Crooks – Season 1 Episode 7 “Madame” Recap & Review


Episode 7 starts with Charley reuniting with his wife, Samira, and son, Jonas. Griselda welcomes Charley but hints that her hospitality comes with a price and should not be taken for granted. She reveals that she wants Charley to steal a batch of cocaine from the police evidence locker. This cocaine was confiscated from her because of a wrong tip Rami gave her about a tanker ship that customs would overlook.

Now, Griselda sees Charley as her way to get back what she lost. To make her point clear, Griselda shoots Rami in the head, warning Charley that if she doesn’t get her drugs back, he and his family will be next. Griselda gives Charley a couple of hours to come up with a plan, or she will start shooting again.

Meanwhile, Joseph regains consciousness, and Rio tells him that Red has disappeared. Rio threatens Joseph, saying that if he doesn’t deliver the coin, he’ll be the next to disappear. Joseph initially refuses, but when Rio threatens to kill Alina, Joseph can’t bear the thought and reveals that the coin is in the telescope at the harbour.

At the harbor, Rio breaks open the telescope and retrieves the coin he has been searching for days. However, his joy is short-lived as he is soon killed by Nina. Nina didn’t intend to kill Rio, but when he zapped her with a taser, she accidentally fired her gun. Joseph takes control of the coin and agrees to give it to Nina if she helps him save Charley and his family. 

Sharif decides to end his partnership with Hassan and Tarek, stating that he cannot help them capture Charley, Samira, and Jonas, who are now with the Corsicans, and he has no intention of going to war with them. As they prepare to leave, Hassan discovers that Tarek spoke to Karim half an hour before he attempted to steal the coin. Hassan realizes that Tarek is the traitor who betrayed them and led to Karim’s death. Enraged, Hassan stabs and kills Tarek.

Hassan changes his mind about leaving Marseille and offers to pay Sharif any amount if he helps him find Charley. Hassan suggests that once Griselda is out of the picture, Sharif will become the new king of Marseille. The offer is too lucrative for Sharif to refuse, so he agrees. Sharif also knows one of Griselda’s men, who has agreed to help them enter the villa.

Faced with a serious and threatening deadline, Charley finally comes up with a plan to steal the cocaine. He explains that with the right tools, he can break into the evidence locker and then flush the cocaine down the toilet to be later retrieved from the sewers. However, when Charley is alone, he calls Joseph and asks him to do something for him. The episode ends, leaving viewers guessing about what Charley wanted Joseph to do.

The Episode Review

After the intense events of episode 7, the show has entered its endgame, and it’s a do-or-die situation for Charley. If he doesn’t get the drugs, Griselda will end him just like she did Rami. It’s clear that she’s a shark who only cares about herself and her profits.

Griselda has promised to let Samira and Jonas go free, but the problem with criminals like her is that they’re always afraid of loose ends – in this case, Charley and his family. Luckily, Charley is aware of this and has calculated every possible outcome. There’s a chance that he’ll outsmart everyone in the end.

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