The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

What Should I Do When the Goddess Forces Me on a Date?

Episode 4 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) bursts forth with fireworks. Zip to the classroom where the narrator notes the scent of hormones in the air as Sun Rong approaches her prey, the naive Wang Ling.

Outside, masked hitmen train their scope on Sun Rong. Oblivious, she straightforwardly asks Wang Ling on a date as the hitmen receive the kill order. Wang Ling appears to spot them and the shooter feels an unknown presence, missing his shot.

Sun Rong shouts her request for Wang Ling to date her to titters among the class. The assassin takes aim again as the School Administrator enters to ask for Wang Ling’s presence. He takes them out and shouts yes in response. But Sun Rong receives it as a yes to her as he makes his escape.

The hitmen decide to follow Sun Rong to the next potential position, as they devise someone powerful is on campus. Froggy 2 eyes them from the rooftop while on the ground, social media explodes with the breaking news of Sun Rong and ‘Force Value Five’ dating to a mix of student reactions.

Wang Ling is taken to see the ‘Joint Honorary Master Immortal’ of the School – none other than Zhou Yi. Once in private, Zhou Yi aims to confirm that Wang Ling is the same boy who defeated Giant Frog with one kick. He bows to his knees, saying he’d been seeking him since then.

Wang Ling applies the 50% trick of forgetting as his 100% version is too powerful and could endanger the recipient. On his way back to class, Froggy 2 informs him about the assassins.

That night Wang Ling has a terrifying dream about Sun Rong asking him on a date. He wakes with a start (in his bunny PJs) to find Sun Rong waiting outside. He’s nearly sure his parents will insist he focus on his studies, but they’re all for the date, landing encouragements.

Wang Ling finds posts about the date all over social media, led by Sun Rong. She waits outside in a limo with piles of security. As the media paps them heading off on the date, he begins to hope the hitmen show up.

Luckily they follow, aiming to find an opportunity and a clear shot. The convoy of limos heads to Heavenly Paradise, an amusement park owned by the Sun family. Sun Rong teases Wang Ling along the way.

Upon arrival she releases security, saying her friend will take care of her. Only, they follow anyway. As the kids check out the park, the hitmen clear the obstacles, getting ever closer. They take a shot but Wang Ling stops the bullet with his teeth and spits it back at them.

Sun Rong mistakes the move for Wang Ling smiling at her. <blush> He quickly uses his 50% memory-erase trick. They continue through the park, pursuers in pursuit, with Wang Ling foiling them and Sun Rong completely clueless.

While the gunmen complain about the gymnastics they must perform, Wang Ling imagines a bit of quiet on the Ferris wheel. As the shooters follow, Zhou Yi spots them and calls in a team.

The criminals climb up into their car and Wang Ling gets a moment of relief from Sun Rong. She bravely moves to protect Wang Ling as the Immortals fly in to assist. Wang Ling flicks his finger to send the gunmen flying then seals Sun Rong’s memories of the day’s events. But Zhou Yi observes Wang Ling’s power.

The Episode Review

We’re learning more and more about ‘Force Value Five,’ as he’s now nicknamed at school. To date, he doesn’t seem to be bothered as long as he can stick to his goal of keeping a low profile. But that’s getting more difficult by the minute, especially on a day out with Sun Rong.

Presumably, the assassins are after Sun Rong for revenge on her wealthy family? But killing her doesn’t seem like the most profitable route. Then again, hired killers are just doing their job like everyone else, right? A la Gross Pointe Blank – ‘If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.’ It seems unlikely that it’s Sun Rong herself doing the bad at this point. She seems completely wrapped up in competing at school and getting Wang Ling’s attention. At least that’s what we’ve seen to date.

Either way, Wang Ling is having to work almost as hard as the somersaulting assassins, blocking attacks and erasing memories. Somehow the best bit is he wishing for the killers to show up just to get a break from his date.


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  1. I’ve been watching it on Netflix and it’s so cool. The assassin w/ the bandanna looks so cool. I honestly wear a bandanna whenever I can.

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for reading and commenting! I’m pleased to hear you’re enjoying this one as much as we are. I can’t imagine a more eventful high school date, can you? Love when Wang Ling catches the bullet in his teeth and Sun Rong believes he’s smiling at her. Wonderful. Completely, the narrator knows where it’s at 🙂 Looking forward to more of his brilliant observations.

    Thanks for joining us!

  3. Spot on review – I love the Gross Pointe Blank reference! And thanks for pointing out the hilarity of the narrator. To me this episode is his best effort yet.

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