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As we’re getting closer to the finale, things are getting heated and even more emotional for our characters in Crash Landing On You. The show has managed to show a great contrast between both countries while remaining respectful in doing so. It has also been quite the eye opener as we watch the four soldiers adapting to the more modern side and freedom of the South. While they’re not the main characters, they have become such a clever addition to the show and deserve as much praise as the main cast.

Episode 13 of Crash Landing On You begins with Jeong-Hyeok comforting Se-Ri. She tells him that he needs to go back home and promises to be strong when he does. Meanwhile, the four soldiers worry about her crying. Returning inside, Se-Ri tells them she was startled when they turned up. After singing her the North Korean birthday song, she tells them to make a wish after blowing out the candles. Later that evening, Jeong-Hyeok comes to see her in her bedroom to give her a present – couple rings. She’s touched by this gift and promises never to take it off.

In North Korea, Myeong-Eun is surprised to find Seung-Jun in her daughter’s place. He reveals that she drunk a whole bottle of vodka but tries to convince her not to be too harsh. After she scolds Dan, they all have some food together as Seung-Jung tries to charm Myeong-Eun, admitting to having a crush on Dan.

Back in Seoul, Se-Ri finds out from Man-Bok that Jeong-Hyeok will have to return with them in a few days as the military sports games are almost over. She later sits with the four soldiers and, looking at what they’re wearing, decides to give them her credit card and lets them buy anything they want. We then see them going through shops as they try different clothes and are amazed at the variety of items on offer.

Se-Ri decides to have a day off with Jeong-Hyeok and after going to the cinema, they go for a walk on a bridge. He tells her about a time he took a day off when he saw a woman on a bridge about to jump off. He then reveals that they met on that fateful day as he gives her the recording. She then tells him that today will be one of the best memories she will have in her life.

In the evening, Se-Ri, Jeong-Hyeok, Man Bok and the four soldiers spend some time together eating, drinking and watching football. As Man Bok heads outside, he comes face to face with Cho who threatens to hurt his son if he doesn’t comply and join his side. Before going to bed, Eun-Dong talks to his captain about all the interesting things he saw while in Seoul. He then mentions the video game he played in an internet cafe and it’s here Jeong realises that he was playing against him. He doesn’t say anything though and storms out the room with his ego hurt.

In North Korea, the women of the village decide to visit Dan and Seung-Jun to seek their help with Young-Ae’s husband, who’s in prison. After Seung-Jun promises to try, he goes for a walk with Dan and reveals that Cho has escaped to South Korea to bring Se-Ri back and that Jeong-Hyeok also followed him there.

The next day, Se-Ri sends Ju-Meok on an errand, but first makes sure he is dressed very smart. As he arrives in the restaurant, he is surprised to see his idol, Choi Ji-Woo, waiting for him just like she promised him back in North Korea. They sit together and she reveals that Se-Ri never usually asks any favours but she did it because she really likes him. He is completely star struck with her and brings up a famous line from her drama “Stairway to Heaven” as they spend some time together eating and talking.

In the evening, Ju-Meok thanks Se-Ri for making his dream come true. As they all say goodbye once again, she tells them they deserve all the awards she gave them and that this might not be the last time they say goodbye. We then cut to see that Cho is listening to them and hears what Jeong-Hyeok is planning to do.

Se-Ri’s father confronts Se-Hyeong about what he did with his sister and plans to demote him at the next meeting. Sang-A comes in the office and shows him pictures of Se-Ri and Seung-Jun together in North Korea. She tells them that he’s the son of the CEO of a company he forcefully took over 20 years ago and they claim that Se-Ri may have plotted with him to steal money from them. The father tells them he will check these claims and will decide what to do after. We then cut to Se-Hyeong in Cho’s car, telling him that he doesn’t care whether he kidnaps or kills his sister while Man-Bok calls him to relay that Se-Ri has just left.

Se-Ri is quickly stopped by multiple black vans and sees multiple men coming out with baseball bats while Jeong-Hyeok heads to the meeting organised by Mr Oh. It is, of course, a trap set by Cho and as he tries to dispose of them, we see a flashback of Man Bok telling Jeong-Hyeok about his meeting with Cho and all of them planning to trick Cho and his men.

We then cut back to Se-Ri’s car as the four soldiers come out and quickly get rid of Cho’s men. Next they make their way to help Jeong-Hyeok. A fight ensues between all of them but Cho manages to take Man-Bok outside. Se-Ri watches as Jeong comes out and as Cho is bout to shoot him, she drives her car in the direction of the bullet and stops it from hitting him. Jeong-Hyeok shoots Cho and Man-Bok gives the final shot, killing him in the process. Jeong-Hyeok quickly rushes over to Se-Ri who has been shot. We then see a montage of their best moments together and he tells her that he still needs to tell her he loves her.

In the epilogue, we see that the four soldiers refused to go home without their captain as they pledge their lives to him. Cutting back to the present, we see them running to Jeong-Hyeok holding Se-Ri and, unable to contain their grief, they all burst into tears thinking that she’s dead.

While each episode of Crash Landing On You clocks in at around an hour and half, they never feel too long as the story carries on bringing plenty of character development, tense moments and some great story telling. Just like When the Camellia Blooms, all the different members have interesting parts and are very likable. I have mentioned it multiples times but all four soldiers really stand out and have some great chemistry with each other and the rest of the cast.

This episode was again a very emotional and tense one. Se-Ri made Ju-Meok’s dream come true when he met his favourite heroine. There was some nice reference to the drama “Stairway to Heaven” as he recited a famous line from the show as well as re-enacting an iconic scene from “Sad Love Story”. I also loved seeing Man-Bok finally fighting Cho after all these years.

The ending was quite the explosive one too with Se-Ri sacrificing herself to save Jeong-Hyeok. While I am not convinced that she was mortally wounded, this was quite the heartbreaking scene to see all her boys completely devastated. I am sure the next few episodes will be just as emotional as this drama comes to an end and while I know it will not be possible, I still wish they could all stay together in the same country!

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