Crash Landing on You – Episode 16 (The Finale) Recap and Review

Crossing the Line

The day is finally here and sadly we say goodbye to this wonderful drama. It has been an emotional roller coaster but Crash Landing On You bows out with an incredible last episode, tying up all loose ends and giving an emotional but satisfying conclusion for all our characters and their story lines.

We pick up where we left off with Seung-Jun getting shot while saving Dan. We then see both him and Se-Ri struggling to live. Her heart stops and the doctors start performing CPR on her while Dan cries by Seung-Jun’s side as she was going to give him a chance and wait for him. She finally admits to liking him as he gives his last breath. Dan is inconsolable and begs the paramedics to do something while Se-Ri starts breathing again.

Meanwhile, the soldiers discuss their detainment. Pyo still think that the agents are scheming something as they told all of them they’re allowed to stay if they want to.

A week later in the north, Chung-Ryeol discusses the current situation with the Military Director. We find out that both countries are trying to make a deal about the 6 soldiers and that the South has agreed to release them back. As both Chung-Ryeol and the director have something on each other, they agree to cover for one another but the director insists on being in charge of their repatriation.

Back in the hospital, Se-Ri’s mother reveals that they’re about to send Jeong-Hyeok back. She is happy that he stopped lying and that he’s going to be safe. However, when she finds out that he stayed at her bedside the whole time she suffered without any sleep or food, she asks to be taken to him.

On the bus back to the airport, the four soldiers find out that Se-Ri collapsed but are relieved to learn she woke up. As they reach the border, they all get out of the bus and start walking towards the line. Agent Kim tries to get the North Koreans to wait a little but they insist on doing the exchange now. Se-Ri and her mum arrive just as they cross the line and see them getting arrested. This prompts her to runs towards Jeong-Hyeok and as he crosses the line back to her, each side draws their guns.

She asks him why he’s being arrested and blames herself, but he tells her she was a gift to him and apologises for his words the previous day. They express their love for one another as Jeong-Hyeok gets taken away from her. All fours soldiers cry too and manage to shout caring words while being taken away.

In the North, Jeong-Hyeok’s mother asks her husband to bring her son back alive while we see all six soldiers being taken in the woods to the Military Director, who’s planning to execute them. Jeong-Hyeok insists on having a fair trial but the soldiers pull out their guns. As they’re about to shoot, the soldiers get shot by Chung-Ryeol and his men. He ends up shooting the director too for trying to commit an execution without giving them a fair trial.

Man-Bok also returns home to his family while we see that Dan is refusing to eat. She tells her mum that she wants to take her revenge and meet with Cheon as she thinks that Se-Ri’s second brother could be the one who paid the gang responsible for Seung-Jun’s death. We then cut to Se-Hyeong and his wife, who are surprised to see Se-Ri with their father. Manager Oh and Agent Kim arrive too and reveal that Cheon has sent information regarding their involvement with Cho to Se-Ri. This results in them getting arrested as the dad tells them he is cutting them off once and for all.

Returning home, Se-Ri finds the food and notes Jeong-Hyeok left her. She starts crying then heads to bed listening to his piano recording he left her. She receives a text from him as we cut back to when he was detained and sent texts to be received in future dates. He tells her he still had things to tell her and to go to the bookshelf where he arranged the books to say “I love you Se-Ri” like she did to him in North Korea. We then see several different texts during the next few days including telling her to go for a walk while he does the same too.

In North Korea, the four soldiers reminisce about their time in Seoul and miss things like hot water and the internet, while Dan’s mother goes to visit the women of the village and give them beauty products from Se-Ri’s choice that she made with their faces on them. The women are touched as they realised that Se-Ri hasn’t forgotten about them and are happy that she is doing well.

Both Dan and Jeong-Hyeok’s mother meet and talk about their children. They both clear the air and apologise to each other while Myeong-Eun explains that her daughter has someone to love and who loves her back. At the same time, Dan visits Jeong-Hyeok and mentions Seung-Jun, who she says has gone very far away. As they talk about their times in Switzerland and all the pictures he took, she hands him his old camera, which we see contains pictures of Se-Ri on the famous bridge.

