Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 5 “All I Want for Christmas” Recap & Review

All I Want for Christmas

July 25, 1999

Episode 5 of Cruel Summer Season 2 starts with Isabella in her trailer, writing a letter to her friend Lisa about how she’s finally getting along with Megan and how they’re having the best summer together with Luke and Jeff. Megan is working at the cafe where Isabella finds her talking to Ned, one of the locals from the town.

Isabella wonders if the older man is hitting on Megan but she rubbishes her claiming he’s just lonely and wanted someone to talk to. Megan tells Isabella that she’s the only server at the cafe who had the patience to deal with Ned and claims that the two had bonded over time.

On their car ride home, Isabella asks Megan about her relationship status with Jeff but she tells Isabella that she was just having fun with him by not giving it a name. Isabella warns that Luke d0esn’t like seeing her with Jeff. Megan promises that they’re just friends and adds that they seem closer because they have known each other for a very long time.

At the Landry house, Lisa’s older brother, Trevor shows up to pay her a visit but Isabella panics upon seeing him. He claims that he was in the area and thus showed up unannounced to meet. Debbie asks Trevor to stay over and Megan invites him to hang out with them to see “Christmas (lights) in July”, a tradition in their small town.

Isabella tries to get him out of hanging out with them but Trevor shrugs, believing it’s the least he could do to spend time with Lisa’s best friend. On their way out, Trevor tells Megan that he studied at a University in London. Megan was jealous of how Trevor and Isabella could travel the world when she hadn’t even left Washington.

Isabella goes to bring Luke when Trevor and Isabella talk to each other for the first time in private. He tells Isabella that he missed her and wonders how she has changed so soon. Trevor is shocked to learn that Isabella and Luke were dating and Isabella introduces him as her old friend. Luke and Trevor have a minor pissing contest where they both try to stake a claim on Isabella.

As Luke and Megan grab snacks for the four of them, Trevor tells Isabella that Luke was not like the usual guy she dates. She tells him that she was trying to learn from her mistakes. In the meantime, Luke and Megan get them corndogs but Trevor claims that Isabella was a vegetarian. Luke tells Trevor that she was changing her preferences for them as a joke.

At the same time, other teenagers join the four and the group gets together, chatting. Luke and Trevor have an argument when Trevor claims that Isabella left their place without even saying goodbye. Isabella tells Trevor that her parents give her no say when it’s time to move and there is tension in the air.

Trevor brings up something about the last summer and Isabella confesses that she had gotten drunk and arrested in Ibiza for public intoxication and urination. She claims that Trevor had bailed her out and it was the reason why she had been kicked out of school.

The group laughs about the incident but Trevor is not pleased. He claims that Isabella is capable of anything and asks her to talk in private. While in private, Trevor and Isabella discuss how she had skipped town without even talking with him and how she had replaced him with Luke. Trevor claims that she had a pattern of liking boys close to her best friend.

Isabella claims that Megan was very close to her and adds that she could trust Megan with anything. She then tells Trevor that she wishes she could go back to last winter and take back what they did but adds that she would do anything to change how things turned out.

The two keep talking in circles when Isabella claims that she loves Trevor and kisses him. Megan spots the two kissing and is shocked. However, Trevor pulls back from the kiss and demands answers from Isabella. She asks him to go back because he had already made up his mind about her.

After Trevor had left, Megan confronts Isabella for kissing him while dating Luke. She asks if Isabella still had feelings for him but Luke interrupts them as they get going back home. Luke asks Isabella if they could go to the cabin and Megan claims that she could find a way back home. Isabella offers to hang out with Megan later that night instead.

At the cabin, Isabella and Luke are kissing when she starts talking about Trevor. She reveals that things with him are over and she’s clear about her feelings for him. Isabella asks if Luke is ready to have sex with her and the couple proceeds to do so. Luke wakes up from his nap and discusses how his first time with Isabella was his first time ever.

Isabella tells him that it’s a huge deal for her too, despite her experience, and the two chat about how things have changed since she moved to their town. Isabella brings Megan and gets up to leave because she has to hang out with her friend that evening.

In her room, Megan looks at the fake ID she made for Luke when she gets a text from the person she had been talking to. As it turns out, the tester is Ned who had offered to teach Megan Coding. Megan asks Ned if he had ever hacked into the Federal Bureau but the man speaks in code.

Isabella shows up to Megan’s room and the two get talking. She tells Megan that she was trying to be there for Trevor and that she was not cheating on Luke. Megan tells Isabella that she trusted her to be a good friend. She’s just discovered that she had feelings for Luke after all.

Megan asks Isabella to forget what she has said as she takes back her confession. That night, Isabella tells Megan that she’s not very certain about her feelings for him after seeing Trevor. She adds that Megan should tell Luke how she feels because they had a soulmate connection and that the two are meant to be together.

December 25, 1999

Megan gives Isabella a Christmas present; a scrapbook with photos of the memories she had made over the summer. On the other hand, there is an awkward tension between the two since Isabella had gifted Megan the latest computer in return. Megan uses Photoshop to edit out her grades to show that she isn’t failing but Isabella finds her.

