Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 7 “It’s The End of The World” Recap & Review

It’s The End of The World

July 31, 1999

Episode 7 of Cruel Summer starts with Megan waking up in her bed next to Isabella where she talks about her almost-kiss with Luke. Megan thinks that she and Luke won’t work together but Isabella believes she should wait for a time when the Universe gives her a do-over.

The two girls get out of bed and start cleaning up the house after Luke’s messy 17th birthday party. Luke shows up out of the blue and Isabella puts him to work, leaving no room for Megan and Luke to feel awkward about the almost kiss.

After cleaning up, Luke and Megan are about to chat about the party when Isabella asks her to join Luke at the cabin so they can have a private conversation. Luke and Megan are at the cabin and think about when it was the last time the two hung out.

The duo catch up on their childhood memories as they go on a nostalgic trip to the dock. Megan and Luke talk about how things that seemed gross to them as kids now seem really appealing – alluding to the fact that they both had feelings for each other.

Luke and Ned use their static radio to chat with each other as they take different routes to the dock. Megan tells Luke that her relationship with Jeff is over and that she’s single. However, Luke runs into Ned on his way and stops communicating with Megan.

Luke finally makes it to the dock and talks to Megan. Eventually, the pair end up kissing. 

December 31, 1999

Megan is in her room when Isabella shows. Megan is distant towards her after Luke’s revelation about how Isabella tried to kiss him. She makes sarcastic comments towards Isabella claiming she likes things messy.

Luke and Megan are at the supermarket, shopping for the New Year’s Party with Y2K only hours away. They talk about Isabella trying to kiss him. Luke claims that she had always been jealous of Luke for having all of Megan’s attention and is possessive, wanting her friend all to herself.

Outside the supermarket, Ned spots Megan and yells at her for ‘celebrating’ the Y2K instead of being afraid of the crisis it’s supposed to bring. Luke gets into a fight with Ned, creating a public scene as Megan tries to split them up. Ned attacks Luke and gives him a death threat before leaving.

Back at the cabin, Megan is furious with Luke for fighting with Ned in public. He gets a text from his friend and learns that the party had been called off. He claims that they could have a party at the cabin but Megan claims that she does not feel like it.

Luke pushes the idea and wants to host a party that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Luke visits his father at his office and learns that Steve was trying to get numerous calls about Luke’s fight with Ned. Steve yells at Luke and scolds him for being rash about his decisions and not thinking about their family. Luke tries to reason with his father but the man cuts him off.

Outside, Brent tries to give Luke a pep talk, claiming their father always prioritises their public image. Luke asks Brent to help him with the keys to their cannery so that he can host their New Year’s Eve party there. Brent hands over the keys to Luke and asks him to be safe, wishing him a happy new year.

In her room, Megan is scared after learning that she’s pregnant. She arrives at Luke’s party and puts on a smile trying to celebrate the upcoming year for Luke. They wonder if something crazy wis about to happen when the clock strikes 12.

Isabella meets Megan at the party and they chat about the kiss. She believes that it was Luke who came on to her and not the other way around. Megan is mad at Isabella for not having her back as her best friend, but Isabella is upset that Megan has already picked Luke’s side instead of giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Outside, Megan finds Luke bragging to his friends about how he could hook up with both Megan and Isabella at the same time. She overhears Luke bragging about “hooking up” with Isabella while dating Megan and is hurt. 10 minutes before midnight, Megan meets Jeff and he tapes her making a resolution for the new year.

Megan promises to take charge of her own life and avoid being toyed with in the year to come. Jeff finds Megan’s resolution odd. Megan finds Isabella and apologises to her for doubting her now that she had found out about Luke.

Isabella asks Megan to forget him and move on but Megan wants Luke to pay for his actions. Megan goes in to kiss Luke in front of his friends but he asks her about Isabella instead. The party counts down to 10 as they celebrate New Year’s. Megan asks Luke to go to the cabin with her to celebrate.

July 31, 2000

Megan’s lawyer, Tom tells her that she needed to go to the Sheriff’s station with him since she’s officially being charged with Luke’s death. Steve tells Brent that his Private Investigator (PI) had found out about Megan’s side hustle.

Steve claims that she’s working as a hacker, stealing data from websites and selling it to interested buyers. He also retorts that Megan is working for Ned Faunce, who has been behind Steve for years. Steve thinks that Ned tried to kill Luke because of a scuffle between the two involving Megan.

At the Sheriff’s station, Megan’s lawyer learns that she was being charged with fraud for licensing fake IDs after her system was looked into. Megan is worried about losing her scholarship and asks Tom to make it go away but he claims that there’s nothing he can do about this.

Tom believes Megan was lucky she was 17 when this happened or she would’ve been charged with jail time. Outside the supermarket, Megan meets Jeff and discusses how she might not be going to college after being charged for the fake ids.

Jeff comes clean and tells Megan that he he’s confessed all after getting caught trying to use the fake id. She is furious at him for ruining her future and wishes him well when he goes to college. Brent shows up at Megan’s house and tells her that Steve had a PI looking into her.

He asks about her involvement with Ned, who has stolen millions of dollars from his employer and assaulted his former boss. He warns Megan to be wary of Ned and believes she needs to stay away or she’ll go down with him.

Megan visits Ned and asks him to hack into the court’s database to clear her record so that she doesn’t end up losing her scholarship. Ned claims that he could not do something that risky. Megan tells him that Steve is sure that Ned killed Luke. Continuing on, she retorts that his past is being looked into.

Ned gets worked up and yells at Megan instead. Ned goes into his computer room where Megan follows him as he looks through information on Steve. In the CCTV monitor, Megan sees Steve’s car and runs out of the house from the rear exit for fear of being caught.

On her way out, Megan runs into Brent who is disappointed to see her there but allows her to run away. Steve accuses Ned of killing Luke while Ned holds a gun trying to attack him.

Steve threatens to expose Ned but the man threatens him with the gun. At her house, Megan gets a call from her principal that her scholarship had been rescinded.

The Episode Review

Luke and Megan look like a typical toxic couple destined for downfall. Megan only wants Luke now because he was with Isabella and she is okay dating her “best friend’s” ex-boyfriend. It is also clear that Isabella was really interested in Luke but it does not seem like she is going to embrace her feelings for him. It is also possible that Isabella’s jealousy over Megan and Luke’s relationship gets to her and she killed Luke over it.

There is something suspicious about Megan and Brent’s relationship in this episode though, and it looks like they just got close out of the blue. I am hoping that it is not his child that she is pregnant with. If Brent knows that Steve has hired a PI to follow Megan around, it is weird why he would go to Megan’s house to tell her about it.

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