Criminal Record – Season 1 Episode 8 “Carla” Recap, Review and Ending Explained


What happens after the recording goes viral? 

Criminal Record Episode 8 begins with the aftermath of the release of the audio recording of Carla claiming her partner was responsible for Adelaide’s murder. It becomes viral, and the public turns on the police and reacts angrily online. Hegarty and Cardwell both think Lenker leaked the recording. She is trying to continue Sonya, whom she thinks actually released the recording.

Hegarty blames Lenker for everything, but she points out Hegarty lacks remorse for not considering the possibility Errol could be innocent. She tells him about Mostafa’s recent confession, which confirms Errol’s alibi and reveals he didn’t come forward because he didn’t think he would be believed. This prompts Hegarty to offer to walk Lenker through the evidence.

Who killed Adelaide?

Hegarty shows Lenker the work he and his team did on the case. He reveals notes of the people with a history of violence who had been in Errol and Adelaide’s apartment, mainly because Errol was cutting people’s hair for money there. Hegarty remembers none of them had their DNA inside the apartment. Lenker asks for the details of the people who got haircuts at the apartment. He opens a file. One of the names on the list is a past associate called Stefan.

Hegarty recalls that Gilfoyle’s certainty about Errol’s guilt led him to feel this way about the case. He rushes to the parking lot and meets with Caldwell, and they agree to chase down Stefan. Before he leaves, Lenker tries to stop him. However, he tells her to follow their car. During the journey, Cardwell refuses to believe Stefan’s connection to the case.

Hegarty and Caldwell arrive at Stefan’s house and knock on his door. His wife opens the door and tells Hegarty to meet Stefan in the back garden. Soon after, Hegarty notices the kitchen window has been broken, and he walks inside to find Stefan’s wife has been hurt. Hegarty and Lenker head out to find Stefan. During the journey, he reveals that Stefan used to work as an informant for Gilfoyle and had started working for him in recent years as well. 

What happens at the end of Criminal Record Season 1?

Hegarty, Lenker and Caldwell zero in on a location where they believe Stefan is. They go through every flat to find him. Lenker enters one of the flats and finds Stefan. He attacks June and they get into a fight, and she gets the upper hand and tries to stab him with a knife. Hegarty gets there just in time to stop her, and Stefan is arrested for the murder of Adelaide. 

Stefan tries to cut a deal with Hegarty in the car journey to the police station and refuses to confess. He threatens to expose Hegarty if he doesn’t set him free. Out of nowhere, a bike descends upon their car, and the bikers shoot Stefan dead.

Hegarty is also shot in the stomach and badly injured. The police find enough evidence in Stefan’s house to prove his guilt. Lenker and Sonya meet Errol and reveal the truth. Elsewhere, Gilfoyle doesn’t show any remorse and thinks Hegarty got Stefan killed before he could expose his crimes. Hegarty hands over the recording of Errol’s confession but they conclude he didn’t coerce an admittance of guilt from Errol. 

The episode ends when Lenker discovers that Hegarty spoke with a young Patrick in the hospital, who mentioned that he heard Errol say – ‘I’ll knock you on the floor’ while addressing Adelaide. Hegarty recorded the conversation and played it for Errol back at the flat, which led to his confession as he didn’t truly remember if he did it or not. 

When Hegarty went to the hospital to meet Patrick, a cartoon was playing on the television. One of its characters said the line – ‘I’ll knock you on the floor.’ So, Patrick was only repeating the same line. Lenker calls Hegarty to confront him. He listens to what she has to say but hangs up. 

The Episode Review

The finale of Criminal Record fails to stick the landing and ends in a very rushed and disappointing fashion. There is an introduction of a suspect in the murder of Adelaide that just feels so forced and falls flat. There is at least some resolution, as Errol is released from prison after his innocence is proven.

There is a feeling of relief at the end of the episode when it ends, with no desire to see these characters again. Peter Capaldi does his best with a very average script, while all the supporting characters are simply forgotten about in this disappointing final episode. 

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