Crash Landing On You – Episode 10 Recap and Review

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After yesterday’s emotional episode, Crash Landing on You returns with some surprising twists, revelations and fun scenes. The drama carries on giving us strong episodes each week thanks to a great narrative and excellent acting, despite the extended run-time. With most of the characters now in South Korea, we’re slowly gearing up for the finale and it promises to be quite dramatic.

We begin episode 10 of Crash Landing On You with Jeong-Hyeok kissing Se-Ri over the border. We then jump forward in time to Seoul in Se-Ri’s choice office where we see some employees talking about the death of Se-Ri. Suddenly, the latter arrives and reveals herself, much to the surprise of everyone. While some are pleased, others are not so much, especially her brothers and Sang-Ah who were just about to take over Se-Ri’s choice.

In North Korea, the four soldiers return from their patrol while we see Jeong-Hyeok looking very sad and missing Se-Ri. At night, Man-Bok sneaks in to talk to him where he explains that he met his brother many years back and helped him save his son who was very ill. We then see a flashback of Cho blackmailing him to tap Mu-Hyeok. This lead to Cho listening to  a conversation Mu-Hyeok had with another soldier about all the crimes Cho has committed. He also shows that he was planning to hide a memory stick with the information inside his watch. This happens to be the same day Mu-Hyeok died as Man-Bok was relaying his whereabouts to Cho. Cutting back to the present, Man Bok explains that he has never forgotten and gives him the watch and a recording.

Jeong-Hyeok listens to the recording and hears his brother talking about the song his younger sibling wrote for him. After saying that he liked it and hopes his brother is happy, we hear the car crash. Meanwhile, the women from the village find out the true identity of Se-Ri courtesy of a letter she left behind thanking them. They’re touched by her words as they now understand how difficult it must have been for her.

In Seoul, Se-Ri confronts her mother about what’s been happening while she was gone. Her company shares went down and she found out the Song-Ah has bought a large amount of them. She then asks her if she was also planning to take over Seri’s choice and wonders if she was hoping that she didn’t come back. Meanwhile, Jeong-Hyeok accesses the memory card his brother left in the watch and sends all the information about the corruption and incidents to his father.

After their drunk escapades from the other day, Seo-Dan and Seung-Jun become closer when she saves him from being investigated for suspicious behaviour. In another flashback, Seung-Jun receives a call from Jeong to discuss Se-Ri’s return to Seoul and asks him for a favour; to create a diversion and help him and Se-Ri leave the village without being seen. In the present, Seung-Jun tells Seo-Dan that she needs to let go of her love for Jeong as he loves another woman.

In court, Cho is on trial for his multiple crimes which includes murders and drug trafficking. He tries to deny all the charges but Jeong-Hyeok has some irrefutable evidence. The judge ignores his plea and gives his verdict; guilty on all counts and sentenced to life in prison. Before leaving, he tries fighting everyone off and tells Jeong-Hyeok that he will make sure Se-Ri will die at any cost.

Jeong-Hyeok looks through the paper work and realises that there is more than one place which makes the armoured truck. We then cut to Cho being taken away in an army vehicle and saved thanks to soldiers in one of the infamous trucks. The next morning Jeong-Hyeok receives a call from Cho who threatens to go South and kill Se-Ri.

In Seoul, Se-Ri leaves her office and is followed by none other than Cho. At home, she’s unable to sleep and decides to go for a walk. As she wonders if Jeong-Hyeok is pining for her, he appears right in front of her like a mirage. He approaches and tells her that he has been looking for her everywhere.

In the epilogue, we see the four soldiers being taken into the same secret room as Man-Bok where they’re joined by Jeong-Hyeok’s father. He reveals that his son has gone South and asks them for a favour – to bring him back. A few days later, they arrive in Seoul under the pretence of being part of the track team. After being amazed by the variety of food, they come across what seem to be another North Korean, Dong-Gu, who offers to help them blend in to South Korea.

Crash Landing on You ends this week with a very surprising twist as Jeong-Hyeok manages to cross the border and be reunited with Se-Ri. However, their happiness is bound to be short-lived since we have also seen Cho following and determined to kill her. This sets the scene for what promises to be quite the dramatic ending. Having the four soldiers and Man-Bok also in Seoul is a nice touch too, especially for Ju-Meok who gets to experience the country he has been religiously watching.

With three weeks left to go already, I do wonder how the drama will deliver its finale. Will it be a happy ending for everyone or will we lose some characters along the way? We don’t have to wait too long to find out even if I don’t really want this amazing show to end!


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