Crooks – Season 1 Episode 5 “Old Friends” Recap & Review

Old Friends

Episode 5 of Crooks kicks off with Charley making a bold decision to return to Rudi’s club instead of heading to Marseille. Joseph is lost in a haze of alcohol and dancing, seemingly oblivious to the world. However, this fun is interrupted when the club is suddenly swarmed by goons intent on capturing Joseph. Joseph fights back and manages to take down all the attackers.

The tension escalates as Rio and the assassin arrive, demanding the coin from Joseph at gunpoint. Despite the threat, Joseph remains tight-lipped, refusing to give up any information. Charley jumps into the fray and, with Joseph, manages to fend off their assailants. 

In Marseille, tension mounts as Sharif mobilizes his men to search the streets for Samira and her son, Jonas. The mother and son find themselves trapped in their hotel room, unsure of how long they can evade capture.

Their situation intensifies when Rami, shows up at their door, demanding they come with him. Jonas takes matters into his own hands and subdues Rami with a sedative injection. However, their respite is short-lived as Sharif arrives, attempting to force his way into their room. Fortunately, Samira and Jonas escape by breaking into the adjacent apartment. Charley promises that he’ll be in Marseille no later than morning. As for Rami, he falls into the hands of the Algerians. 

Joseph asks Charlie to stop the vehicle and attempts to end his life by walking into the ocean. However, Charlie intervenes and saves him. Joseph feels like a failure and believes no one loves or wants him. Charlie convinces Joseph to read a letter from his father before making any drastic decisions, hoping it will change Joseph’s outlook. In the letter, Joseph’s father, Karli, discusses the coveted coin, his deceitful brother, and his nephew. Karli also reveals that he has left his entire fortune to Joseph and apologizes for not acknowledging him sooner.

Rio informs Red that he has lost Joseph and Charley again, which is a big problem as Mikhail is becoming impatient and can’t wait any longer for Red to deliver the coin. Out of anger, Mikhail has his men beat Red to show him what will happen if the coin isn’t recovered. Nina, who has been waiting outside the club, knows that if she doesn’t act soon, Red might not survive.

In reality, Nina doesn’t care about Red; she just wants the coin to set a trap for Zakayev, whom she believes killed her father. Nina calls for backup and storms the place before Mikhail can kill Red. However, her plan to capture Mikhail fails when Red kills him instead. Red is then captured by Hassan Al-Walid, who has arrived in town looking for the men behind his brother’s murder.

Hassan then takes Red to the woods to kill him, but before Hassan can stab Red, the old man reveals that it was one of Hassan’s brothers who told him about the coin. As the episode ends, Charley calls his wife to say he’s twenty minutes away. However, before he can reach them, they’re kidnapped by men in suits driving Range Rovers.

The Episode Review

The show has kicked things up a notch, gearing for more bloodshed and violence from here on out. Red is now out of the picture, but before he bit the dust, he drops a bombshell on Hassan – there’s a traitor in their midst. And we all know what Hassan does to traitors, whether they’re family or not.

Meanwhile, Rio, who has been portrayed as somewhat of a fool, may finally step out of his foolishness and find the courage to avenge his father’s death.

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