Creed II (2018) Ending Explained – Does Donnie beat Viktor?

Creed II Plot Synopsis

In 1975, Apollo Creed was beaten to death in the middle of the ring by Ivan Drago – the poster boy of Russian boxing in his heyday. Decades later, Apollo’s son, Adonis Creed, crosses paths with Ivan’s son, Viktor Drago.

When Donnie takes on Viktor without Rocky’s guidance, he is made to realize he could have suffered the same fate as his father had the fight continued. Post-fight, Rocky comes to train Donnie for a rematch. Will Rocky’s tutelage be enough to prepare him to regain his and his father’s esteem?

Creed II

What happens after Donnie vs. Conlan?

Since losing to Conlan, Donnie goes on to win a string of big matches culminating in a victory over The Stuntman which wins him the WBC World Heavyweight Championship as well as his Ford Mustang back that he lost to him in a bet.

With Rocky by his side, Donnie seems unstoppable. He enjoys fame and tremendous support from fans. Settled and content, Donnie proposes to his longtime girlfriend, Bianca Taylor who agrees to marry him.

Bianca wishes they could leave Philadelphia and have a fresh start in Los Angeles. However, leaving Philadelphia and Rocky is the last thing on Donnie’s mind.

How is Drago vs. Viktor set?

Ivan Drago has been living a destitute life away from fame after his loss against Rocky. Looking to rebuild his stature, he pits his son, Viktor against Donnie. Aware of what Drago’s intentions could be, Rocky is reluctant for Donnie to accept the challenge. Donnie takes the gauntlet despite Rocky’s disapproval.

Losing Rocky’s support, Donnie leaves Philadelphia and settles down in Los Angeles with Bianca. While Donnie is preparing for the match against Viktor, he learns that Bianca is pregnant. Due to quick developments in his new life in Los Angeles, Donnie goes back and forth with the training.

Creed II

What happens in the match?

On the night of the match, Donnie is underprepared due to a lack of training. Viktor delivers a beating Donnie has never experienced before. Though Viktor gets Donnie on the ropes, he is disqualified after hitting Donnie while he was down. Despite retaining his title, Donnie has lost all his confidence and vigour. In addition, his relationship with Bianca grows loveless.

Concerned, his stepmother, Mary Anne reaches out to Rocky to urge him to reconcile with Donnie. Rocky puts the differences aside and promises to train Donnie for his rematch against Viktor. Meanwhile, Bianca gives birth to a baby girl, Amara. Amara is born deaf due to Bianca’s hearing disorder.

Both camps intensify the training. While Rocky tries to prepare Donnie both physically and mentally, Ivan’s approach is a bit brutal. He subjects Viktor to enormous pain in order to build his strength.

Creed II

Does Donnie beat Viktor?

With Rocky by his side, a confident Donnie enters the ring with the right frame of mind. The fight begins with both fighters trading equal punches. Viktor who was certain Donnie wouldn’t get past the initial rounds gets increasingly frustrated. Donnie exploits Viktor’s shaken stance as he deliberately takes the beating – wringing Viktor out of stamina. And, in the tenth round, he miraculously turns that table and unloads on Viktor with a series of nasty blows.

Though badly injured, Viktor refuses to give in. However, seeing Viktor in danger, Ivan realizes Viktor’s life means more than hollow appreciation from people and Russian elites. As a result, he throws in the towel – ending the match and forfeiting Viktor’s World title.

As Ivan consoles a devastated Viktor, Bianca celebrates the victory with Donnie. Rocky soaks in the moment from a seat outside the ring.

In the last scenes, Ivan and Viktor are seen training together in Ukraine. Rocky travels to Vancouver to reconcile with his estranged son and meets his grandson Logan. Donnie and Bianca visit Apollo’s grave where Donnie makes peace with his father.

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