Crash 11 – I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong | Album Review

Track Listing

Wasting Life Away
What Will It Take?
Lost & Alone
Let Them Live
Save Myself
Lessons Ignored
Dark Clouds
Killing Time
Without You
Forever Grateful
Why Did You Leave?
The Last Time


Crash 11 is a one-man project delivered with intensity, and the record I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong is a collection of songs brimming in emo hooks and well-developed lyricism that rails against the grain of life. Such an explosive album at times, the music doesn’t hang onto statements that have been done to death, or a model that has been replicated on so many occasions.

From the beginning of this record, the melodies become apparent and the vocals highlight the lyrics, which tell tales of inner strife, of broken love and of undesirable memories.

Hope hangs on but eventually meets its death, as these songs aren’t for the fainthearted, or the people who want blissful moments. Bliss hasn’t made it to the forefront and hasn’t been validated, but these tracks are so in-depth and story driven, as well as meaningful and struck with urgency.

It’s a big collection of songs which starts with ‘Wasting Life Away’, armed with thunderous guitars and percussion, with lyrics describing the mundanity of life and baking in a room, as all ambition fades.

‘Lost And Alone’ begins loudly, and the volatile guitar riff complements the commanding vocals. The frustration of a humdrum life goes on.

‘Lessons Ignored’ blasts through and is abrasive with melodic underpinnings. Pop punk makes waves here too, and the vocals are reminiscent of days gone by. That story keeps on going too, spilling out, and creating interest. ‘Barricades’ soars too and is another loud offering, blending well into the mix.

Crash 11 is an original concept and project. I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong delivers sounds that would fit perfectly on some of the better pop punk albums out there.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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