Crash – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Kyung-soo In Trouble

Crash Episode 8 begins with Kyung-soo’s truck crashing on its side due to someone having removed the ratchet buckle. A heavily injured Kyung-soo is taken away and then Yeon-ho notices the news clipping of Hyun-soo’s death.

Later, the team speaks with Kyung-soo in the hospital. He doesn’t say anything in front of So-hee but later accuses Yeon-ho of trying to kill him. Yeon-ho learns that everyone involved in the case received the blackmail letter.

Later, Yeon-ho asks Dong-gi about Seo Dong-woo, the driver who tipped them off about Kyung-soo. Yeon-ho then realises that the culprit was probably wearing a blue hat and the yellow light only made it look green. The team then pulls an all-nighter looking for a previous victim of a similar truck sabotage.

Meanwhile, Myung-hak looks through a list of visitors and stops at the name Lee Jung-sub. The TCI team ends up finding two more victims of similar crimes. They find a link to a company called CY Logistics, which changed its name to Svaha. Chae-man concludes that CEO Kang Chan-seok must be running a scam by selling and buying licence plates.

They speak to the victims and get the feeling that they are hiding something. When Kyung-soo seems relieved that the accident wasn’t connected to the letter, Yeon-ho asks him to tell him the truth. Particularly if there’s something about the accident that he doesn’t know.

When he leaves, So-hee reveals that she’s caught on to something connection between Yeon-ho and Kyung-soo and is waiting for him to tell her.

Dong-gi and Hyun-kyung speak to the CEO Kang Chan-seok. He also seems to be hiding something. Inside his office, Dong-gi spots a familiar hat. When Chan-seok goes inside, the detectives hear Chan-seok coercing a driver into signing a consent form that puts all liability on the driver while also forcing them to overload the trucks. If he doesn’t sign, he must quit. The driver storms out and Dong-gi recognises him as Seo Dong-woo.

Nam Jae-hoon is the only one who openly speaks to the detectives. He tells Yeon-ho and So-hee that all the drivers were made to sign an unfair contract and then one driver got into an accident. Together, the drivers got a lawyer and sued the company.

But their claim failed and everyone except for Seo Young-chul, the driver who got into the accident dropped the charges. One day the driver came to the office to find the whole place empty. With no way out in sight, he killed himself. At present, Jae-hoon tells the detectives that there was one more driver involved – Woo Gil-soon, Dong-gi’s father.

Hyun-kyung then finds that Young-chul’s son is none other than Seo Dong-woo. And his location is the same as Gil-soon’s. The team rushes over and finds Gil-soon well and healthy. He admits that Dong-woo just visited him. A flashback shows the conversation between them where Dong-woo asked Gil-soon to visit his father’s resting place. Turns out, Gil-soon was spared because he was the only one who apologised to Young-chul.

They realise that the next target is Kang Chan-seok himself. The detectives rush over but by then, Dong-woo rams his truck into Chan-seok’s car. He’s beating him up when Hyun-kyung arrives and takes him down.

Afterwards, Dong-woo admits everything. He tried collecting evidence against Chan-seok but when that didn’t work, he decided to take revenge. Dong-gi recalls that they had actually met each other as kids since their fathers were in the same field. He then plays a clip from the dashcam of the man who died in his car and shows Dong-woo the consequences of his actions. Dong-woo realises his mistake.

Later, Dong-gi chats with his father and asks why he didn’t tell him about this before. Gil-soon says he was afraid and felt bad about leaving his friend behind. He didn’t want his family to know he was a coward. Dong-gi assures him that he can now lean on Dong-gi for support.

Elsewhere, Kyung-soo learns that his truck can’t be fixed and he can’t afford to scrap it either. Back at the police station, Myung-hak calls Chae-man and asks about the investigation into Jae-young’s death. Chae-man says he hasn’t found much yet. Chae-man returns to the TCI and shows them the case they’ve been given.

Meanwhile, Kyung-soo storms into Jung-wook’s office. He blackmails Jung-wook for 300 million Won, threatening to reveal everything about the case from ten years ago.

Yeon-ho speaks to Chae-man and tells him about the letters and his connection to Jae-young, Jung-wook, and Kyung-soo. He also noticed a black car at the rest stop area where he met Kyung-soo. Chae-man says he will look into the connection between the accident and Jae-young’s death.

Myung-hak, Tae-ju and Jae-young’s father meet at a bar. Tae-ju, who was told to investigate by Myung-hak, shows them CCTV footage of Lee Jung-sub (Lee Hyun-soo’s father) following Jae-young.

Chae-man meets Jung-sub and asks him about it. But although he’s aware of Jae-young’s death, his response is vague. At home, Yeon-ho sets up photos of the people involved in the accident on a window. One of them is Chae-man, who was the first detective to take on the case.

At the same time, Chae-man finds footage of the culprit walking back from Jae-young’s car. He’s limping and using a stick/crutch for support. Behind Chae-man, we see a pair of crutches kept against the wall.

So-hee’s father is driving her to work and we learn that he’s joined a taxi company instead of working on his own. She then gets a message about a crackdown on unlicensed taxis in Gangnam.

Jung-wook is partying and drinking when he gets a call from his father, who tells him to get Kyung-soo to a specific location. Myung-hak doesn’t reveal what he’s going to do. Kyung-soo gets the location and heads over there but he doesn’t notice a car following him.

Meanwhile, the TCI is waiting in Gangnam for the crackdown on unlicensed taxis and the drugs involved. They discuss how Tae-ju didn’t wrap the case up the last time he had it.

Unsurprisingly, Kyung-soo finds a gang of men surrounding him when he reaches the location. They beat him but he manages to run away. He calls Yeon-ho and begs for help but gets cut off when a black car runs straight into him.

So-hee gets notified about another accident and they go over there. Unfortunately, it’s So-hee’s father’s taxi and her father has been heavily injured at the end of Crash Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Crash Episode 8 wraps up the case of the truck drivers quite well, unravelling a story about corporate manipulation and systematic issues that fail common workers like them. The case develops in an interesting way, going from a random serial attack to something more sinister. When Dong-woo’s revenge is finally revealed it puts all the pieces together quite neatly. Dong-gi making Dong-woo realise that his actions killed an innocent man puts a bow on the whole thing, highlighting the immoral nature of his revenge.

Additional scenes with Dong-gi and his father added a suitable amount of emotion to this case as well. The transition from this case to Kyung-soo — the blackmail, Jae-young’s case and with Kyung-soo finally getting hit by a car — is fairly smooth. There’s not much time to rest in between, which is good as it keeps the show engaging.

Yeon-ho holding back from So-hee does feel a bit frustrating but I suppose he’ll have to tell her in the following episode. Chae-man’s connection with Yeon-ho’s accident is a tad clearer but we still need to know more to understand why he cares about it so much. So-hee’s father’s accident throws a wrench in the last few seconds of the episode, offering a dismal sight but this is surely to be the basis for the next case that the TCI will handle. And this time we’ll see So-hee a lot more emotionally involved than before.

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