Criminal Minds: Evolution – Season 1 Episode 4 “Pay-Per-View” Recap & Review

Pay -Per-View

Episode 4 of Criminal Minds: Evolution starts with Sicarius cleaning the blood of his victim and having a hallucination about the man who taught him how to kill.

At the BAU, Tara and Emily try to understand more about Tyler Green and why and how he found out Sicarius killed his sister. Given his training in the Army, Tara thinks he won’t talk to the authorities. Emily, on the other hand, believes there is a possibility of him talking to  Garcia. Garcia asks him to trust her and let him help him but he refuses as he feels betrayed by her.

Elsewhere, JJ and her husband enjoy a day without the kids and try to reconnect with each other. They have been having a hard time with everything going on but their sweet moment is interrupted by an insurer.

Back in the BAU, Rossi worries that Emily has taken too much on her plate after she took one for the team and become the new BAU team leader. Rossi was relieved from that position after refusing to pull JJ and Luke off the mission that led to Tyler’s arrest.

Emily, assures him it is okay and they discuss the forensic report on the kill kit. They were unable to find DNA or fingerprints but it looks like the kits have been buried for roughly five years. They also discuss the CV footage that Tyler hacked into but they are unable to spot any person of interest from the footage. Emily believes it doesn’t mean that Sicarius was not there.

Rossi argues that there is a possibility that Sicarius might have set up Tyler to be arrested. He thinks that maybe Sicarius knew Tyler infiltrated the network. He is more worried about the two kill kits they have yet to recover. He believes that they might be running out of time to save the lives that the two kill kits might be used on.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Florida, a couple is enjoying their long-earned vacation. They get disrupted by the constant notification on their phone from the motion activity cameras back home. The man checks the feed on his phone and sees two men have broken into their home. The wife rushes to call 9-1-1 but the operator tells her that her address is not in the Miami Metropolitan area. They watch despondently as the two men proceed to slash the throat of their security guard.

In the meantime, Garcia deeps dive into Tyler’s past and based on the police report, she believes he might have seen Sicarius. Unfortunately, his memory of that day is hazy and she hopes they can talk to Tyler to figure out what happened that day. Garcia and Luke approach Emily to get her approval to do a cognitive interview with Tyler. Emily admits that it is a good idea and asks Garcia to convince Tyler to do the interview. After a stern yet honest scolding from Garcia, Tyler agrees to do the interview.

During the cognitive interview, Tyler remembers that her sister’s boyfriend Lee was the one who was last seen with his sister. Unfortunately, he can’t remember his face and Lee has been in the wind ever since that incident.

During the team’s daily brief, Emily updates them on the murder of the security guy. Rossi believes that one of the missing kill kits was used in the crime. The unsubs decide to attack another house and override the house’s security system. Two security guards arrive to check on the house and they get captured. The SWAT team arrives three minutes after the call to 9-1-1 but finds the guards dead and the unsubs gone.

The BAU analyzes the scene and Tara discovers how the unsubs are hiding their faces and getting into these houses. JJ believes the two unsubs are most likely reenacting a shared trauma. After, deep analysis and consultation they deliver a profile to the local police. It is likely that the unsubs are brothers between the age of 18-25. Their motive is to punish the homeowners as surrogates for the real targets of their revenge. They believe the unsubs are local and might be receiving help from Sicarius.

The team goes through old case files for crimes similar to the unsubs. It leads them to a case of a home invasion in 2012. The wife was killed in the same M.O. in front of her kids after the husband refused to open the home’s safe. Rossi believes the ultimate target of the unsubs is their dad as they blame him for the murder of their mom.

He is right as the unsubs, break into their dad’s new home with his current wife. They call their dad who is out of the house to watch as they kill their stepmom. FBI agents swamp the house before the boys can kill the lady and Garcia cuts the feed. One of the brothers refuses to surrender and Tara takes him out. JJ talks to the remaining brother, Jude not to commit suicide and they arrest him.

Rossi interrogates Jude but he denies any knowledge of Sicarius and his network. Jude admits to all their crimes and expresses regret for not killing his stepmom. Rossi realizes that the two unsubs were not related to Sicarius and they are back to square one. The only lead they can pursue is Tyler who is not talking yet. After, his cognitive interview with Luke he agrees to corporate only if they leave Garcia out of his case.

After the case, JJ goes home and her husband tells her that his health check-up for the insurance didn’t go well. There is a possibility he has cancer but the doctors need to run more tests.

The Episode Review

Even though they are on the same side, Tyler has no trust in the FBI or the authorities. Unfortunately, his silence is costing the team precious time to save other lives. For someone who understands how shattering losing a loved one can be, I am surprised he doesn’t want to corporate and spare another family the misery.

I suppose he is blinded by his loss and sense of guilt for failing to protect his sister. Hopefully, his sudden change of heart and his corporation might be what blows the case wide open.

Our fingers are crossed that JJ’s husband doesn’t have cancer, the couple has been through a lot. Seriously, what happened to happy endings?

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We’ll have a full season review for this one up after the series has concluded!

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