In Seoul, Se-Ri receives another text and a flower pot with instructions on how to grow it. She follows them as she sees it grow while he does the same on his side. As she carries on receiving texts during the year, Se-Ri seems happier and treats her staff to meals out. Finally she receives one last one on her birthday where he asks her if her plant has bloomed, explaining that they are edelweiss. He goes on to say they should meet in the country they grow but isn’t able to tell her when.

In the North Korean village, all four women have dressed up nicely as they head to have dinner with the five soldiers. Jeong-Hyeok tells them to be nice to the next captain as he has been chosen to be a pianist in the National symphony orchestra. We then see that Pyo is going to be the new captain and looks very proud of himself. The women are sad to see him go but he promises that they will see each other again.

In Seoul, Se-Ri speaks to her brother about making the right decision to have hired a professional manager to look after the company. She then suggests creating a foundation to support disadvantaged children.

One year later, Se-Ri walks around the lake in Iseltwald again and remembers Jeong-Hyeok playing the piano. Back in Seoul she speaks to her mum about her plan which is to organise yearly musical performances for the musical genius she sponsors and posting articles about it in the hope that Jeong will see them. She vows to return there every year until he finds her again.

We then see her paragliding one day in Switzerland through the mountains and lands awkwardly with her parachute over her head. As she complains about her landing and removes the parachute from her head, she is surprised to see Jeong-Hyeok looking at her. She runs to him and they embrace before he tells her he got on the wrong train but that it brought him to his destination where he has been wanting to be day and night.

In the epilogue, Myeong-Eun and her brother speak to the fortune teller about Dan. She explains that there is only one man for her but as he is not around, she tells them that she will become successful and won’t need a man as we see her getting ready for her musical performance in Russia.

In the village, we find out that Man Bok and his family are moving to the capital as he got a job in a film studio recording sounds. The four soldiers head to the market and try finding beauty products. The woman gives them some which turns out to be from Se-Ri’s line. They talk about Jeong-Hyeok leaving to find Se-Ri while we see her preparing for two weeks off.

She arrives in Switzerland again for the musical performance and tells the hotel owner that the two weeks she spent here are the best of her years. In the evening, Jeong-Hyeok arrives too and sits next to her while listening to someone play the piano. The next day, they wake up in a house together overlooking the lake and meet for a picnic, happy to be together as the episode ends.

After 16 thrilling and emotional episodes, Crash Landing on You ends with a bang, giving us a happy ending for most of our characters but some sadder conclusions for others. The show has managed to build to this finale brilliantly whilst making sure we find out everyone’s fate in the epilogue. Se-Ri and Jeong-Hyeok have been through a lot and their ending is a little bittersweet. They finally reunite but are only able to see each other two weeks every year in the beautiful Switzerland. This episode also showed us some beautiful imagery of the country and mountains, which gives the show even more of a personal touch.

Poor Dan, on the other hand, loses the love of her life just as she found it. This was very emotional indeed as she has been looking for happiness for many years. Fortunately, she seems to have found some in music, which in turn has been quite the focus during the season. The soundtrack of the drama is excellent and one that I will definitely go back too many times in the weeks to come. Let’s not forget our favourite four soldiers who seem to be settling back in their country while still keeping some fond memories of the South and Se-Ri.

This episode also show us a very powerful moment as the soldiers crossed the line separating both countries which was quite tough to watch. Whether the soldiers will ever meet Se-Ri again remains to be seen but they bow out with another fun little segment while trying to buy conditioner in the market. Best case scenario we get a spin-off series involving the four soldiers and their shenanigans – a girl can dream!

