Crooks – Season 1 Episode 6 “Rami” Recap & Review


At the start of Crooks episode 6, Tarek and the Algerians are interrogating Rami, trying to find out where Samira and Jonas are. Despite the torture, Rami refuses to give them any information. Meanwhile, Charley and Joe learn about the Algerians and their leader, Sharif, from the hotel receptionist. Realizing that Rami is their only lead to finding his wife and son, Charley decides to rescue him. 

However, he knows that they are outnumbered, so he seeks help from his old friend, Casper. Although Casper doesn’t like Rami, he agrees to help because he despises Sharif and wants to see him defeated. Joseph offers to pay Casper handsomely, and Casper also brings along some of his skilled associates who are experienced with guns and violence.

Rami agrees to tell Tarak where Samira and Jonas are and asks for the telephone. He calls Charley and subtly hints that he is being held prisoner in a local building on the 7th or 8th floor.  Elsewhere, an aristocratic woman, Griselda, meets Samira and Jonas, telling them to make themselves at home. While in Vienna, Nina is suspended for her harsh actions and unauthorized SWAT operation at the pub. Now, Nina plans to go to Marseille, believing that Joseph and the coin are there.

Hassan is troubled by Red’s dying words about a traitor among them, even though he has no reason to trust Red’s claim. He believes dying people wouldn’t lie. Feeling uneasy, he goes to Sharif’s estate, where Tarak is holding Rami hostage. Soon, using an RC car, Casper sends a phone to Sharif, threatening him to ensure Rami’s safety. Sharif confirms Rami is alive and agrees to let Casper speak with him. It’s clear that despite what Sharif pretends to be, he is actually a cowardly man.

Soon, Casper, Joseph, and the others launch a surprise fiery attack on Sharif’s men, defeating them. Charley takes advantage of the chaos and sneaks into the building to free Rami, who has refused to reveal Samira and Jonas’s whereabouts. Charley enters the interrogation chamber and frees Rami, but Hassan threatens him, vowing to find and kill Charley. After his rescue, Rami tells Charley that Samira and Jonas are with Griselda.

Rami agrees to take Charley to Griselda, while Joseph stays behind in case things get dangerous and Charley needs help. While Joseph is at the port, he receives a call from Alina, his lover, who tells him she has escaped from the club and is now in Marseille. However, Alina is not alone; she is working with Lio, who tasers and knocks Joseph down.

The Episode Review

After days of chaos, confusion, violence, and a thrilling game of cat and mouse, Charley has finally reunited with his wife, Samira, and son, Jonas. They’re now with Griselda, one of the most dangerous women in the city. But Griselda isn’t the type to offer you even a drop of water when you’re dying of thirst unless it benefits her.

So, what does Griselda want? Maybe she’s after the same thing as Red and the Russians – the gold coin. Or perhaps she has a completely different target in mind for Charley to steal. The possibilities are endless!

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