Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of Cruel Summer Season 2 picks up where we left off as Luke waits for someone at the dock. There, Luke meets Brent who takes him back home. Early in the morning, Steve wakes up to see Brent soaked in water and wonders what he was up to.

Brent makes a confession to Steve which causes him to run up to the dock, to look for Luke. The episode then takes a flashback to the night of Luke’s death where Isabella and Megan discuss what they’ve done with Luke. Megan blames Isabella for firing a gun and claims that she’ll go back to the cabin at 8am the following morning.

The girls find the cabin empty and start looking for Luke out in the wilderness. Megan checks with the local hospitals while Isabella believes that he had probably run away like he had always planned. The girls have a fight where Isabella claims that Luke was the wrong person in the trio while Megan feels more betrayed by her friend than her ex-boyfriend.

Two days after Luke’s death, Steve promises Brent that he would make sure nothing would happen to Luke and adds that he would get Luke back. Steve talks to Megan about Luke’s disappearance and she is shocked to learn that Steve has already got the cops involved.

Megan is scared when she tells Isabella all about Luke’s disappearance and Steve’s plan when Isabella claims that they should get their stories straight. She asks Megan to write a fake letter in Luke’s handwriting and trains her to act normal in order to never be blamed for what happened to him.

Megan sets up missing posters for Luke when Jeff finds and talks to her, offering to make a local news video to find Luke. Megan gets overwhelmed by the entire ordeal and fights with Isabella. The two girls have a falling out for good and blame each other.

What does Steve do help Brent?

Present day, Steve meets Sheriff Meyer and asks to be a part of Isabella and Megan’s investigation to make sure that the two are telling the truth. Brent pays Megan a visit and the two talk about Sheriff Meyer’s findings regarding Luke’s death. Megan believes that the Sheriff thinks that she and Isabella killed Luke but Brent believes that’s an absurd theory.

Megan then meets Isabella and the two discuss how blaming the other was one of the best things they could do to get away from being framed for Luke’s murder. Isabella adds that she will be demanding her passport back and will be moving countries as soon as possible because she did not want to wait for Sherriff Meyer to see the security footage from Ned’s house.

Megan claims that the footage could actually show the face of Luke’s actual murderer making it easy for them to catch the killer instead of just trying to escape the blame. Megan hacks through the police database and goes through the footage from the night of Luke’s murder. They are shocked to see Steve’s car follow Luke to the cabin.

The girls go to Steve’s office and accuse him of killing Luke or hiding something from everyone but Steve does not have much to say about it. The girls warn Steve, threatening to expose the truth about Luke’s death once they’d learn more about it. On their drive back, Megan accuses Isabella of being a bad friend to her.

Meanwhile, Brent panics upon Megan and Isabella’s request to the Chambers Family. The next day, Megan listens to the news on the radio and learns that new evidence had been found over Luke’s death and that the cops were on their way to make a new arrest. Megan checks in on Isabella and learns that the girl had skipped town after checking out of her hotel room.

Megan drives away in fury and is stopped by Sheriff Meyer, who takes her to the sheriff’s station for interrogation. In the room, Meyer plays a tape of Megan and Isabella from the night of Luke’s kidnapping where the two girls had trapped Luke and Isabella had shot him. Sheriff Meyer officially arrests Megan as the person to have killed Luke.

Who killed Luke Chambers?

Brent learns from Steve that Megan haS been charged with murdering Luke and he wants to help her because he was the one who killed his brother. The father/son duo end up having an argument about doing the right thing.

Brent shows up to the interrogation room after being allowed 5 minutes inside and talks to Megan about the night of Luke’s death. He tells Megan that the two brothers had a fight outside, after which he accidentally tripped and fell in the water.

A flashback shows Luke and Brent having an argument about their lives and about their mother’s death when Brent suddenly pushes him into the water. Luke ends up drowning despite Brent’s effort to look for him. Present-day Megan is shocked to hear the truth and Sheriff Meyer overhears Brent’s confession from outside the interrogation room.

Brent turns himself in and gets taken away by the cops while Steve also gets arrested for trying to cover up the murder of his teenage son. Later, Megan is at home when she gets a text about a job. Meanwhile, Isabella is on the flight to Ibiza and talks to a new girl, introducing herself as Lisa and asking to be friends.

How does Cruel Summer Season 2 end?

The episode ends with Megan going back to the dock she originally bid farewell to Luke at. However, she looks around and finds a CCTV camera that is pointed right at the dock. A final flashback shows Megan watching the clip of Isabella killing Luke after he drowned and floated towards the shore. 

The Episode Review

There is so much that I would’ve wanted this show to have done differently with the exposition. It was not really shocking to reveal Brent was the person to have pushed Luke off the dock but it looks like the final moments of this episode tried to deliver the same kind of plot twist that everyone loved with the last season.

The final moments change the game and it looks like Isabella has something weird going on in her personal life. It makes me think that all of the things that Isabella said about her life were a lie because she goes to Ibiza and tries to go back to her old ways by befriending another girl on her flight.

There is so much tension with Megan finding out the truth about Isabella being the person who killed Luke. If there is another season of the show, I wonder if Brent will be set free because it was Isabella who really killed Luke. Knowing that Brent actually pushed Luke off the dock, it feels like he deserves some punishment, as does Isabella. 

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