Creator’s File: Gold – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

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Yutaka Orio
Michi Uesugi
Yoko Fuchigami
Sai Fujiwara
Zenjiro Shiraki
Kibun Tsuyama
Tsuwano Ishimaru
Donald C. Damper


Creator’s File: Gold is a really funny show that manages to nail its satire beautifully. It’s a show that play on tropes and clichés, poking fun at celebrity culture and various different reality documentaries. Like most satire of its kind, it won’t be for everyone, but there’s enough here to make for a really enjoyable and utterly ridiculous comedy series nonetheless.

At the center of this madness is Japanese comedian Ryûji Akiyama. The 8 episodes available sees this man masquerading as various different fictional professionals ranging from a perfect concierge to an innocent actress. There’s even episodes that see him prancing about as a theatre and movie Director.

Anyone whose watched shows like Come Fly With Me or The Office will know exactly what the deal is here. In essence, each episode plays out like a fly-on-the-wall documentary, with Akiyama donning the larger-than-life exaggerated personas of various different high-flying individuals.

Along the way, a host of different celebrities lend their talents to the project, with Japanese actor Yokohama Ryusei rocking up in the first episode. By contrast, Nagano Mei appears in an extended role during the absolutely hilarious fourth episode featuring an innocent and pure actress. Played by Akiyama of course.

The various different absurdist scenarios are dialed up to 11 for maximum effect, with some genuine laugh out loud moments peppered throughout.

The episodes themselves each adopt a unique tone and style too, feeding into whatever topic is being explored. The concierge chapter, for example, takes the dramatic running seen in shows like The Apprentice and Hotel Hell and exaggerates that to ridiculous levels.

The other episodes take advantage of everything from narration and splash screens through to mockumentary news reels, photos and even narrative beats seen in travel blog shows. There’s an awful lot of style put into this and the constant re-energizing ideas is partly why this works as well as it does.

As a personal gripe, a few of the episodes do feel like they’re running dry on material before the end of these 30 minute segments. While it’s not a complete deal-breaker, it does crop up a few too many times to overlook. There are some episodes that rely so heavily on the same one or two jokes that they run out of steam before the end. Given the creativity bursting from this project however, the next episode undoubtedly redeems any ill feeling toward this.

Overall , Creator’s Gold is a fun, vibrant satire that takes a variety of different scenarios and absolutely runs with it in the best possible way. While it doesn’t quite hit the same lofty heights some of the more prolific comedy shows have achieved over the years, this is a valiant effort nonetheless and one packed with plenty of hearty laughs.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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