Curon – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Fathers

Episode 4 of Curon begins with a flashback sequence as Pietro shouts at Anna from the kitchen while a young Mauro listens at the doorway. In the present, Mauro senses that their Mother is still alive.

While the town gear up for a fire festival – a way of warding off the shadows – Pietro arrives in Curon asking for directions to the Raina hotel. While the kids contemplate what happened to Anna, Pietro enters the hotel. Thomas holds a gun up to him though and forces him to leave.

Meanwhile, Lukas listens to classical music and starts crushing up pills, mixing them with cat food and milk to give to Figaro. As his father calls out for him, Lukas places the dish down and heads out to church, where he tells Micki to meet him in the pub later that day.

Once there, Davide scoffs at Lukas’ suggestion of going to the liquor store but as he leaves, Lukas happens to waiting and watching in the shadows. As the lights go out, Lukas sneaks up behind the boy and chokes him out, demanding he join them. After this menacing encounter, Lukas heads home and nonchalantly admits that Figaro was pissing him off, which is why he killed him. As he walks away, snatching up the car keys, his Father is left dumbfounded at this revelation.

Meanwhile, the priest approaches Thomas at his hotel and tells him he won’t rest until all the Rainas are placated, going on to cryptically reveal the balance has been upset now that the twins have returned.

Giulio shows Micki his weed operation and admits that the reason he’s doing this is to save up enough money to leave town and he wants her to join him. Before that though, they head up to the cabin Albert frequented and find the blood stains and pictures of Anna. When they feed this back to their mother however, she defiantly tells them Albert is innocent.

That evening, the townsfolk walk in silence through the streets while Lukas meets Micki and convinces her to walk with him. While they do, Pietro runs into Daria and Mauro in the pub and help them get served. As they sit with him, Pietro finally admits why Anna kicked him out.

It turns out they had an argument but this time was different. He pushed Mauro into a table and he hit his head which is actually how he lost his hearing. Shocked, Mauro walks away but as Daria chases after him, she loses her brother in the crowd. Giulio shows up though and agrees to help her look for him, but not before they sit together smoking.

Lukas and Micki wind up fighting down by the docks after he declares his love for her which leads him to hold her down while the pyre in town ignites. Thankfully, Micki is saved by Mauro before anything bad happens. That evening, Mauro and Daria wake up to find someone has set their hotel on fire. As flames lick up the side of the building, Anna stands watching the flames.

With Anna now back and Lukas’ rampage starting to unsettle a lot of the different residents in town, it looks like all of this links back to the church in the middle of the lake. There’s a lot of mystery still to be unraveled though and this episode certainly leans in a lot heavier on the character drama as Pietro returns to the fold. Compared to what we’ve seen from previous episodes, this is arguably the weakest so far but there’s still enough here to whet the appetite and keep you watching. Quite what will happen next however, remains to be seen.


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