The finale of Crash Landing on You feels like the end of an era and I, like many others, am very sad to see it conclude. This wonderful drama will always remain one of the best I have watched and with some well placed comedy, romance and brilliant plotting, Crash Landing On You has crash landed this Korean drama to top of the TV show pile of 2020 and it’s a well deserved crown indeed.

Crash Landing On You is available to watch on Netflix. Feel free to click here and sign up now to check this show out!

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32 thoughts on “Crash Landing on You – Episode 16 (The Finale) Recap and Review”

  1. I have watched many, many Korean drama series, but this one “lands” at the top of the stack as far as overall satisfaction. I found myself crying more than a couple of times – and I am not someone who normally cries at tv shows/movies, even other supposedly tear-jerker Kdramas didn’t make me tear up…

    I think part of that was because, the whole time, you can’t let yourself believe that this thing has a happy ending, just because the lines are so clearly drawn up front that these characters cannot end up together on either side of the 38th parallel. So you don’t really have as much hope for the fairy tale as you get in other dramas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that they found some small patch of neutral mountainside ground to stand on once a year, but the whole marriage-and-blissful-little-family thing is kept out of reach. Which in a way feels more “real” than other series’ endings – a happy ending is not always absolute and perfect. And having all the money in the world can’t help you buy your dream, because if it could then Se Ri would have already cut the check.

    I second the proposition of being able to see more of the “ducklings” in the future – these guys are endearing characters and all have interesting traits and stories to tell. I’d definitely watch a series about them. I also want to see a bit more of Jeong Hyeok in Europe; his locked-jaw seriousness is just made so much sexier in a “western” setting like Seoul or Switzerland than running around the village in green camo.

  2. This was the first Korean drama series that I have seen. I absolutely loved it. I have already repeated the entire series. Now I find myself looking over my favourite scenes. The chemistry between the two lead actors was incredible. I have to agree with previous posters that the ending scenes in Switzerland especially when RJH finds YSR after paragliding was not in keeping with the love and intensity of the relationship they had developed over time. The close up of those ending scenes should have been reshot to adequately portray the joy they would have felt at meeting again. We definitely needed to see a close up of them holding hands with their rings. Most great romances have bitter sweet endings, but I so do wish RJH and YSR could have had a sweet happily ever after.

  3. Just discovered CLOY a few days ago but I binge watched it in 5 days. I only realized at the end that it’s a modern retelling of an old Korean fairytale of the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver. It’s even referenced in an early episode, when Se-ri tells the village women that she and Capt. Ri are Romeo and Juliet, but they don’t understand the Western reference. So she says they’re Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu, which is a traditional Korean legend. The girl weaver is a heavenly princess and daughter of the Sky King who falls in love with a poor but handsome cowherd. Her father, angry that she fell in love with a mortal, turns them into the stars Altair and Vega, and puts them in the sky, with a river (the Milky Way) that forever keeps them apart, able to see each other, but unable to meet. The magpies took pity on them so once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month, the magpies create a bridge across the Milky Way to allow the lovers to meet on the bridge and be together one night every year. I realized after the show that this is why meeting on bridges is a recurring theme – Se-ri and Capt. Ri really are Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu.

  4. I loved the show, I binge watched it over 4 days. I cried at pretty much every episode. The ending was bitter sweet, and I was hoping for a happier ending for Captain Ri and Yoon Seri. I also found that the ending wasn’t as tear jerking as the whole rest of the show, where I was sobbing the whole time (at happy and sad moments). I didn’t cry at all when they met each other again in Switzerland. Both when the parachute fell down and in the epilogue with the cabin house, there could have been a much more powerful and tear jerking ending, like the whole other 15 episodes!

  5. There Must be a sequel to this. Please make one. The last episode of CLOY leaves one waiting and hoping for a happy resolution of the year-long separations of Seri and R
    and their dream of having a family. I hope you can make a sequel as entertaining as the first, acceptable to the political sensitivities of both North Korea and South Korea.

