Crooks – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Ambulance” Recap & Review

The Ambulance

Episode 4 of Crooks begins with Charley and Joseph, now friends and partners, arriving in Italy to lay low until things have cooled down. Charley takes Joseph to his country house, where he grows his own apples and vine with the help of his housekeeper, Margot. Once at the house, Margot hands Joseph a letter that Karli had left before his death, but Joseph refuses to read it.

In Vienna, Red is visited by Mikhail in his office, who demands to see the coin. Red tries to buy time with excuses and tells Mikhail about Joseph going rogue but assures him that the issue is being dealt with and Mikhail will soon have his coin. Earlier, Red had sent armed assassins to Joseph’s hideout to retrieve the coin.

Charley also faces trouble when he receives a call from Hassan, who hints that he knows Samira and Jonas are in Marseille. Charley immediately calls Samira and advises her to stay vigilant and lock the doors. The assassins try their best, but Charley and Joseph manage to defeat them all and escape. When Red learns about this, he tries to buy Rio more time.

Mikhail gives Red until midnight, and if the coin isn’t in his possession by then, the situation will escalate.   Nina also arrives at the club and confronts Red, revealing that she knows he has stolen the coveted coin from Berlin. It is revealed that the coin everyone is looking for is one of the three rare copies in the world.

Mikhail’s boss, Zakeyev, has the other two and now he just needs one to complete his collection. Nina offers Red a chance to tell them where the coin is, promising to protect him from Zakeyev, but Red kicks her out of the club.

Tarek arrives in Marseille and meets Sharif, asking for his help in finding Samira and Jonas. Sharif, involved in illegal activities like trafficking and drug dealing, demands forty thousand Euros for his services, and Tarek agrees.

Once on the road, Joseph and Charley head to Rudi’s house, planning to go their separate ways from there. Rudi, a former taxi driver who now runs a successful bar, is a friend of Joseph’s. Rudi offers them drinks and asks them to wait while he makes a few calls to get what they need. Joseph trusts Rudi, but Charley overhears Rudi talking to Red on the phone.

Before Charley can tell Joseph about Rudi’s betrayal, he is captured. Rudi’s men also capture Joseph and try to break his morale by saying that Karli never accepted Joseph as his son because he was ashamed of him. This angers Joseph, and he beats all of Rudi’s men. Charley escapes after hijacking a bike, while Joseph decides to have a drink and dance, indicating that he is done running.

The Episode Review

It takes real guts to stick around for a drink in a bar after beating the owner to a pulp. It says a lot about Joseph’s character. It suggests that he’s done running and is ready to take the fight to his enemies instead of hiding. He’s come a long way since the first episode, but we can’t help but notice he’s a bit lonely and seems to be looking for a friend in Charley.

Will Charley come back for Joseph, or will he head straight to Marseille to be with his family? He’s facing a tough choice. Episode 4 also introduces a new character, Nina, a cop who’s hot on the trail of Zakeyev. It seems like there might be a personal vendetta behind her pursuit.

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