The two girls discuss how their gifts for each other are poles apart in terms of price and Megan admits that she could never compete with Isabella. There is awkward tension between Isabella and Megan and the latter tries to avoid hanging out with Isabella because she has work.

Isabella hangs out with Debbie instead and learns that she too was spending Christmas Day at home after taking a temporary break from her relationship with Steve. Isabella asks to borrow Debbie’s car in order to go see Christmas lights all by herself. Isabella follows Megan’s car and learns that she was not going to work but instead, going someplace else.

Isabella follows after Megan, following the red marks on the trees and arrives at Ned’s cabin in the woods. Isabella watches Megan bring Ned a present for Christmas as she goes inside his house. Isabella calls Luke to the Landry house where the two of them are alone. She tells Luke about Megan and how they’re both drifting apart from the night at the Chambers’ house.

Isabella tells Luke that she followed Megan and had seen her going into Ned’s house. Isabella thinks Megan was being distant because she somehow seemed jealous of what Luke and she had. Just then, Megan gets home and lies about being at work. She wonders what Luke and Isabella were doing together and asks if she’s interrupting.

Debbie is in the trailer when she finds that Isabella has not sent any of the postcards she had been writing to Lisa over the last six months. Isabella admits that Lisa was still on the ship for her trip to the Caribbean and adds that she will be sending them to her all at once when the ship docks.

Isabella reveals that it’s a tradition between the two of them but Debbie claims that she hasn’t seen any of Lisa’s letters to Isabella over her months here. Isabella tells Debbie that there are letters from Lisa but she had always gotten them before Debbie could see them in the mailbox.

Just like Lisa had become her best friend, Megan had become her sister over time living with them. She tells Debbie about how things are changing between them over the last few days. Debbie asks Isabella to talk to Megan about it and that she would really understand where Isabella is coming from.

Megan is in her room, reading her murder mystery novel, when Isabella finds her. The two get talking about Megan’s obsession with mystery novels and Megan claims that using ‘lye’ is a good way to get rid of a dead body. Isabella apologises for getting Megan such an expensive gift. She tries to talk to Megan but the latter is nonchalant about the interaction.

Later that night, Isabella goes inside the Landry house after seeing the lights on and talks to Megan. The two friends compliment each other’s gifts and call it a night after reconciling.

July 25, 2000

Isabella reads the newspaper and learns that the news about Megan’s pregnancy has been leaked and tells her lawyer, Rebecca, that she should have consulted with Isabella before telling the cops about it. Rebecca believes that she had to do it because Isabella’s money was found in the cabin which would incriminate her instead of Megan.

Isabella promises that she’s telling the truth and adds that someone has planted the money in the cabin. She thinks that someone wants to frame her, but Rebecca assures Isabella that she’s one step ahead of the person who’s trying to frame her.

Isabella meets Megan outside her house and apologises for what she’s going through with the news of her pregnancy out in the open. She adds that she also saw the test in her bathroom. Megan is shocked that Isabella dug through the trash to look for evidence but Isabella retorts that she was only trying to help Megan feel better, adding that her lawyer had leaked the news.

Megan refuses to believe Isabella but the latter believes that they are in this together, which means that any damage to one would result in damage to the other. Megan blurts out that they’re not friends anymore and that there’s nothing Isabella can do to change that. Megan tells her mother that it was Isabella who leaked the news about her pregnancy.

Debbie is hurt by the fact that Megan won’t communicate with her. Megan accuses her mother of being neutral when it comes to picking sides between her and Isabella. She asks her mother to pick her up this time and kick Isabella out of their house.

That afternoon, Debbie talks to Isabella and the latter claims that it’s her lawyer’s mistake. She asks Isabella to stay somewhere else for the time being because her actions have hurt their family. Isabella has already packed to leave and tells Debbie to go look under her bed in the trailer, believing that there’s something there that Megan is trying to get rid of.

Isabella asks Debbie to talk to her daughter about it and goes to the trailer, sobbing as she packs the rest of her clothes. Rebecca gets a call from Paris and she tells Isabella that Sheriff Meyer has been digging around on Isabella’s record, looking for what she did last summer. Isabella asks her lawyer to try and contain the issue for her.

The episode ends with Debbie giving Megan a letter addressed to her from Trevor. In the letter he attaches newspaper cutouts reporting how Lisa had died after drowning over the last summer that Isabella stayed with them.

The Episode Review

From the looks of it, Ned is a shady guy and I don’t understand what Megan is doing with him. It looks like Ned has something more to do with the death of Luke. The first few episodes showed a crazy man shooting the birds – who happened to be Ned. Since Luke was badmouthing Ned then, it is possible that he was involved in her death somehow. 

The most annoying character in this season is Megan herself and I am not sure why she keeps whining about the things she does not have by comparing herself with her rich friends. It is high time she starts accepting her circumstances instead of trying to keep up with Isabella and Luke.

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