  6. This was one of the best emotional heartfelt stories I have ever seen.
    I couldn’t put my phone down for a second.

    The ending:
    I was very relieved they got together and that Seri made it possible for them to have a way to reunite.
    I also felt that RI could have shown more emotional reaction,
    After not seeing each other for 3 years, not knowing if he ever would see Seri, he got on the wrong train and then? Did he deside to look at the gliders as he was waiting for the next train, like in the previous Switzerland episodes and exidentally saw a person crash land again? Dit he see that the person was in fact Seri?

    I’m also disappointed in the couples rings that wasn’t on their fingers. My conclusion…is that as I understand, the last scene was some of the first ones they shot. They didn’t have the idea off couples rings until later in the story and hoped the people wouldn’t notice. There they should have just fotoshop it in and maybe blur the hands a little so that the viewers could just make out that it’s still on their fingers. A suggestion.

    In my imagination I would like to believe that he was dumbstruck and froze. And that’s why he respondet so casually.

    My personal ending……
    They got together, got married in Switzerland and could only see each other 2 weeks a year, because he couldn’t get out is his country for his parents sake.
    (they would be killed if he dared to leave).
    After some time, his father (who is a very important figure and most probably the reason RI couldn’t get out of his country), died of illness and RI could ask for imagrating or a work permit to move to Switzerland, and take his mother with him.
    There Seri would established another head office of
    ” Sr-ri’s choise” and the two of them had their twins, as RI so dearly wanted.
    Their children would be save in a country with no stickt demands.

    I can imagine how the children play outside and Seri is setting a table outside with the 5 ducklings that could visit them somehow.

    That is my idea of a happy ending in their situation.

    Every person has their own way of interpreting their ending.

    Back to the Drama…..
    This was one of the best Korean dramas i have ever seen.
    It connects you in a way with each character that after each episode you are either emotionally uplifted or drained.
    I’ve never felt bored in any of the Episodes.
    The ducklings was very sweet and I’m glad that one off them said that Seri was his sister. The family she never had.

    I really would recoment this Drama to every person reading this. It doesn’t matter how the ending is….. It’s an open ending, for people to dream on about how they would have wanted it to end.

    Good work cast of “Crash landing on you”. Keep us updated for your next Dramas you film please


  7. This was such a good series. Fabulous acting, great filming, very tasteful, gripping, addictive. But the last scenes in Switzerland left me feeling that I hadn’t really understood Se-Ri and RJH’s relationship. Previously passionate, respectful, and exclusive to each other, in the last Switzerland scenes, they seem a little casual with each other, and most importantly and significantly the couple’s rings (a powerful symbol of their love for each other) are not on their fingers! I felt confused and totally let-down about what Ser-Ri and RJH’s love for each other had meant. Can the writers of the show tell us their thoughts?

  8. I think initially they met for two weeks in a year but later maybe Se-ri transferred her business in Switzerland and Ri also moved there and they bought their own house and were living their lives together that’s why Ri was a bit casual like it their daily routine. I don’t care, but its my ending. I am gonna see it in this way coz I want them to live happily ever after😭❤

  9. Just finished watching CLOY and repeating already. Great show – heartwenching, laughter and fearful. My 1st time watching Hyun Bin and loved him. My daughters said I must watch SC which I will after the repeat. Great actress SYJ. And the soldiers were great too including all the supporting casts . Hope to see a sequel 2.

  10. I just finished watching again the whole x16 episodes by myself last night.The first time watching it was with the whole family when my 19yrs old son asked if we could have this as family movie pick. We were all hooked up from ep1 up to the end and so I have to rewatched it by myself as I was totally in luv and can’t get over it. The emotions drawn by Captain Ri and Se-ri were so powerful that made me cry and smile on their sweet moments together. I remember my own husband who cares for me when Jeong-Hyeok considers her height if reaching out food in the pantry. So he rearranged it so she can reach it. Not sure if someone noticed this. Oh how sweet! The five soldiers, the aunties of the village liven up the whole drama. I pray the country will be united one day and let all the forbidden love like Ri-ri couple get their forever dreams come true. So well recommended to watch, beautifully executed love for country, friends and family🥰

