The Crowned Clown Season 1 Episode 9 Impressions



Two Faces, One Destiny

With Lee Hun taken out of the equation thanks to the Chief Royal Secretary last week, The Crowned Clown returns with seeds of doubt blossoming across the city as a result of Ha Sun’s identity being found out. While most of the episode deals with the fallout from this, Left State Minister sets a plan into motion while So Woon and the King grow ever closer.

We begin where we finish this week – with So Woon and Ha Sun together. After sharing a tender moment inside the library together, we cut back to the main drama of the episode involving the Left State Minister. Catching wind of the news that a clown with the same face as the King is parading around town, he begins questioning people over their apparent knowledge on Ha Sun. The result of which coming in the form of posters being put up all over the city. 

With the people already tired, hungry and discontent with the current royal regime, people begin talking including a slip of the tongue from Dal Rae. At this point, one person in particular comes forward and informs the Left State Minister about the links between the entertainment house, the clowns and Ha Sun himself.

This controversy inevitably spills over to the Royal quarters where court lady Kim informs the Left State Minister of her findings about the King’s scar in his ear. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Kim is forced to investigate further and make good of her claims on Ha Sun’s identity or risk being killed by the Minister. Of course, if she’s found out by the King this could also lead to death so the woman really has no choice but to make good on her claims.

While this is going on, Ha Sun and the Royal Secretary does his best to keep things civil inside the court and the installation of the Dae Dong policy does go someway to quell these doubts for now. With So Woon on board too, this looks sets to keep things civil in the city for now but inside the Royal chamber, things are are as tumultous as ever.

Going forward things looks set to explode into action and with 6 episodes to go, The Crowned Clown appears to be about to raise the stakes once more. We end the episode with a sweet and heartwarming moment between So Woon and Ha Sun enjoying the tranquility of the night while snow falls around them. Will Ha Sun manage to keep his identity secret? What does the Left State Minister have planned? How does Queen Dowager slot into this?

So many questions remain unanswered here but thankfully we won’t have to wait long before more drama unfolds. The cinematography and general visual design of the show are as impressive as ever. It’s still early into 2019 but The Crowned Clown thus far has been the best drama on TV and looks set to be a tough show to beat for that accolade if it can keep up this level of excellence.


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