Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Ending Explained – Do the group catch Sicarius?

Dead End

Episode 10 of Criminal Minds: Evolution starts with a flashback to February 2020 when Rossi and his wife were celebrating their anniversary in his office. Crystal is proud that Rossi has been promoted to the unit chief position. She tells Rossi that he should continue to work instead of thinking about retirement. She makes him promise to keep doing the important work of saving lives in the BAU.

Back in the present, Rossi is in the underground container that Voit put him in. Rossi notices a bomb and a surveillance camera.

How does the BAU team proceed with Voit’s case?

As Rossi is kidnapped, the team at the Seattle field office delivers a profile on Voit. William (JJ’s husband) is also helping with the case.  They are hoping to get Voit alive as he is the only one who knows where Rossi is. Garcia works on locating the IP address that Voit sent but she is frustrated as time is running out. The team knows they are dealing with a bright criminal so they try to think outside the box.

Meanwhile, Emily tries to convince Attorney General Louise Davis to negotiate with Voit. Emily is worried that Voit will kill his family and Rossi if he feels cornered. Deputy Director Doug Bailey is also against this idea. Emily insists that they need to make it look like they are willing to negotiate with Voit to buy enough time to save Rossi. Rebecca suggests they allow BAU some wiggle room and the Attorney General agrees.

Elsewhere, Voit takes his family to hide in a remote house. His wife trusts him and believes that he is trying to keep them safe. Voit periodically checks on Rossi and continues to use him as leverage, calling the BAU and insisting on speaking to Deputy Director Doug Bailey.

Emily feels that Voit is taking advantage of the fact that Bailey didn’t set the record straight that Benjamin was not Sicarius. She believes Voit has been studying Bailey and wants to use him to play another angle. As always, Emily is right.

Voit asks Bailey to cut a deal with him.  He asks Bailey to rescind the nationwide BOLO out for him for one day. After that, he promises to disappear like a bad dream and Rossi will also be released. Emily and Tara direct Bailey to only make the deal after Voit agrees to spare his family too.

The condition doesn’t go over smoothly with Voit, as he casually mentions something about Bailey liking the gold star and that seems to scare Bailey. Bailey worries that he’s got Rossi killed but Emily and Tara assure him it was okay to get under Voit’s skin.

Using the video they recorded of Rossi when Voit called the BAU, they try to locate him. William and JJ fly to Oregon to start a search party, while Garcia and Luke remain behind to investigate further.

Bailey reports to the Attorney General that Voit knows about Gold Star. Rebecca says that the legal and safest way to contain the matter is letting Voit go. Bailey asks for another option and Rebecca says they can kill Voit and consider Rossi and Voit’s family unavoidable collateral damage. Bailey notes that the BAU would never accept losing Rossi and would investigate why it happened, so they come up with a plan that will work for everyone.

What happens to Voit’s family?

Voit’s wife starts doubting Voit after he continues mixing up his stories. She keeps catching him in little lies and finds his behaviour odd. She tries to calm down the kids and asks them to trust him. The kids find the situation strange and wonder why their mom is still with their dad.

In the meantime, Garcia does background searches on Voit’s family and finally gets a clue as to where he might be staying low with his family. Bailey insists on going to the property to negotiate Voit’s surrender.

At the house, Voit’s wife gets tired of the lies and confronts him. She demands the truth and he lashes out at her and she realizes her mistake for not believing Rossi. Voit draws his gun when he sees the police and locks his family in a room. JJ, Luke and Will try to warn Bailey to approach the house tactically but Bailey walks up all the same.

Voit calls the BAU again and Emily informs him that they know that he has lost contact with Rossi’s container. They are hopeful that Rossi has escaped and they advise Voit to talk to Bailey in person. Voit welcomes Bailey into the house and Bailey tells him

While Bailey is talking to Voit, the rest of the team tries to save the wife and kids as Emily believes that Rebecca, Bailey and the Attorney General are up to something. Unfortunately, Bailey is shot by Voit after assuring him that they are the only two people who know about Gold Star.

Voit returns to the room to find only his wife. He tries to shoot her but luckily he is out of bullets and is arrested.

What happens to Voit?

Once he is arrested, Voit refuses to talk and is adamant that he will only speak to the Attorney General. JJ asks his wife to talk to him and help persuade Voit to tell them Rossi’s location. His wife is reeling from the shock and blaming herself for not seeing the signs of his serial killer ways.

She agrees to talk to him and he is unapologetic about the fact that he wanted to kill them in the end. He tries to rationalize his choices and she asks him about Rossi.

Is the signal decoded?

Rossi figures out how to mess with Voit’s system and sends him a message and gets under his skin. Garcia also picks up on the video before Rossi disables the signal and she, Luke and Tara try to decode his message to them. Rossi makes a small bomb and tries to use it to open the door. Unfortunately, his plan fails.

Emily updates Bailey and Rebecca, finding it suspicious that the Attorney General wants to let Voit go.

At the underground container, Rossi starts hallucinating. He finally gets a breakthrough in his grief and Crystal’s ghost asks him to hang in there. After the arrest of Voit, they finally rescue Rossi. The unit is happily reunited but they mourn the loss of Bailey.

What happens to Garcia and Tyler?

Garcia is shattered by Tyler’s betrayal and Rossi being abducted. She is scared that Rossi and Tyler might die, given Tyler was shot by Voit when he tried to be a vigilante hero. After his surgery, he apologizes to Garcia and she dumps him.

How does Criminal Minds: Evolution end?

Tara informs Rebecca of Bailey’s death and asks her to tell the truth so that they can save Rossi. Tara asks what Gold Star is about and Rebecca refuses to tell her more, even if it means saving Rossi’s life. They don’t make up and one could argue, it’s better this way.

The episode ends with heavily armed men escorting Voit into a room and someone opening it up to meet with him.

The Episode Review

Bailey should have listened to the warnings but sadly his decisions ended his life. I didn’t like his character, he could have had an amazing arc but quickly went back to being insufferable.

I can’t imagine what Voit’s family must be feeling after learning the truth. For fifteen years, his wife slept next to the most dangerous and prolific serial killer in the country and had no idea. Did this realization make you paranoid too?

I am glad that Rossi is safe. His time in the container allowed him time to face some things he was running from. Rossi is strong and he was bound to get his groove back soon. It annoys me that the Attorney General was ready to make him collateral damage to protect themselves though, does she not know what Rossi has had to give up for this job? He deserves better and to think she was willing to let him die!

It was nice seeing William and JJ working together again, and we definitely need more of this. To conclude, I am curious to find out about Gold Star, what do you think it is?

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