Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Plunge” Recap & Review

The Plunge

July 30, 1999

Episode 6 of Cruel Summer Season 2 starts with Isabella telling Megan that she has broken up with Luke now that she’s aware of Megan’s feelings for him. Megan is thankful for Isabella’s gesture but the latter claims that Luke also clearly has feelings for her, which proves that the two are endgame.

She promises that she’s over him and that Luke took it pretty well. Isabella tells Megan that she should attend Luke’s birthday party without thinking much because he would easily forget about her after seeing how pretty Megan looks.

Megan’s mom and sister are away so she throws Luke a birthday party at her house and Brent helps her prep. Brent retorts that Megan looks different with her hair down and the two chat. Brent tells Megan that Luke needs to hook up with someone if he wants to get over Isabella.

Luke’s birthday party starts with a bang and Jeff talks to Megan but she seems distracted by Luke instead. Luke asks if Isabella is going to be at the party and asks Megan to invite her, claiming he’s going to be okay in her presence. Luke also compliments Megan’s new hairdo as he parties with his friends.

Jeff and Megan get talking but she keeps getting drawn to Luke, which pisses the former off. Isabella shows up at the party and Luke watches her from afar. Luke and Isabella get talking but Brent interrupts them. The group decides to play beer pong and Jeff calls for Megan to be on her team but she pairs up with Luke while Isabella and Jeff team up.

The game ends with Luke being drunk out of his mind as he trips over Megan and topples her. The two share a moment which Jeff is very awkward about. However, the group is distracted when a female stripper shows up. Brent claims that he invited the stripper to hook up with Ben so that he can get over Isabella.

The stripper takes Luke to the trailer and Megan follows after to see what they’re up to. The girls are dancing for a performance following Parker’s lead and Isabella forces Megan to join them. Outside, the girls put on a dance in front of Luke and the boys while all eyes are on Megan.

Everyone is shocked to see her in a dress as she and the girls dance to ‘Genie in a Bottle’. She calls Luke in to join them and Jeff watches. Inside the house, Megan gives Luke a piece of the cake she baked for his birthday and he compliments her.

The two share a moment when Luke claims that the two of them hadn’t gotten any time together and are about to kiss when Luke runs to the bathroom to throw up from drinking too much. Megan finally goes outside and talks to Jeff. He tells her that she clearly liked Luke and wanted to be with him.

Megan tries to defend her actions but Jeff breaks things off with her. Debbie comes back home to see the house in a mess after the party but she is cheerful after her date with Steve. Steve drops her off at home and chats with her while Isabella and Megan notice the two flirting with each other.

December 30, 1999

The girls get ready to go to “The Plunge” – a custom Megan and her friends follow where everyone in town takes a dip in the cold beach water. Just then, Megan gets a text from Ned. She lies to Isabella and tells her that she has a sudden assignment she needs to finish and bails on going to the plunge with her and Luke.

Meanwhile, Ned tells Megan that he has a job for her which pays well. Before going to the plunge, Luke works out in the gym with Sheriff Meyer as the cop helps Luke work out and the duo chat. Isabella tells Luke how Megan bailed on her as the two take the plunge at the beach together.

Since Luke doesn’t have a towel of his own, Isabella shares her towel with him out of courtesy. At the same time, Megan shows up at Ned’s place and learns that he was working on software that was under the threat of being destroyed when the year 2000 (Y2K) rolls out.

He claims that the software would malfunction when the clock strikes 12:00 on New Year’s and asks Megan to help run a test run on the software. Ned claims that he can trust Megan and leaves her in his high-tech room to work on the task. At the beach, Luke and Isabella discuss Megan and he tells Isabella that Megan was not into him anymore.

Isabella claims that she had to break up with Luke because Megan had feelings for him and that she knew they were meant to be together. In the car, Luke tells Isabella that she was doing so much for Megan but that the latter was not grateful. Isabella claims that Megan was like a sister to her and tells that things will get better soon.

