current state. Teddy tries to push him but when Billy refuses he takes him away. Daisy leaves a recording of her new song at Teddy’s doorstep while Camilla is in the hospital alone. Billy says it was the same old rock n’ roll story and the interviewer hints that it was just the start for him.

The Episode Review

Okay, looks like Daisy is going to be portrayed as the misunderstood rock star that people either love or hate. While we as viewers understand why she would act haughty and come off cold to protect herself from those who would otherwise try to use her, the people around her wouldn’t see it the same way.

This is seen in the way Teddy was shocked when Daisy first rebuffed him. This will probably be a point of consternation when she joins the band and constantly locks heads with another similarly misunderstood and steadfast artist, Billy.

As for Teddy, he becomes the involuntary manager and father figure. While his approach with Daisy does come off a little creepy at first, it plays in the narrative of genius producers crossing the line in search of talent. However, he ends up playing one of the few good guys a band needs with the way he not only trains The Six but also takes care of Billy which is not part of his job description.

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