Cruel Summer – Season 2 Episode 4 “Springing a Leak” Recap & Review

Springing a Leak

July 23, 1999

Episode 4 of Cruel Summer starts with Megan and Isabella bonding together as they discuss how Megan wants to be unpredictable and a risk-taker. Isabella tells her that she’s one and will help Megan on her journey. At the beach, Isabella learns from Luke about a club.

Jeff tells Megan that he could make them fake IDs so the four decide to go to the club that night. Isabella pushes Megan to take a risk while Luke is shocked that she would be okay doing something like this. Megan and Jeff are making the fake IDs on her computer and the two chat about their respective passions.

Megan shocks Jeff when she tells him she could easily copy the government-issued watermark and does so by hacking into the government system. Before going to the club, Megan is in Isabella’s trailer, getting ready. She tells Isabella how mad she was at her mother for hooking up with her dad after what he did to them.

Isabella tries to cheer Megan up and asks her to focus on the now and how she looked great with Jeff. Megan tells Isabella that she can be herself with Jeff, unlike how she had to be with Luke. She borrows one of Isabella’s dresses and gets ready to go to the club.

Outside, Isabella trains Jeff, Luke and Isabella to lie about their fake IDs before they enter. At the club, the girls are able to get in but Luke and Jeff are stopped by the bouncers. Megan and Isabella get drinks at the bar and talk about Isabella’s adventures over the years.

The girls dance around the club as they enjoy themselves while Megan tries alcohol for the first time. In the car, Luke learns that Jeff and Megan were getting close and calls it cool that they were hanging out. In the club, Megan and Isabella are getting drunk. She spots Sheriff Myers in the club and asks Isabella to rush out since he knew they were both underage.

The two girls leave the club and rush back to the car where Luke and Jeff are waiting for them. Luke is shocked to see that Megan has indulged in drinking. Meanwhile, after going back to Luke’s house for some more beer, Luke notices Jeff and Megan making out while he is distracted as his girlfriend, Isabella talks to him.

That night, Isabella and Megan hang out in her bedroom and the two girls finally start getting close.

December 23, 1999

Megan tells Isabella about a new hacking system she has learned about. She tells Isabella that the program would make her earn a lot of money when she goes to college. As the girls start discussing Luke, there is a pipe burst in the Landry house. Megan goes out to call the plumber while Debbie cleans up the mess.

Megan learns that the repair costs $6000 and that they did not have any funds left because they had to use their savings for Lily and their house the year before. Megan is pissed at Debbie for being kept in the dark and yells at her mother for not being grown-up enough.

Debbie forbids Megan from using $900 from her savings account as she needed the money for college. Megan stops Debbie from asking for Steve’s help since she was dating him now and because he was Debbie’s boss. She claims that since she’s dating Luke, it’s going to make things messier.

Isabella offers to help the Landrys with $5000, the money that her parents gave her as a Christmas present. Isabella reveals that they are like her family and she wants to help them out but Megan refuses to take the money. Debbie asks the girls to pack up for the night because they’re going to stay with Steve at the Chamber’s house since theirs is not in a livable condition.

Megan tells Debbie that she doesn’t want to go to Luke’s place since she’s still mad at Brent for making a sex tape of him and leaking it. Debbie tells Megan that she wants to make it all disappear for her daughter’s sake and tries to calm Megan down.

The mother-daughter bond; Isabella and Megan discuss what it would be like to spend the night under Luke’s roof and how she doesn’ want to borrow money from Isabella because the money often complicated things. At the Chambers’ house, Brent refuses to greet Debbie and the girls while Luke takes Isabella and Megan to a room.

Debbie notices Steve’s tension and learns that they had lost a client because of the stunt Luke had pulled with the sex tape. He claims that what was done was done and their investors would soon start backing out of their project.

In the kitchen, Luke tells Megan and Isabella that their dad was punishing Brent for making tapes of girls. Megan asks Luke if she could take a bath and notices Isabella and Luke catching up about the things they did when Isabella dated Luke.

In the guest shower, Megan finds Isabella’s swimsuit tucked away. After her shower, Megan talks to Luke about the fact that Isabella whipped out $5000 from her wallet and tried to give it to the Landrys as charity. Luke supports Isabella and claims that she was coming from a good place.

