Daily Dose of Sunshine – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

When Life Tells You To Slow Down

Episode 5 of Daily Dose of Sunshine begins with a look at a new patient, Ha-yun. She’s clearly being bullied at school, given she comes home with a cut lip. Her mum immediately jumps on this and storms into school, desperate to help her daughter. That is, until she’s called away for a work presentation.

Just before she leaves, the student in question, Ji-min, shows to apologize. Only, Ha-yun is so frightened she ends up urinating all over the floor. This is made all the more awkward given Ji-min and Ha-yun’s mums appear to be close.

On the way to work, Soo-yeon ends up butting heads with her own mother, whom she eventually sends over her paycheck to without the nice message she initially types out. At the same time, Yeo-hwan waits for Deul-re, bu the latter ends up with a message and dips. As for Da-eun, she tries to get a lift into work and Yu-chan shows up, much to Go-yun’s disdain.

At the hospital, Yu-chan eventually brushes a strand of hair out her face. Go-yun watches all of this take place, as it becomes clear that there’s a bit of a love triangle brewing her. While they trade banter outside, Da-eun heads inside and finds Seo-wan in the hallway, having a bad time of it. She tries to talk him around, and it seems to do the trick… or does it?

Mr Yoon does Da-eun a huge favour and covers for her to help get her inside the ward, away from Soo-yeon’s prying eyes. It’s an amusing moment but less amusing is what’s happening with Deul-re. She’s having trouble with her bank account, explaining the earlier call, which is completely locked out until she repays her loan.

Meanwhile, Ha-yun is brought in to the psychiatry ward but her mum, Ju-yeong, is more concerned over her daughter, than her own health. She hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in a long time and she’s encouraged to get help herself. She’s so overworked that she starts forgetting important things, like Ji-min being the one who bullied Ha-yun. She feels empty, and struggles to make sense of everything around her.

This situation is similar to that of Soo-yeon, who is racing to try and get cover for her daughter while she’s busy working flat-out at the hospital. To make matters worse, there’s a big situation involving Seo-wan, who ends up on the rooftop.

Seo-wan claims to be out of mana, but Go-yun is there to help, comforting the patient while Da-eun rushes out to get him a drink to help replenish his MP. Da-eun pauses when she returns though, noticing Go-yun’s manner with him, managing to calm Seo-wan down by deciding to be part of his team.

Meanwhile, Yu-chan opens up about his feelings for Da-eun, including how he’s always felt this way about her. He’s never fully embraced his feelings but it seems like it’s going deeper than friendship. Seeing Go-yun making a move is enough for him to pluck up the courage and take a leap of faith.

He heads up to the rooftop that night to see Da-eun while she’s napping, and waits for her to wake up. However, she’s late for her shift when she does and so he loses his chance to tell her how he feels.

The situation involving Ju-yeong and also Soo-yeon continue to escalate, with both of them echoing their individual problems juggling work with their personal lives. The pair connect in the ward, with the group eventually deciding that Ju-yeong needs to have her cellphone restricted while on the ward. Naturally, she’s not happy with this and she even immediately forgets about this just after too, scrambling to find her phone.

Funnily enough though, Soo-yeon has the same problems, albeit on a much smaller scale. For now, Ju-yeong is told to write 10 pages’ worth of feelings and then the next day to highlight those same words.

Min-seo points out aftet the activity that she needs to consider her own feelings while handling the stress of Ha-yun and what happened to her daughter. Soo-yeon finds refuge in Ju-yeong and asks her to help introduce a tutor for her daughter.

Ju-yeong agrees to do so but points out that she’s felt overwhelmed when joining the mum’s group. And at this moment, Ju-yeong sees more of herself in Soo-yeon. She opens up with a beautiful speech about how she feels, and after a good chat, Soo-yeon doubles-down on helping her kids to juggle everything 

After, she packs her things and decides to confront her mother, treating her to a night at a hotel together. They’ve worked hard, and Soo-yeon is going to think of herself for once and recharge.

As the episode closes out, we cur across to Yeo-hwan, who looks spooked when he shows up at Deul-re’s door. He tells her they need to talk, and as they do, we cut across to outside where it seems somehow has passed out in the street. All we know is that they have a bag with the hospital flyer in the back.

The Episode Review

Who could the person be in the street? This is certainly one intriguing mystery hanging over the end of this episode, while everything is left precariously open now for the remainder of this season. The situation involving oyer various characters is just starting to unravel now, and the juxtapositions between Soo-yeon and Ju-yeong are great to watch. They’re definitely likely to strike a chord with hard-working parents everywhere!

The love triangle continues to escalate too, with more drama involving Yu-chan and his past. This certainly sets everything up for a dramatic run of episodes to follow and quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess!

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