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Season 1

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Bananas Barbecues
Takeout Takeover
Picnic Perfection
Birthday Blowout
Let There Be Brunch
Time For Tea


Crazy Delicious is essentially Great British Bake Off mixed with Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, designed by a team tripping on acid. It’s a show that uses the same template as the former while adding in the latter’s quirky jokes, one-liners and genuine oddities to try and create something wholly original. For some, this balance will absolutely hit the spot and I’d imagine Crazy Delicious will probably find an audience internationally. Aside from a few little gimmicks though, there’s nothing here that really stands out.

Each episode follows a pretty rigid structure with 3 home cooks competing against one another in a wondrous, fantastical set to appease the judges (or Gods as they’re referred to here.) The first task sees each of the contestants given a key ingredient to cook with and show off their skills in the kitchen. The second sees a “reinvention” of a specific dish while the third is Crazy Delicious’ interpretation of a show-stopper, ranging from takeaways to fruit and veg based barbeques. All of this culminates in the winner being given a Golden Apple.

While the flavours and cooking techniques are interesting, they’re also positively bizarre ranging from grilled watermelon, pizza cakes and even chocolate mixed with fish. This wacky eccentricity lacks the enthusiasm and energy a show like this needs and unfortunately a lot of the material falls flat throughout its 6 episodes.

Jayde Adams tries to channel her inner Sue-and-Mel as the Host, injecting as many one-liners and vocal tones to match the hosts of Great British Bake Off. Unfortunately the jokes are poor at best, and with cutaway visuals depicting dishes and a magical music score, these little stylistic ticks only reinforce the issues this has branching away from Bake Off.

Crazy Delicious is certainly crazy but I’m not quite sure it’s delicious enough to whet the appetite for cooking show fans. It’s a series that tries hard to stand out from the crowd but ultimately falls to the shadow in favour of more conventional and better structured shows. It’s not the worst cooking show of the year, but it’s far from the best either.

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  • Verdict - 4/10

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