Crash Landing On You – Episode 14 Recap and Review

“Crash Landed in My World”

After last night’s emotional episode, Crash Landing returns with a much more tense chapter this time. Revelations are brought to the surface for Se-Ri’s family while Jeong-Hyeok’s cover has been blown. A lot hangs in the balance for many of our characters on both sides of the border and with just two episodes to go, the drama promises to give us more explosive and emotional scenes.

We pick up where we left off with Se-Ri getting shot. After Jeong-Hyeok and Man-Bok shoot Cho, we see that he has unfortunately managed to run away. In the hospital, the doctor tells Jeong that her condition is very serious as the bullet is in her lung and they have to operate. While he waits, he tells her that for the first time after his brother’s death, he’s finally happy and he’s never loved anyone until she crash landed in his world.

Meanwhile, the four soldiers have been waiting outside the hospital and despair that Se-Ri hasn’t woken up yet. We then see a flashback of the gifts she gave them: full suits. She tells them she wishes the world would change so that they would be able to talk to each other from time to time.

The next day, the police question Jeong-Hyeok about the shooting. He asks them if anyone else came to the hospital with a gunshot wound as the shooter also received a bullet. We then see that Manager Oh took him to a secret facility to be operated on.

In the hospital, Sang-A grows suspicious of Jeong-Hyeok and suggests to the family they have him fired as her bodyguard. Chang-Sik relays this to Jeong-Hyeok who leaves the hospital while in the North Korean village, Young-Ae’s husband finally returns. The women organise a dinner with Myeong-Eun where Wol-Suk accidentally tells her that they think Jeong-Hyeok had an affair.

Se-Ri finally wakes up and sends her brothers and wives away. She quickly calls Jeong-Hyeok and he runs to her room and starts crying, asking her why she puts herself in such terrible danger. She tells him he did the same for her but replies that it’s different as he is her bodyguard. He then hugs her and tells her he loves her. The four soldiers rush in her room but Jeong-Hyeok stops them from hugging her for now. He then asks them how they knew she was awake so Man-Bok shows them that he managed to put a bug in the room and they have been listening all along.

In North Korea, Dan meets with Seung-Jun again. She berates him for calling her and asks what he really thinks. He tells her how amazing she is and that he wants to be a better man around her. This then prompts her to finally kiss him.

Back in hospital, Se-Ri listens to one of the recordings where her mother finally apologies for abandoning her all those years ago and never accepting her love. She begs her to come back so she can say thank you for everything she did. Jeong-Hyeok walks in the room and after she complains about her scar, starts to show her all of his. The four soldiers arrive in the room with the famous fried chicken and eat to celebrate her recovery.

Meanwhile, the South Korean authorities are investigating a tunnel they found that is connecting both countries. They’ve filmed two suspects coming out of it over the last few weeks and are determined to find out where they are.

In the hospital, Jeong-Hyeok dotes on Se-Ri and helps her with everything. The four soldiers grow a little concerned though as he doesn’t seem to be aware of anyone else around him. Unfortunately, a paparazzi manages to take a picture of the two hugging which quickly gets shared online. Se-Hyeong and his bodyguards try to go inside his sister’s room but are stopped by Jeong-Hyeok who quickly gets rid of them.

Cho emails the military director with proof that Jeong in South Korea. He tells him he’ll come back home with Se-Ri and destroy Director Ri to enable him to take his position. We then cut to the Military Director visiting Chung-Ryeol and showing him pictures of his son in Seoul. He tells him that his best option would be to retire quietly. However, Ri quickly defends himself and tells him it was his idea and part of a plan to help the army economy.

In her hospital room, Se-Ri has all her family gathered around her and plays a recording of Se-Hyeong and her sister discussing their previous scheme to get her killed with the help of Cho. Furious, Jeung-Pyeong completely disowns him and mutters that he’s not his son anymore. Se-Hyeong panics and blames his wife for all of it. He tries to protest but his mum gets up and slaps him.

In the North Korean village, Man-Bok’s wife gets taken away by two men claiming that her husband has been in a car crash while Sang-A gets a call and finds out that Jeong-Hyeok is from North Korea. This prompts her to go and find the inspector to reveal the truth to him. As Jeong-Hyeok heads out to find Cho, we see that he is being followed by the police. He reaches Cho but is unable to shoot him as the police surround the building with sniper rifles all pointing at him. We end the episode with Cho turning around and firing his gun.

In the epilogue, Se-Ri finds a note and a recording from Jeong-Hyeok to use if she is unable to sleep. As she plays it, we hear him play his brother’s song as he knows it has brought comfort in her life. We also see a flashback of him bringing a lot of food in her flat to make sure she eats and sleeps properly.

Crash Landing on You ends its 14th episode with another tense cliffhanger. Jeong-Hyeok is stopped by the police and we are left to wonder just what will happen to him. Will he get sent back to North Korea? If he does, how will he be received and what will happen to him next? One thing seems to be for sure, he will be separated from Se-Ri and his soldiers for now.

While Cho is the evil character in the North, Sang-A certainly takes the crown in the South. She has been manipulating everyone around her to get her way and just as we thought she got her come-uppance after the recording, she manages to tip the police about Jeong-Hyeok.

We have only got two episodes left and while I will be really sad to say goodbye to our characters (especially the four soldiers), I’m looking forward to seeing how this amazing drama will end and what will happen to our star-crossed lovers.

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