Luke tries to kiss Isabella but she pulls back, claiming she could not do this to Megan. She asks Luke to drive her back home. Megan manages to test the system and it does not crash like Ned believed it would. She gets ready to leave when Ned gets talking to her about how he lost his job because no one understood what he did.

Megan claims that Luke also doesn’t understand anything about coding and adds that he was set to follow in his father’s footsteps. Ned is uncomfortable upon hearing the mention of the Chambers and claims that the family are sitting on a high horse because they have money.

Megan tells him that Luke is nothing like his father, Steve, but Ned does not think so. Megan gets back home to find Luke waiting for her in her bedroom. He apologises to Megan for how things went down and asks how her day was. Instead of telling Luke where she has been, she starts making out with him.

The two have sex after, followed by Luke telling her what happened between him and Isabella at the Plunge. He lies to Megan and claims that Isabella had come onto him and kissed him out of the blue. Megan is furious with Isabella for what she has done.

July 30, 2000

Megan is in her room when Debbie finds her using a laptop that the daughter claims she borrowed from her friend. Megan recalls how it was Luke’s 18th birthday and things this year were very different than how they were last year. Debbie tries to ask more questions about it but Megan ignores her mother and gets back to working.

Later that day, Megan sits by Luke’s memorial stone and thinks about him. Brent joins and the two reminisce the memories they had with Luke. Brent claims that he was very mean to his brother and Luke doesn’t deserve what happened to him. Megan gets her hands on the case files from Lisa’s murder case.

Debbie is curious about how Megan was able to get the confidential documents but Megan asks her mother to stop worrying about that. She tells Debbie that Isabella had a pattern where she usually had a fallout with her best friend and someone died after, adding that Isabella and Lisa had a fight before she had drowned.

Megan also adds that Lisa was made to leave on the night of Lisa’s murder by helicopter as Debbie claims that Isabella was a fugitive whose parents had gotten her out of trouble once already. Debbie is worried about Megan and checks under the bed in the trailer as Isabella asked her to. She finds the blood-stained cloth that Megan was trying to get rid of and gets worried.

At the same time, Brent and Steve show up at the Sheriff’s office demanding answers from Meyer. Brent claims that Isabella was clearly the murderer because of the evidence but Meyer claims that he did not want to make any arrests without certainty about the murderer. Steve claims that the cops were not doing anything significant in trying to catch Luke’s killer. He tells Meyer that he will be hiring an investigator to work on the case.

On her way out of the cabin, Megan runs into Steve who is at the Landry house looking for answers from Megan. He believes that since Megan was pregnant with Luke’s child, he needed to talk to her to know what happened to his son. Debbie stands her ground and denies Steve permission to meet Megan.

Megan tries to call Trevor but is unable to get through to him. Megan shows up at Isabella’s hotel room and tells her that she knows about Lisa’s murder. Isabella claims that she was going to tell Megan about it and promises that it wasn’t her fault. Megan claims that she did not trust Isabella because she had lied to her many times already.

Isabella claims that Lisa jumped in the water voluntarily because she was drunk and upset. She adds that she followed after Lisa but it was too late. However, Parker shows up outside the hotel room and overhears the conversation when Megan accuses Isabella of killing Luke just like she killed Lisa.

Parker runs to the Sheriff’s station and tells Meyer what she’s heard. The episode ends with Megan going back home, where Debbie has kept the blood-stained cloth on the table. She asks if it’s Luke’s blood on it, and asks Megan to have a chat with her in order to help her clean up the mess she’s in.

The Episode Review

This episode was a shocker and it looks like the show is finally getting interesting after we are halfway through this season. The characters are only starting to become messed up and now that we know that Megan is pregnant, I am afraid that the baby is not Luke’s but Ned’s. 

It is likely that Ned and Megan were together and that she was cheating on Luke with him and got pregnant that way. It is also possible that Megan told Luke about it and he got into an argument with Ned, which prompted the man to kill Luke. We will only have to wait and watch how the show turns out.

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