Criminal Minds : Evolution – Season 1 Episode 2 “Sicarius” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution starts an unsub recording himself as he performs spinal surgery on his victim. He gives his victim a choice.

Elsewhere, Garcia is having the time of her life at her online dance party. JJ is trying to balance her family life with work. William thinks that their marriage is suffering from both their tough work hours. JJ promises to make it up to him and they agree they need to talk to figure out how to get a better balance.

At the daily brief, JJ notifies them that they might have a serial killer in their backyard. This is the second time, the police have found a male body with a severed spinal cord. Both victims were targeted because they both were “bulls”, advertising their services on online dating platforms. Bulls are men who have consensual sex with married women.

There is also a connection in how the victims switched cars at  Walmart. It is similar to what happened in the kidnapping of the young girl in their last case. JJ believes there is a connection to their last case.

In the meantime, Emily gave the green light to move the shipping container to Quantico against Director Bailey’s order. Bailey confronts her about it and she tells him there was no other choice. Bailey tells her that the cost of moving the container will be taken from the BAU budget. Emily is pissed and feels they are being punished for being good at their jobs. She asks Tara to ask her friend, Rebecca at the DOJ  to find out what is happening.

Tara tells Emily that she is yet to get a break on the container case. The unsub was careful and used different M.Os, he stabbed, strangled, shot and in one case he poured sicarius poison down a victim’s throat. Tara believes the unsub was experimenting. Tara tells Emily that the lab team is already calling the unsub Sicarius.

In Whitfield County, GA, an unsub receives an encrypted video from another unsub. The man who has been killing ‘’bulls’’ by severing their spinal cord. In the video, he gives his victim a choice to either live the rest of his life as a quadriplegic or die. The victim chooses to die.

After receiving the video, he texts back asking if the unsub followed the rules and tells him to take a break for a while. The first unsub is the leader and the man who runs the network. The man heads to his underground shipping container in a secluded area.

Back in Quantico, Luke combs through the victims’ cell phones and JJ traces the hotels the victims normally went to. She finds a woman who was with the second victim. Rossi orders them to bring the woman and her husband in but JJ argues that they need to have more background information on them.

Rossi tells her that as much as he misses Garcia and the rest of the team, they will need to work on this without Garcia’s help. On the other hand, Garcia gets an encrypted message from an anonymous online user.

JJ and Luke bring in the couple that was with the second victim. The husband is tight-lipped and only says he doesn’t mind his wife being with other men. His wife is more forthcoming and tells them about a video they received from the unsub. JJ secures the video from the couple and briefs the team. She believes the unsub is giving a choice to his victims to heighten his sadism. In the video, they spot another kill kit and this leads to Rossi having an epiphany. He tells the team, they need to think about how the pandemic affected the serial killers.

He believes that there is a network of serial killers and the leader is probably Sicarius. Rossi is sure that the network is too organized and is helping the serial killers handle their compulsion to kill and evade the police. Rossi wants to tell Director Bailey about the case but Emily wants to get more evidence first. She believes that Sicarius might re-activate himself after he stopped killing in 2020

Tara brings in Rebecca to meet Emily and discuss what Director Bailey might be trying to do. Rebecca tells Rossi and Emily that Bailey is using the BAU as a political chess piece to advance his career. Emily asks her to do more research on Bailey’s ultimate goal. After Rebecca leaves, Emily teases Tara about her relationship with her. Tara is flustered but admits Rebecca makes her happy.

Sicarius gets a call from the unsub asking him when he gets to kill again. Sicarius tells him he will have to wait a while for him to tie some loose ends. He goes shopping and has a casual chat with the attendant. He tells her about his job as a network security expert.

In the meantime, the team tries to theorize how the network works and how to get the second unsub. Garcia calls Rossi and asks to meet him, she tells him about the anonymous tip she received and he asks her to help the team. Garcia turns him down and says she is done dealing with the trauma and Rossi says he understands.

Unfortunately, the anonymous tipper ropes Garcia in again with another encrypted call. She heads back to Quantico and returns to her old office to decrypt the data he sent. Her efforts activate the GPS on the kill kits and they are able to see all the locations and number of the kits buried all over the country.

The unsub takes another victim, this time a lady named Michelle. The change in his victimology gives the team a lead. They investigate it further and based on the interrogation of Michelle’s husband, they get the identity of the unsub. JJ and Luke lead the SWAT team to rescue Michelle. Sicarius calls the unsub to warn him the police are on their way and talks him through killing himself.

Police arrive to find the unsub dead and rescue Michelle. JJ is concerned that Sicarius is managing to escape because every unsub related to his network kills himself when cornered. Rossi tells them that is okay because thanks to Garcia, they have other leads they can explore. Sadly, Sicarius realizes the police are on to him and turns off the GPS.

Later that night, Sicarius stalks the shop attendant and steals her dog, Moose. The next morning, he goes home to his family and offers to help his wife make breakfast for their kids.

The episode ends with Rebecca briefing the BAU team on classified information on Bailey. She informs them that Bailey wants to fold and re-organize the BAU under domestic terrorism with new leadership. He has been setting them up as wasteful and wants Rossi to go into forced retirement. The team agrees that they won’t give up and will use his argument against him. They only have to get Sicarius with no margin for error. Rossi says they can use Garcia as their secret weapon.

The Episode Review

The BAU team has been through a lot and Bailey has no idea who he is dealing with. The BAU has survived multiple bureaucratic battles, I mean they beat Barnes who was horrible. It is only a matter of time before Bailey realizes he underestimated them.

Seeing Garcia back in her old office almost made me tear up. It felt like the queen is back on her throne ready to get the bad guys. I know that it was not an easy decision to be back but somehow the family is reunited again. It is, however, sad that she was unable to free herself from the darkness she sees every day on the job.

The BAU is back though and the bad boys better watch out. As Hotch would say, “Wheels up!

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We’ll have a full season review for this one up after the series has concluded!

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  1. They should have ended this series with Season 15. I am very disappointed in “Criminal Minds: Evolution.” Half of the original BAU team are gone and the ones who are left are lackluster. Rossi is still a mess a year after the death of his fourth wife. Emily needs to go back to dying her hair because black/grey is not a good look on her.
    Even though they have brought Garcia back temporarily, she was the star of the show especially when she and Derek would tease each other. She and Luke don’t seem to have any chemistry. Of course, they couldn’t end the series without introducing a lesbian couple, i.e. Tara and Rebecca.

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