Crooks – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

How do Samira & Jonas escape the villa?

Charley knows he can’t trust Griselda and devises a plan to get his wife and son to safety. With Joseph’s help, he manages to sneak a master key to Samira, which they can use to escape the room Griselda keeps them trapped in. 

On the night of the heist, Charley and Jean Luc arrive at their target location and cut the power to the building, using the darkness as a cover to break inside. However, the robbery is challenging, and Charley must bypass multiple layers of security, including armed guards. Things turn interesting when, instead of breaking into the vault, Charley escapes with Joseph’s help.

Unfortunately, Spencer eventually realizes that Charley has outsmarted them. He informs Griselda and asks her to double the security. Jonas and Samira manage to escape, but Charley is captured. Joseph is shot, but Samira’s veterinary training helps save his life.

What happened to Hassan & Charley? 

Sharif desired to become the king of Marseille but understood that opposing Griselda meant certain death. He knew that despite any claims, Al Walids couldn’t protect them from Griselda. Therefore, he strikes a deal with Griselda and hands over Hassan. Hassan is taken to the villa, where he confronts Charley.

Griselda wants to kill them both but doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. She gives them a chance to fight each other to the death, promising that the winner will be allowed to leave alive. With no other choice, the two face off. Hassan is desperate to kill Charley, holding him responsible for his brother’s death, unaware of the truth.

Charley tries to reason with Hassan, explaining that even if one of them wins, Griselda won’t let them live. Therefore, they decide to join forces, putting their trust in each other, and jump into the ocean.

How does Crooks end?

Towards the end, we’re taken to a football field, where we see that both Hassan and Charley are alive. Hassan no longer seeks revenge against Charley, as he now understands that Charley had no part in Karim’s death. Charley was simply protecting his family, just as Hassan would have done in the same situation.

Since Nina fulfils her promise, she receives the coin and arranges a meeting with Zakeyev. Joseph is also present, and it seems he will help Nina get her revenge, just as she helped him save Samira and Jonas. This sets up a perfect plot for Season 2.

Episode Review

As Season 1 of Crooks comes to a close, it leaves us with plenty of exciting plot points to look forward to in Season 2. It seems like Griselda is set to become the next major antagonist. She’s mobilizing her men and is determined to track down Charley and Hassan, making them pay for their actions.

There’s a good chance we’ll see Hassan and Charley teaming up in Season 2, but this time as allies rather than enemies. It’ll be interesting to see how their dynamic unfolds in the next chapter of the story!

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