  11. Call me crazy but I have rewatched CLOY 4 times already and each time I’ve found more details that I can appreciate (yes, except when RJH and YSR finally reunited in Switzerland but do believe the scene was shot at the very beginning, thus less passionate). Nonetheless, still remains the BEST show in my book so far next to Secret Garden… 🥰

  12. I think the ending was so ridiculous which ruined the show for me in many ways. I think they must have switched out the writers or something because that can be the only possible explanation for such an ending. If they loved each other so much what happened to the rings they exchanged? Honestly it was such a letdown.

  13. My 12 y/o daughter took me to watch one of the episodes of this drama series and then I ended up finishing the whole series.
    Please dear director and script writer can we have a Part 2 of this..😪

  14. @Eunice, that was poison. She was gonna commit suicide if her husband is betrayed and S party come to arrest her.

  15. what were the small folded papers Captain Ri’s mother were holding when she asked her husband to bring their son back alive

  16. I really like this drama. All episodes of it.
    From the heartbeaking moments to the funnier ones.
    The only thing i have my doubts was the final paragliding scene when RJH find SR at last. I was expecting it more emotional, i mean c’mon you havent seen each other or heart of each other in three years.
    But i guess it is because that scene was the first they shoot and they could not embeed to it the emotions of 15 previous episodes.
    Also i am a little dissapointed with the kiss scenes. I was expecting a lot more. More passionate kisses.

  17. Really had a great time binge watching CLOY this weekend. I was laughing and crying like crazy on some scenes. Jeong Hyeok and Se-ri’s acting especially the crying scenes were touching and quite moving. Their chemistry was superb. The supporting actors such as the 4 soldiers and the noonas of the village were also great. The comedy part were mostly attributed to them. Of course, Hyun Bin’s charisma was one of the main reasons I got hooked to watching the series. I love the plot and pace of the series. For the ending though, not sure of they were able to get together for good in Switzerland or if they just meet when they get to go to Switzerland. Was there really no way for them to get married and be together forever?

  18. Absolutely brilliant! Perfect combination of romance, comedy, suspense, clean passion. The way the timelines where laid out to create a strong thriller that kept asking for more. The plot seemed realistic with a touch of coincidence or fate. This drama had our whole family involved at the end of the season and more than one wiping some tears on the last episode. Seriously recomendable!

  19. I loved this series and everything on in. Marvellous actors, script with action, humor, romance. I have to agree with Cece17/02/2020 and Diane, I also noticed that Jeong Hyeok did not look as emotional or excited as he should be to reunite with Seri again. Maybe it was filmed earlier so the emotion didn’t quite deliver. Was expecting more emotions from him given they haven’t seen each other for a long time and the previous stares and love he showed he had for Seri were much stronger.

  20. I agree with Cece – I was very disappointed with how detached and non- emotional Jeong Hyeok was when he and Se-Ri reunited. It was absolutely uncharacteristic with how emotional he was with her in prior scenes and didn’t fit the scenario. How he ran to her hospital room and cried when he told her he loved her … the way he ran to her and cried at the border … the way he cried in the car with his father back in North Korea … are you seriously trying to tell me that he would have just stood there all nonchalant when he finally found her on the mountaintop? No way – based on how emotional he was in other scenes he would have cried and rushed to help her out of the parachute. Also, it was very noticeable that neither of them was wearing their couples rings which is again very uncharacteristic and became of a very key aspect to their relationship in prior episodes. With how devoted they were to each other I find it absurd that they would have not have been wearing them. They should not have shot the ending scenes first, or at the very least, found a way to reshoot them to be accurate and in line with how the show had unfolded over time. With cgi capabilities today, I believe they could have easily reshot the last scenes in South Korea and made it appear like Switzerland. I feel very disenchanted with the ending which is unfortunate because the rest of the show was so wonderful and deserved an ending as wonderful.

