Curon – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Curse

Episode 5 of Curon begins in the past with Anna deciding to leave Albert for good, admitting she’s pregnant and he’s not the father. As he starts to get involved with Klara instead, Albert hears the bells ringing out on the water and he ends up being pulled under by someone or something. Only… this is actually the doppelganger version as the real Albert floats to the surface, dead.

Back in the present, Daria and Mauro greet their Mother but following the fire, Mauro is distant with her and even more so given Thomas is currently in hospital. Anna claims to have gotten herself lost but he’s not so sure, questioning why her phone was missing and her earrings gone. While Daria brushes this off as coincidence and needless questioning, Mauro remains suspicious that she may not really be their Mother.

Albert returns home after his stint in prison but his kids are frosty, to say the least. Especially after seeing the cabin for themselves, they don’t trust him. Eventually Micki confronts him about it but he simply brushes it off by claiming to kill and skin animals there and nothing more. They don’t buy it though and as they head outside together, they run into Daria and Mauro. Together, the four kids head to school where Lukas confronts Micki in the bathroom and tells her he’s always loved her. When she hurries away, he stares after her with an ominous evil grin.

Klara watches in the wings as Anna approaches the wolf cage at the hotel and opens it up, trying to encourage the wolf to leave. Instead, it whimpers and stays inside. When Klara returns home and informs Albert what happened, he confronts her over the bad dream he had.

Back home, Anna and Pietro fight over the kids and as he shoves her into the fridge; a glass shatters on the ground just as the siblings return home. Anna squares up to him with a menacing look though and tells him to leave. In the wake of this, the trio sit and eat together as Mauro starts choking. To Daria’s horror, it turns out Anna made him hazelnut cake which he’s allergic to. In the aftermath of this, he and Daria sit together and discuss the possibility that this could be the other Anna trying to kill him.

Anna meanwhile takes Thomas’ truck and heads up the mountains, cursing her luck. When she arrives at her destination, the other Anna happens to be there and she admits to killing her Mother. It turns out Thomas kept her in the loft and lied about the suicide story all this time.

For now, the other Anna remains stuck in the abandoned cabin while Anna drives down to pick up Pietro, where they drive together down to the river and she callously shoots him in cold blood.

Meanwhile, Daria and Mauro visit Thomas in hospital and he reveals what’s really going on. There are two sides to everyone and it starts with a headache, then the bells ring which leads to the side you wanted to eliminate arriving from the lake looking to kill you, taking over your life. Interestingly, this also links back to that early school lesson about the two wolves and feeding the right one. Thomas tells them to head home but on the way, Mauro realizes that Lukas is also a doppelganger and sets to work trying to work out what to do next.

Klara spots Albert and Anna kissing and contemplates shooting them both. When she can’t pull the trigger, she slumps against her jeep and weeps. The four kids meanwhile decide to team up and investigate further into these doppelganger versions.

With more answers now regarding the doppelgangers and the truth of what happened in the past, Curon does well to balance this up with the mystery elements. Given there’s now two Anna’s running around and Thomas’ earlier mention to the priest surrounding how she’s “different”, it appears as though this may directly link to the fact there’s two of them rather than one being killed off as seems to be the case with everyone else.

How far does this mystery go? Has everyone in town been changed and transformed? It’s certainly an interesting question and one I’m sure we’ll find out over the final two episodes. Curon may not be the strongest mystery of the year, and its later episodes have paled compared to some of the early season drama, but there’s enough here to enjoy nonetheless.


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