Crash Course in Romance – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Revolt of the Arithmetic Sequence

Episode 4 of Crash Course in Romance starts with Chi-yeol laughing while on the floor in his bedroom. He reflects on the physical intimacy he’s had with Haeng-seon, believing she’s going to regret it so much when she wakes up. As for our plucky female protagonist, her memories slowly start to come back over time and lo and behold, she is mortified by her actions!

Naturally, Yeong-ju rubs it in at work, pointing out in excruciating detail everything that occurred, including Chi-yeon’s “mortified” look. Just then, Chiyeol shows up and believes Haeng-seon isn’t there as she’s hiding behind the counter. That is, until her phone goes off and she appears from under the counter. It’s. So. Awkward!

Chi-yeol can’t stop laughing when he leaves the shop, especially when Haeng-seon mistakes him saying “I really like you,” to the Side-Dishes as his message to her. However, this smile dissipates a little by Director Kang, who wants to see Chi-yeol about the schedule.

There’s drama among the mums too, especially when Haeng-seon and Jang Seo-jin (Sun-jae’s lawyer mum) show up to see Su-hui (Su-a’s mum) to discuss their plan with the kids. Seo-jin makes a big scene when she shows up late, going on to “catch up” with her drinking and hitting scathing retorts toward Su-hui the whole time. After essentially calling the woman stupid, Seo-jin goes on to claim Su-a doesn’t contribute anything to society and talks down to her.

Su-hui is livid and sees it as a challenge against her authority. Eventually she leaves with everything up in the air; Haeng-seon tries to clear the air but it doesn’t work as she ends up with a scratch across her cheek for good measure.

Chi-yeol is completely different now though, having found a new lease of life when it comes to Haeng-seon. He saves her number in his phone, and even quits on his coffee, given he wants an empty stomach for when he heads over and has some side-dishes with her that evening.

Su-a shows how bratty she can be in the wake of this, crying and claiming she wants to die. Su-hui decides to try and make a deal with Young-min’s mother, but it also involves Seo-jin too, who notices her son and Haeng-seon walking around outside together and decides to get involved.

When Chi-yeol shows up at the restaurant, dinner is cancelled as there’s a huge problem. The All Care Program has been changed, the evening meal is ruined and Haeng-seon learns that Hae-e has been disqualified from the program. Apparently they’re now only accepting those who have attended every star teachers’ classes in the past. Haeng-seon is shocked and points out it wasn’t in their plans nor was it part of their requirements originally. Despite passing the test and doing everything, the system works against Haeng-seon and Hae-e.

Although Hae-e tells hr guardian she’s okay, she’s very clearly not. She heads into her room and begins crying, as the reality of the situation hits home. As for Chi-yeol, he actually fights for Hae-e’s cause, speaking to Director Kang and pointing out that this whole ordeal is unfair. He points a finger at the corruption involved in everything and decides to drop out of the program himself too.

Given he’s essential to this All Care Package, it’s a big blow for the Director and he scrambles to make sense of what’s happening here, as Chi-yeol sticks to his guns, believing if the Academy chooses to do nothing then it definitely backs up his thoughts about corruption.

At school, Su-a shows her true colours whilst playing dodgeball. She smashes a ball right into Hae-e’s face, while Geon-hu is at hand to help. Given the look Sun-jae shoots them both, there’s some serious love triangle vibes going on here!

Su-hui shows up to the Side-Dish restaurant to “apologize” and also force Haeng-seon to leave the All Care group chat as a result. It’s a step too far for her as our protagonist shows up at the academy, demanding to speak to the Director about this injustice.

In fact, she grabs a megaphone and stands outside, talking to everyone about the injustice she’s suffered, demanding a meeting. When Kang hurts his arm and ends up in hospital, he instead decides to blacklist Hae-e from the Academy and even worse, ban Haeng-seon from the premises.

Chi-yeol hears all of this and takes her away, pointing out that Hae-e is banned from all classes. Haeng-seon is shocked but decides to play them at their own game, refusing to let anyone from the Academy have food there… including Chi-yeol. Students and parents however, are the exception.

As a result, Chi-yeol’s charisma starts to wane and he’s not the same bubbly self he was before. The new term rolls round and he can’t stop thinking of Haeng-seon’s side dishes. Chi-yeol is concerned and speaks to his therapist about how he’s feeling, who believes it’s linked to his guilt and inability to fix a corrupt situation. Essentially what he’s got is a psychological issue that’s deep-rooted with Haeng-seon and the All Care Program.

At school, Hae-e finds herself confronted with a tricky situation involving Geon-hu. The boy is given an ultimatum by his teacher, who points out he needs to make a decision about his future or drop out of school completely. Geon-hu confronts Hae-e in the classroom and asks her how to study. Deciding that, as she’s the Homeroom Rep, she’s the best chance they have.

Chi-yeol realizes that Yeong-min took Hae-e’s spot in the All Care program. He’s rude, talks down to Chi-yeol and argumentative the whole time during the first class. As a result, Chi-yeol heads out that evening with a big plan.

Young-min is encouraged to post on Studyhard by his friend about Chi-yeol’s behaviour. They speak openly about getting Hae-e kicked out the group too, which Sun-jae’s strange brother overhears. In fact, that night Young-min is followed home and with pinpoint accuracy, is hit with a BB gun and chased through the corridors of his apartment.

Interestingly this scene coincides with the opening for episode 1, where our attacker comes face to face with Young-min and pushes him off the balcony. A pool of blood lines the pavement where he hits the ground as t seems Young-min has been killed.

Chi-Yeol heads over to see Haeng-seon that night with a plan of action. He’s going to help Hae-e learn but privately after the academy sessions instead… but on one condition.

The Episode Review

So what could the condition be that Chi-yeol is referring to here? I’m guessing it’s going to be sharing a meal together, evidenced by the preview for next week’s chapter. I’d also guess that Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol together is going to be big news for the mums who are inevitably going to be gossiping non-stop now.

This episode also brings up more of the class injustices we see a lot in both education and the workplace across the world, and I’m sure all of us can point out individuals who have been given promotions or pay-rises over those more deserving just because of their past credentials. This is certainly relatable and you can’t help but feel bad for poor Hae-e.

Given the dark turn at the end of this chapter, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how the series handles that jump between quirky comedy and romance alongside the dark mystery element at play. Regardless, there are some genuinely enjoyable and memorable moments here, and a couple of proper laugh out loud segments too.

Crash Course in Romance is becoming a must-watch weekend K-drama and the weeks ahead look like they could be absolute bangers. Can next Saturday hurry up please?

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  1. Yasssssss!!!! Thanks for reviewing it and give your observations. Totally spaced on that similarity of episode 1 and the ending of this episode. So far I thought the black hoodie guy was Sun-Jae. What if the hoodie guy is tied to the rumors the mom were talking about. Can’t wait to see more!

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