  21. loved this show, would have liked for a happy ending for Seung jun and Dan, but we can’t have it all. I would really like a sequel to meet and enjoy all the wonderful characters in CLOY again. Have watched many Korean dramas , this was one of the best for me.

  22. This has to be the best Korean series I have yet seen! It brought back memories of my own love story with my husband, and how I wished I could be loved as these two did. I have done a lot of reading about both Koreas and my heart-and my fervent prayers are for both countries, and praying God’s blessings on both; I have seen so many writings on the feasibility of N. and S. Korea ever being reunited, and don’t see how it could be done. I have read also on Korean history and the background of the Korean war, and how our own country, the US. in large part created the mess of the divided countries, and my heart aches when I see that, and the possibility that our own North and South Civil War could have ended in the US being divided into two distinct countries. The film itself, the love story, was so well-done, and the acting superb (as most Korean films I’ve seen); the actors were well-chosen, and the writing, pacing, etc, were excellent. In addition, the entire series was a metaphor of the whole divided Korea reality-skirted over and just alluded to in other series. It was beautiful, and I will watch it over and over! Thank you!

  23. Sheryl here, from the USA.
    CLOY was my first ever Kdrama. I was hooked from the first episode! This is one of the most romantic shows I’ve ever seen.
    I know the implication is, Riri only see one another once a year. I’m not certain I agree. Mr. Hong comments Seri is going to Switerland, AGAIN!! Their home in Switzerland has a photo of Seri on the counter, the home looks lived in, as well. I’m also convinced his mother supports him leaving whenever possible.
    Just saying!!
    I think the two weeks refers to the Foundation’s recital every year.
    Have enjoyed the romantic journey of Riri!!
    I’d love to know if she and our sweet soldiers ever see each other again!

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  25. Would love another season with them being together n kids n possibly him having 2 go back to serve his country 2 save his colleagues n parents while also protecting his family with seri

  26. I really love CLOy.from.the very first episode how the two people of different upbringing developed their love slowly then blosoomed into the most romantic relationship .I live the episode when RJH was looking for Seri.and thought that his father killed her..How RJH cried seeing Seri alive.. I also fall with the soldiers whose respect nd love fo both Seri and RJH were very transparent..
    For me the most romantic part is the last episode when Seri runs after.seeing RJH handcapped..for me that.was the most romantic one..When Seri ask.RJH if they will see each other again..Wow..this KDrama was very heartwarming and you can never let go at once. Love you Hyun, Seri and the casts..True love in this drama was so strong and powerful..
    God bless all of you..
    Didith Canada frin.the Philippines

  27. I will have to agree with Cece. I thought it was only me who noticed that when Jeong-hyeok reunited with Seri, he was kinda detached and “casual”. After the emotional outpourings they had Shown together and even apart in this episode, his demeanor, expression and “feels” did not connect 😟 Yes, Maybe bec this was filmed first. That’s a downer for me bec this scene is supposed to be the most bittersweet. Son yenjin was the one who’s really consistent.

  28. Thanks for the recap! Great show!! However, does anyone notice Jeong Hyeok did not look as emotional or excited as he should be to reunite with Seri again? Maybe it was filmed earlier so the emotion didn’t quite deliver. Was expecting more emotions from him given they haven’t seen each other for a long time and the previous stares and love he showed he had for Seri were much stronger.

  29. Great recap, Veronique! Much like you, I’ll definitely put this show at the top of my list now. Thought no other show would top Secret Garden 10 years ago but no doubt CLOY has just achieved that. And guess who is the common denominator here?! Hyun Bin for sure!! Big fan of Son Ye Jin too and in fact ALL actors of this show are very good indeed! 🤩 Kudos for the writer, director & the entire crew’s beautiful production, and yes including all the OST as well.I’ll miss CLOY dearly and already feel a huge void in my heart 😩 May have to wait another 10 years to see a show as good as CLOY again, Haha! Thanks again, Veronique!

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