Crawlers – Loud Without Noise | Album Review

Track Listing

I Can’t Drive
Fuck Me
Feminist Radical Hypocritical Delusional
Too Soon
I Don’t Want It
Hang Me Like Jesus


There’s a sense of sophistication on this release by Crawlers, as they tell us the thrilling, but unorthodox stories through their EP Loud Without Noise. Yearning to be released from the shackles of their nightmares, the band does not pretend to be okay with the world. They embark on trying to connect to the joy rather than the joyless trend. They focus on their music, and they’re willing to bridge the gap between pain and innocence.

Loud Without Noise is revealing. It has lyrics which cross the divide, words that do not spare any blushes. Though this is true, the subject and theme compels, and this act is as original as you’ll get, bathing in the sweat of the crowd, and they’ve got the tools to pass the grade without changing their style. The music connects on a higher level, and the guitars generate a raucous input, breaking down the usual template.

‘I Can’t Drive’ starts the EP off, and it’s a thrilling weaving of words that expertly tell an insightful but heart-breaking story. The instrumentals increase the atmosphere.

‘Too Soon’ is a fuzzy affair, and the vocals are quick fired, developing as the time elapses. Those lyrics, again, are brooding.

‘I Don’t Want It’ begins with great vocal work, and the chorus breaks in as a loud segment. Lyrically, it is revealing, and it confirms this band’s fight with pain.

Crawlers have developed a insightful story with a great sonic edge in Loud Without Noise. The lyrics are so telling and straight to the point too.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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