Criminal Record – Season 1 Episode 6 “Beehive” Recap & Review


Criminal Record Episode 6 begins with Tony Gilfoyle maintaining his beehive in his garden. He shows his grandson, who is fascinated by it, and tells him the queen bee is getting very old, leaving her with fewer eggs to fertilize. He also comments that she is very protective of her hive and the same could be said for Gilfoyle’s career and legacy. Lenker continues to investigate Gilfoyle’s connection to Errol Mathis.

Hegarty meets with the mother of the child who was shot in the crossfire of the warring gangs. The boy is recovering but still in hospital, and Hegarty goes there to assure the mother that he will close the case.

Doris meets Errol in prison to tell him about the recent positive developments in his case and is hopeful the recording of Carla’s call will help to exonerate him. However, Errol is fed up with it all and is used to the system letting him down.

Lenker and Sonya meet to discuss the issues with Errol’s confession of murder. Within 48 hours of denying the allegations, Errol had confessed. He was taken back to the crime scene, and June suspects something happened during that time to change his mind. Sonya finds out Errol was deemed medically fit, but the police waited for 3 hours to interview him. She suspects they were looking for things to make the case against Errol airtight. June meets the lawyer who she suspects assisted Hegarty in Errol’s case but the lawyer refuses to say anything. 

Hegarty shows up at Patrick’s flat and finds his daughter Lisa there and realises something is going on. They argue over their issues over the years before he leaves her and drives away. He returns to get her, but she isn’t there anymore, so Hegarty starts looking for his missing daughter.

Hegarty returns home and Lisa isn’t there. He forgets he was supposed to meet ACC Claudia Mayhew about the shooting case. Instead, Hegarty drives around the city looking for Lisa. Patrick finds her back at his house and tells Hegarty.

Lenker looks into Claudia’s past and reads about her desire to reform the police department. Turns out, she is faced with an abusive onslaught, which she suspects is led by Tony Gilfoyle. The next day, Lenker shows up at Gilfoyle’s house and confronts him. She offers him the chance to admit his past, or she will out him. He won’t accept any blame and insults her instead before shutting the door on her. 

Lenker meets with Claudia and asks for help in bringing down Gilfoyle. Meanwhile, Gilfoyle is destroying all the evidence that could implicate him. Doris goes to confront Gilfoyle about his involvement with Latisha and he tries to drive away from her but accidentally injures her, which leads to her being taken to hospital. Gilfoyle gets arrested for this crime. 

Lenker takes charge of the investigation, and her team searches for records of his criminal activities on his hard drive. However, Hegarty shows up and tries to take over the case. She confronts him for claiming Gilfoyle worked ‘undercover’ in neo-Nazi organisations. Hegarty refuses to take any blame in the matter, and he finds out Claudia gave Lenker control over this case, meaning he’ll be working for her. Lenker’s team searches the beehive and they discover a CD hidden inside.

The episode ends with Lenker watching the footage on the CD, and it shows Hegarty interrogating Errol. It appears that Hegarty was feeding information to Errol to accept responsibility for the murder crime. She brings in Hegarty to watch the footage and questions his intentions behind his style of questioning and why the footage was reported to be damaged. Lenker doesn’t back down when faced with Hegarty’s denials, so Hegarty decides to tell the truth. 

The Episode Review

There are lot of inconsistencies and convenient things happening in this episode that really take away from the build-up to get to this point. All of a sudden, Lenker is in control of the case and Hegarty is on the brink of revealing everything.

Having said that, it’s still entertaining despite the implausibility. With two episodes to go, there is still a lot that needs wrapping up.

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