Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

My Moon My Man

Across the 10 episodes, we see David struggle with his own grief and mental demeanour, and as we arrive at the finale of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, that instability is on full display.

David heads out with the gang to complete Faraday’s job, stopping an Arasakan convoy on the road. Lucy has been taken and is with Jimmy. It turns out this convoy was a trap to lure David and the group out into the open. The group are surrounded by Militech who show up with guns ablaze. David is forced to step into the cyberskeleton, courtesy of a call from Lucy encouraging him to do so. Of course, this is all a ploy from Faraday.

When Lucy does manage to get away from her captor, she hurriedly rings David and tells him to run, pointing out he’s walked right into a trap. It’s too late though and he becomes one with the cyberskeleton.

Falco and Rebecca watch in shock as David takes out Militech but in doing so, ends up going “cyber-psycho.” David manages to control the tech long enough to rally the troops and decide to get Lucy back and stop Faraday.

While all this is going on, Faraday betrays Kiwi, killing her to try and cover his own tracks. In her dying breath, she phones Falco and encourages him to bring the troops together and bring Lucy back.

With the Basilisk down and the convoy decimated, Falco, Becca and David drive into Night City, attacked all the way by the remaining armed guards. As they enter the city, Faraday and Kiwi worry that David – while slipping in and out of cyberpsychosis – will be coming for them next.

David’s meds no longer working, and with him slipping in and out of sanity, David sees visions of his mum who encourages him to continue fighting. Becca can’t get through to him anymore and realizes that the meds aren’t working. The only solution is to get him to Lucy.

There’s only one vial left before David loses control completely, but he prepares for the final fight.

Faraday tries to bargain with Douglas, but in the midst of this, David shows up and turns the tables completely. He destroys all the guards and knocks Faraday down into a bloody puddle. However, Arasaka have a trick up their sleeve. They bring out the Smasher, who fatally wounds David.

David manages to scoop up Lucy in the wake of all this drama and takes her away. While he starts to lose control, Lucy leans forward and kisses him, bringing the guy back from the brink. David has resigned himself to his fate, knowing he’s going to die. However, he encourages Lucy to live and to keep on going.

While Faraday is destroyed, we cut across to Falco and Becca, who are held down by the cops. Unfortunately, Smasher shows up again and this time, completely destroys Rebecca, turning her to a bloody mess. He also shoots Falco before turning his attention to David. With no more suppressants left, David buys some time for Falco and Lucy to leave, who decide to split the reward money. It seems David and Lucy won’t be going to the moon together after all, and in David’s final act, he’s killed by Smasher.

As the episode closes out, Lucy heads out to the moon alone for her tour, which of course was something her and David shared way back in the early parts of this season.

The Episode Review

So Cyberpunk: Edgerunner’s bloody 10 episodes come to a close with an emotionally poignant and well written ending that pretty much rounds out most of the big plot points. Although Smasher is still roaming around, David’s arc comes full circle, protecting those he cares about in the ultimate act of selflessness.

The show manages to really lean into the influences of Cyberpunk 2077, with plenty of familiar locales and ideas put into these chapters. There are plenty of gunfights, bloodshed and well defined character development along the way, making this a really solid watch.

This final chapter does well to tie everything up with a neat bow, and despite the ambiguous final shot, it’ll be interesting to see whether this one will actually get another season or not.


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