Criminal Minds: Evolution – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Criminal Minds: Evolution picks up where we left off, with Luke ticked off after Voit whispered something in his ears. Rebecca notifies the team that Voit has a new demand.

He wants Jennifer and Luke to secure a meeting with his family. Luke realises that Voit tricked him into getting the upper hand to make a new demand. On the other hand, Jennifer is curious about what Voit said to Luke, but Emily orders him not to answer that question.

In fact, she orders Luke not to say anything to the team because Voit mentioned something about a porn website on the dark net, BAU Gate. The site contains pics, memes and videos of the team in deep fake porn.

Luke is disappointed that Emily never told the team about this. However, Emily explains that it was better not to tell the team, and she thought the site was taken down in 2015. Luke worries that Voit is using the secrets of the team to tear them apart, and Emily asks him not to let Voit win his mind manipulation games. 

Soon after, Rebecca shows Emily a new problem. It turns out that one of Emily’s neighbours is into deep conspiracy theories. He made a video about Bailey’s death, giving half-truths about how he died. The director asks Emily to handle the issue immediately.

Meanwhile, the team has a new case after a series of people were killed on the first day they moved into new apartments. The media is calling these murders the “ Moving Day Killings.” The team immediately starts to profile the unsub and contemplate his killing methods. They worry that the killer is getting more confident with each kill.

Elsewhere, JJ and Luke drive over to Casey’s new place to try and convince her to give Voit a family reunion. During the ride, Luke goes against Emily’s orders and tells JJ about BAU Gate. JJ assumes that it is the same website from 2015 and supports Emily’s decision to keep it from the team.

However, Luke admits to visiting the site after talking to Voit and says it is worse than what JJ thinks. Voit and his network of serial killers updated the site. He believes JJ needs to see the site for herself before deciding what to do next. 

Back at the office, Emil calls Garcia aside and asks her about Tyler. Emily thinks Tyler is up to something, given his long toilet break during a stake-out and his absence since. She asks Garcia to try to contact him and give him an ultimatum about getting back to Emily and working with the team.

We later learn that Tyler is running a lead by himself. He confronts the man who is incharge of the Escrow account and clones his phone. Surprisingly, he and Tyler have a history since they have worked together before.

We circle back to the “ Moving Day Killings.” case currently being handled by  Rossi and Tara. They believe that the unsub stalking his victims and poisoning the victims with carbon monoxide to weaken them before the attack.

As such, they deduce that the killer must be part of the movers or the technicians normally helping during moving day. He is also hiding inside the house and wears a mask. They believe he modified a gas mask to scare his victims more. 

Later that night, Emily meets with her neighbour, Brian. She asks about his source and how he found out about Bailey. She tries to convince him that he is being used to sell fake news and conspiracies. Brian refuses to listen and insists that he will keep investigating. However, after talking to Emily, he tells her that he will take a break to focus on writing a new book. Emily is unaware that someone is secretly taking photos of the meeting.

Back to JJ and Luke, they try to convince Casey to give her consent for a family reunion. As expected, Casey thinks it is a bad idea and doesn’t trust the FBI to keep their promise. They already lied to her about getting into witness protection, and she is at her wit’s end.

The oldest kid is acting up, and she gets defensive when Luke brings this up. Casey is tired and wants to move on, but Voit’s sins still haunt the family. After JJ and Luke leave, Casey discovers that her oldest child has been self-harming. 

Meanwhile, Rossi and Tara continue to dig into the killings and come across Kyle. He is a young man whose mom died from prolonged carbon monoxide poisoning at the motel where the family used to work. His dad lost his job soon after, and they were kicked out of their house. To survive, Kyle and his dad started working as handymen and tried to rent a house at all the places where the victims were killed.

Sadly, due to the family’s struggling financial position, their tenancy was rejected. Currently, there is only one apartment that Kyle has not got to yet. Rossi and Tara quickly head over after learning a new couple moved into the house earlier that day. They arrive in time to save the couple. 

Feeling dejected after their trip, JJ and Luke start looking into a new way to use Voit after Casey turns them down. Luke talks to JJ again, gives her the login codes for the BAU Gate, and tells her that she is the vocal point on the website.

Later that night, Tyler visits Garcia at her place and tries to convince her to help him decode the cloned phone. Of course, Garcia adamantly says no.

The episode ends with Emily getting a call from Brian asking to meet in person. He says he is getting close and brings up the Voit deal. They meet at the usual parking garage, but Emily is surprised to get there and find Brian being attacked by three men. She calls the police, but when they arrive, Brian turns against her. He implicates her as the guilty party. 

The Episode Review

The Voit case continues to keep the BAU and the viewers on their toes. He is manipulative and seems to always be one step ahead of the BAU. The fact that he knew that Luke would flip out after finding out about BAU Gate means he has perfectly studied the team and knows how to individually press their buttons. 

On the other hand, Emily finds herself in a pickle, but who is really pulling the strings behind all these? Is it Goldstar, Voit or someone else with a bone to pick with the BAU team. How will Emily get out of this situation, and what is up with Brian? 

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We’ll have a full season review for this one up after the series has concluded!

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