‘Cursed Princess Club’ Volume 1 by LambCat – Book Review

A charmingly subversive take on fairy tale tropes

It’s a cursed life in the Pastel Kingdom. Volume 1 of Cursed Princess Club, adapted from author and illustrator LambCat’s Webtoon comic, is a delightful twist on fairy tale stories. You’ve heard the classic tales of gorgeous princesses living their happily-ever-afters. But what about the other princesses–the ones who never conquered their curses to find their happy ending?

16-year-old Gwendolyn might fit just this description–which would make her a perfect candidate for the top secret Cursed Princess Club. Although the youngest of the Pastel Kingdom princesses leads a pretty idyllic life, she has pallid, green skin to contrast with her fair sisters Maria and Lorena. And whereas Maria wakes up with birds doing her hair and Lorena with flowers blooming all around her, Gwen attracts possums and cobwebs to her bed. Even her brother Jamie has more beauty and charisma. Gwen doesn’t mind her unique qualities, however–and nor do her siblings or her over-affectionate father, King Jack. That is, until change upheaves their lives and calls Gwen’s self-love and confidence into question.

The princesses rejoice at the news that they will each be marrying a prince of the Plaid Kingdom. “Hunky princes for everyone!” they exclaim–none at all aware of the problems Gwen’s nontraditional appearance may pose. While Gwen’s fiancé Prince Frederick has a lesson to learn in the art of kindness, oddball royals like Gwen herself show the young princess what it is to be truly accepted. Cursed or not, Gwen will undertake the journey of loving herself as she is.

As expected from the graphic novel’s entertaining premise, Cursed Princess Club is a lighthearted and hilarious romp through fairy tale tropes. Although a simple, colorful art style doesn’t always work thematically (the Plaid princes particularly clash within the setting of the Pastel Kingdom), such is easily overlooked in light of likable characters and a diverting story that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

With hilariously oblivious characters and goofy plot lines, LambCat’s comedy comic delivers a charmingly subversive take on fairy tale tropes. This volume is just the beginning of Gwendolyn’s misadventures–but it promises hope (and laughs) for the Pastel princess’ future.

Ultimately, Cursed Princess Club Volume 1 is perfect reading fodder for a lazy afternoon–and certainly a necessary purchase for fans of LambCat’s webtoon looking to expand their physical collection. 


Our thanks to NetGalley and Wattpad Webtoon Book Group for the advanced reader’s copy. Cursed Princess Club Volume 1 will be published on January 3rd, 2023. You can pre-order the novel here!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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