Cutie Pie 2 You Episode 4 (Season Finale) Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Cutie Pie 2 You

Cutie Pie 2 You is the sequel to 2022’s Cutie Pie, a Thai BL drama that follows the lives of Kuea Keerati and Lian Kilen Wang as they navigate work, school, dreams and their relationship.

The Plot For Cutie Pie 2 You

This season is meant to be a special release to give viewers the final story of Kuea and Lian at a different time in their lives. Kuea has just graduated and  Lian is excited to start planning their wedding but there is a dream that is holding Kuea back. Will this affect their relationship?

The show will also focus on Yi and Khondiao’s relationship. In season 1, it took a while for Yi to open up about his feelings and admit he loves Khondiao. We will get to see how the couple is fairing and the new challenges they will be facing.

Lastly, we will be getting answers to  Nuea and Syn’s relationship. Did they define their relationship and what happens to them?

Cutie Pie 2 You Cast. Who’s Coming Back to The Show?

It is expected that the whole cast will be back together and based on the trailer, we are excited to see Perth back as a bartender. Who are you most excited to see reprise their role?

Cutie Pie 2 You Release Date

The series will have 4 episodes. The first aired on Friday 6th January and one episode drops a week. With that in mind, episode 4 of Cutie Pie 2 You is expected to air on 27th January 2023. Expect subtitles to drop at release.

Where Can I Watch Cutie Pie 2 You?

You can catch the episodes on the Mandee YouTube channel at 10 pm (GMT+7). As per usual, the episodes will be broken up into 4 different segments.

Cutie Pie 2 You Trailer

The much-awaited trailer is out and we are squealing with excitement. Let us know what you are hoping to see in this sequel. You can watch the trailer below:

What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Cutie Pie 2 U so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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