Curon – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Killer

Episode 3 of Curon begins in the past as Anna and Albert spend time together while lying in bed. They snap photos and as he admits to loving her, she rejects his advances and gets dressed, telling him she’s met someone else. As Albert storms off, this cuts us back to the present as he investigates their cabin, blood staining his fingers.

News of Micki’s kiss gets back to her family but Albert is supportive, telling her never to hide from who she is. Upstairs though, Anna’s return to Curon causes issues between him and Klara who wind up fighting.

Daria and Mauro attempt to find their mother up in the mountains but Daria’s driving, coupled with the steep roads, causes the truck to get stuck. Instead, they head up to a nearby house alone. Inside, they find luminous light and marijuana plants being grown. As we soon find out, these belong to Giulio.

Meanwhile, Lukas returns to school but sees himself across the hallway. When he looks again though, this ominous figure is gone. They always say animals can sense something before us and as Lukas heads home, his Father berates him for scaring the cat and being in his garage fixing his bike. Only…this obviously isn’t the same Lukas we know given he’s been at school.

When Lukas heads out to investigate, the wheel of the bike spins ominously and as he turns around, Lukas stares back at him. The doppelganger stalks the frightened boy, trying to kill his alter self which prompts Lukas to scramble in his room and block the door.

Thomas turns to Albert for help and mentions how Anna has gone missing and that she spoke of the Valley to the kids. With both Mauro and Daria wandering the forest and the threat of wildlife attacking – or worse – the two siblings wind up fighting over the best way to proceed forward.

As night blankets the world in a thick veil of darkness, the two siblings find the cabin in the woods. Only, they’re distracted by Thomas arriving with Albert. Daria immediately confronts Thomas over why he had Anna’s phone but he remains tight-lipped for now. Before they grab the kids and take them home, Thomas notices an earring on the floor and immediately grabs it, believing it may belong to their mother.

At home though, the twins sit down with Thomas and learn more about their past. Anna has disappeared and they don’t know where she is. Mauro mentions the carvings on the wall and admits that strange things – particularly in that room – occur inside the town. Thomas tells them grimly that the woman he saw was not Anna but shadows that have been haunting their family for years.

In the morning, Thomas heads back to the woods in order to check the car wreckage for clues. However, he finds no blood and immediately suspects that this may be Albert’s handy-work.

Back at school, Lukas approaches Micki and tells her about the lookalike following him around. She doesn’t believe him of course and walks away. Daria meanwhile blackmails Giulio about his greenhouse and drug operation.

That evening, after showing Daria the earring he found, the two siblings sneak back up to the cabin and decide to look around for clues. Inside, Mauro finds spatters of blood on the floor – some of which still fresh as it drips to the floor. The other earring is inside the house.

When Albert returns, the two kids quickly scramble to hide as creaking prompts Albert to quietly call Anna’s name. “Who’s here?”

Cocking his rifle, Albert begins counting as the siblings try to remain calm and quiet. When Albert finds them, Thomas arrives and stops him, knocking the man down and questioning what he’s done with Anna.

While Micki and the others prepare their dinner table, Albert is arrested up at the cabin and held in police custody for his part in all this. Is he guilty or innocent?

Meanwhile, Lukas continues to struggle and heads into the garage again where he finds himself staring back, eventually leading to a chase through the woods. Only, Lukas can’t kill his own doppelganger which gives it enough of a chance to rise up and kill Lukas. Back home he takes Lukas’ spot and, presumably, his life.

Is this what’s happening around town? Are all the different townsfolk being switched for doppelgangers? What is the trigger for the bells ringing? What happened to Anna? And why is there such fear for the shadows? There’s a lot of questions being raised in Curon now and the show has done an excellent job raising the stakes every episode so far.

As we reach the midway point of the show, Curon leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.


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