Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 9 “The Miseducation of Luke Chambers” Recap & Review

The Miseducation of Luke Chambers

Fall of 1999

Episode 9 of Cruel Summer Season 2 starts with a flashback from Luke’s childhood when his mother was still alive. Present-day Luke looks at the video footage of his family to see how happy they were and what happened to his father after that.

Luke and Brent are in the pool while Steve prepares a meal for the trio as they celebrate their late mother’s 44th birthday. Brent tries to drown Luke “as a joke” but Steve asks Brent to spare him and for Luke to be less ‘dramatic’ about a joke his brother was playing.

As they eat cake, the trio recall memories of Luke’s mother and Steve claims that Luke reminds him of his late wife. Brent gets jealous and suggests Luke is too in touch with his feminine side, making Luke upset.

As the town gets close to the first day of school, Luke skips hanging out with the boys to spend more time with Megan and Isabella. Isabella instigates Luke by claiming she knew Megan better than him and they play a compatibility quiz that Luke ends up failing but Isabella excels.

The boys mock Luke for prioritizing girls over “bros.” A few days go by as Megan and Luke make it back home after high school. Luke confesses that his father is very distant from him because their interests are poles apart.

Luke continues, saying that Megan is the most important person in his life since the death of his mother. After school, Luke meets his father who is planning to turn the town into an eco-city with different luxury leisurely activities all set inside their small town.

Luke seems distracted and eventually tells his father that he’s considering not going to college. Steve is fuming and tells Luke that he had no way to raise a family if he were to pursue his career as the coastguard.

Luke tries to argue with his father about his passion but Steve believes that a weekend activity like going to the beach could not be his profession. He adds that he won’t be able to give his family the luxury and the life he grew up having with the salary of a coast guard.

Luke goes to the Sheriff’s station where Meyer talks to him about his Coast Guard application. Luke tells the cop how he was going to wait for longer before telling his father about his decision. Luke is in bed with Megan and he tells her that he wants their lives to be the same forever. The couple make plans for the future they plan on having together.

October 1999

The episode moves to October of 1999 when Luke, Megan and Isabella get dressed for Halloween. Luke and Isabella get talking and Isabella believes Luke should chase his dreams and not follow after Megan. She adds that lingering around Megan will do him no good because she’s already Megan’s partner in crime and Luke can’t take that role from her.

A few days later, Luke is with Brent and the boys at the Chambers House. Brent retorts that girls love being filmed while having sex and adds that he often films them without their consent to make sure their true freaky side shows. Brent instigates Luke and asks him to improve his game if he wants Megan to stay with him. 

Some nights after, Megan and Isabella are out partying while Luke is waiting for Megan at the Landry House. Megan apologises to Luke for forgetting that they were supposed to hang out. Isabella adds fuel to the fire, believing Megan was ogled at while they were at the club and Luke inevitably gets jealous.

Luke and Jeff have an argument in school. Jeff accuses Luke of being just as bad as Brent and yells at him for going after Megan without even discussing it, despite knowing how much Jeff liked Megan.

December 1999

In December, Isabella, Luke and Megan are hanging out when the girls discuss travelling around and seeing the world. Luke feels blindsided by all these plans the two girls have made with each other, feeling left out.

The next day, Luke tells his father that he has got into Branson and adds that he had also gotten into the Coast Guard Academy. Steve is elated about Luke’s admission in Branson and asks him to forget about the coastguard job but Luke is adamant on following his dreams. Steve is pissed and retorts that he’s tired of trying to fix Luke.

The two have an argument and Luke admits that it would have been better for the family if it was Steve who died instead of his mother because she was the only one that understood him. Luke shows up at the Landry House and talks to Megan about the fight with his father. He tells Megan that he feels like running away and starting his life over.

The episode moves to the night of the Christmas party where Luke has leaked his sex tape with Megan after his father yelled and threatened him into joining Branson. The episode moves on to a few days after the incident and the boys discuss how Luke is not capable of making a sex tape with Megan but has somehow made one with Isabella. Luke is happy with the attention he receives.

A few days after, Luke and Megan are in the cabin and she is paranoid about being filmed. Luke tries to calm her down and promises that he was going to make sure she wouldn’t have to worry. Luke is all by himself at home when his father shows up wondering why he wasn’t with Megan.

Luke believes Megan  is acting differently with him since the tape and Steve suggests that Luke should move on. He claims that girls are like fish in the sea; there are plenty of options for him to pick.

January 2000

Isabella ends up firing the gun which ends up grazing Luke’s ear. Megan gets worried and tries to stop the bleeding. Isabella asks Megan to leave Luke and run because she’s afraid that someone could’ve heard the gun. She asks Luke to be left alone to think about what he did but Megan isn’t sure.

Isabella takes the videotape to use it to threaten Luke and asks him to keep what had happened in the cabin a secret. She goes outside but Megan stays back and tries to help Luke. Luke starts pleading with Megan, asking for her forgiveness while Isabella waits for her outside.

Megan ends up telling Luke that she’s pregnant and Luke is blindsided. He panics and believes that his father will kill him, adding that Steve would help get rid of it. Megan is disgusted with Luke and upset with his reaction to the news. She calls him a jerk and leaves them in the cabin tied to the bed.

Luke wakes up after some time has passed and tries to free his hand from the ropes. Eventually, Luke manages to break free and gets dressed. He heads out of the cabin, fuming. He eventually makes it to the dock where he waits for someone to show up.

As he waits, Luke thinks back to all the times his family, friends, and others in town have mistreated and instigated him. The episode ends with Luke talking to the person he’s waiting at the dock for.

The Episode Review

This episode has me doubting Isabella and it looks like she was knowingly egging Luke on, trying to come between the couple and make it all seem so innocent. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her who met Luke at the dock that last time before his death.

The possible list of suspects in Luke’s murder now are Isabella, Megan, Jeff and Brent but I wouldn’t be wary of Ned. This episode screams misogyny and the Chambers men, especially Brent and Steve, are so painfully trashy.

It used to be common for teenagers to brag about sexual conquests but making a sex tape is extreme and I hope the show ends with Brent being punished for his actions.

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