Megan is pissed that Luke was defending her and that they talked behind her back. Luke claims that he and Isabella were still friends. Megan is pissed about the fact that Luke and Isabella were so much alike to one another and that she had to bust her ass trying to get food on the table while they were unbothered.

Meanwhile, Megan catches Isabella looking if Brent had left any more tapes. Megan gives Isabella the swimsuit and wonders when it was left there. Isabella is not sure about the timing but claims that she probably may have left it there last summer. Megan asks Isabella to come clean if she still had feelings for Luke but the latter is shocked that Megan would think that way.

She calls Megan out and claims that she’s being slut-shamed by the whole town, only for Megan to retain her scholarship and the least she can do is trust her. Megan apologises for her behaviour and admits that she’s just stressed out but Isabella is not willing to forgive her.

Brent and Luke have a fight while setting up for dinner. He shames Isabella for hooking up with Luke while Megan and Luke yell at Brent. Steve and Debbie join the kids and try to break the fight, asking the kids to be civil as they had dinner. At dinner, Debbie asks Brent to apologise to Isabella and Luke but he gives them a half-assed apology.

Steve asks Debbie and Megan to give it a rest but Luke interrupts and asks everyone to calm down. Debbie is furious at Steve for not punishing Brent for his actions and calls him out for allowing his son to commit the crime of filming a minor and getting away with it. She and the girls leave to go back to their apartment.

Megan gets furious that people continue to prank and call the Landry house to slut shame Isabella. The following day, Debbie tells Megan that Steve has sent the plumbers to the Landry house to compensate for their fight from the night before. At the same time, Megan looks at her grades and learns that she’s failing class.

July 23, 2000

Late at night, Megan sneaks out to throw something into the dumpster. However, Isabella comes out of the trailer and notices that Megan has thrown away blood-stained clothes. That morning, Megan’s lawyer asks her where she had been on the night of Luke’s murder.

Megan confesses that she was with him in the cabin – the place where he was killed. Megan’s lawyer, Tom, tells her that her situation is not looking good when Megan tells him that the last time she saw Luke was on the morning of his murder. Tom asks if Megan was being completely honest with him because he needed to be prepared for whatever was coming their way.

Megan promises that there was nothing more to add. Megan and Tom go to the Sheriff’s station where Jeff was waiting. Isabella leaves with Rebecca, her lawyer while Megan goes in for questioning. Sheriff Meyer interrogates Megan about her fingerprints on the note that Luke has written to Steve, informing his father that he’s about to go to Virginia.

The cop accuses Megan of lying to him again and again about having no knowledge regarding Luke planning on running away. He asks her the reason why Luke is running, and Megan claims to have no knowledge about anything. Meyer tries to force Megan to answer his questions but Tom jumps in and takes Megan away.

Debbie finds out that Megan knew about Luke wanting to run away and is angry at her for not telling anyone about it. She claims that she was only trying to protect Luke and kept it a secret because he wanted to get away from everything.

Megan confesses to her mother Luke had asked her to drop off the letter to Steve’s mailbox after leaving him at the station. She tells Debbie that she waited for Luke to come back home for months but he never returned.

Sheriff Meyer goes to the Landry house with a warrant claiming there was news of fraudulent activity from her computer, taking the device away for inspection. After looking into the device, Sheriff Meyer learns that the device was encrypted to delete the files if there’s any suspicious activity on it.

However, upon their next interrogation, Meyer tells Megan and her lawyer that she’s the prime suspect in Luke’s death because he learned that she was pregnant before Luke’s death.

The sheriff claims that Luke had denied taking responsibility for Megan’s pregnancy which is reason enough for her to try and kill him. The episode ends with Megan being shocked about the cop’s recent revelation.

The Episode Review

The show finally seems to be getting interesting and from the looks of it, Megan has a lot of motive for killing Luke. However, this one seems like an outright murder mystery and does not offer the intense mystery and uncertainty that the previous season sorely missed. 

In this episode, we see Jeff and Luke bond and one would assume that the two have a lot to fight about – the first being Megan. While we still don’t know how Luke ended up breaking up with Isabella and getting together with Megan, it is clear that he and Isabella had gotten really close during their relationship. This is something that could possibly get Megan jealous.

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