Crash – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Truck Drivers and Sabotages

Crash Episode 7 begins with Jae-young driving down the highway when he’s taunted by another driver. Growing more reckless, Jae-young inevitably crashes and the driver throws a lighter towards the car, making it explode. At the funeral, Jung-wook and his father Myung-hak speak with Jae-young’s father.

Myung-hak tells him that it seems like Jae-young was murdered. Kyung-soo arrives and Jung-wook tells him about the murder as well.  Elsewhere, Jae-man drinks and commemorates his wife’s death anniversary.

At Lee Hyun-soo’s resting place at a columbarium, Yeon-ho meets with Hyun-soo’s father. On their way out, Yeon-ho sees Jae-young’s remains being taken to the columbarium. Elsewhere, an emergency call is made regarding a car that has stopped in the middle of a road.

Back at the office, Hyun-kyung comes across Dong-gi’s father, who has come to visit his son. Later with the team, they discuss parents and Hyun-kyung is suspiciously quiet about her own parents. So-hee then gets a call about the stationary car in the middle of the road and they rush off.

Meanwhile, Chief Gu learns from his colleague that an important person from the Inspection Division at HQ has a child who is working in his department. But they don’t know who it is. The TCI team arrives on the scene to find that the man inside the car is dead.

Just then, So-hee gets a call from another superintendent who is at the site of a traffic accident where a carrier truck has rolled over. The superintendent complains about Yeon-ho being a nuisance. So-hee goes there and drags Yeon-ho away, although he claims something is off.

Elsewhere, Kyung-soo hears his fellow truck drivers discussing the accident. The carrier truck rolled over because it had illegal modifications to carry five cars when it was made for only three. The drivers complain about how the only way to make a profit is to agree to overload the trucks.

So-hee’s father is picking up his car from a repair shop when he meets Yeon-ho, who has decided to start driving again and is getting his car checked. Later, So-hee’s new case turns up a ratchet buckle, which is generally used to fix cargo. The forensic guy tells So-hee that it was cut on purpose. Yeon-ho says the man’s death wasn’t far from the truck rollover accident and the two must be connected.

They confirm that the buckle came from the carrier truck. However, when they investigate, the other superintendent creates a fuss over the TCI ‘stealing’ their case. The decision comes down to Chief Gu, who speaks to the other police chief and gets the TCI jurisdiction. The team is happy although they wonder why Chief Gu is being so nice to them. Elsewhere, Chief Gu and his colleague congratulate each other on the way they handled the situation.

Yeon-ho and So-hee go to visit the truck driver, a man named Nam Jae-hoon, at the hospital but he isn’t in his bed. They find him on the rooftop, ready to jump off. He says he was ordered by superiors to overload the truck and now those same superiors have forsaken him. He’s set to lose all his savings due to the accident. His daughter arrives in time though and he pretends he’s okay, going back downstairs with her.

We then see Pyo Myung-hak being promoted to Commissioner General. He celebrates in his office but Jae-man isn’t too happy when he watches the news. Back at the hospital, Jae-hoon is relieved to hear that someone else caused the man’s death and it wasn’t his fault. He tells So-hee and Yeon-ho that at a rest stop, a man got into one of the cars on his truck and was messing around with it. Due to this, the two got into a fight.

The cops find the man — a chef named Cho Ikh-wan — and question him. They already know that he left his dormitory in the middle of the night but it turns out he was on a romantic drive with a woman. The couple reveals that while they were in the car, they saw a man wielding bolt cutters. He was wearing a green hat and then walked towards the nearby rest stop for truck drivers.

Yeon-ho and So-hee go to the rest stop and Yeon-ho notices that the locker room had no keys. He tells the team that the culprit stole Jae-hoon’s keys and put them back while the driver was in the shower.

Elsewhere, Myung-hak, Tae-ju, and Jae-young’s father have dinner. While Tae-ju is in the restroom, the other two discuss that Jae-young was killed because of the accident with Lee Hyun-soo. They suspect Yeon-ho and Chae-man. Myung-hak decides to give the case to Chae-man — keep your enemies closer and all of that.

The next day, Dong-gi meets a young truck driver who had visited the driver’s lounge. He was also there in the scene where Kyung-soo overheard the other drivers. At present, he tells Dong-gi that Jae-hoon got into a fight with another man who was wearing a green hat. He tells Dong-gi he just saw the man at the rest stop. Myung-hak then meets a Chae-man for a meal. He gives Chae-man the papers on Jae-young’s case.

Another truck driver tells So-hee and Yeon-ho that a different driver experienced the same kind of accident with his carrier truck some time ago. They then get a call from Dong-gi and Yeon-ho goes to help him look for the man in the green hat. It’s Yeon-ho who ultimately finds him and the man turns out to be none other than Kyung-soo.

Yeon-ho speaks to Kyung-soo, who seems scared of him for some reason. Kyung-soo gets even more scared when he sees a black car nearby but it turns out to be nothing. Kyung-soo straight up asks Yeon-ho if he killed Jae-young and runs away when Yeon-ho doesn’t respond. He gets into his carrier truck, also loaded with five cars, and drives off.

So-hee comes by in time to see him go. She has confirmed that the person Jae-hoon fought with was Kyung-soo. They get in her car and follow him. Hyun-kyung then calls So-hee and tells her to get out of there. She’s just seen CCTV footage of someone cutting the ratchet buckle on Kyung-soo’s truck.

Unfortunately, the brake pedal isn’t working either and Kyung-soo can’t stop. The cars begin to fall off the truck and So-hee swerves her own in between all the chaos. Ultimately, despite Kyung-soo’s efforts, the truck crashes on its side at the end of Crash Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Crash Episode 7 brings us a new case that, like every case so far, is fresh and original. It is commendable how Crash offers up a variety of subjects and cases through the episodes — from a ghost scam to the mysterious truck driver accidents. By tackling a different area of traffic investigation in each case, the show is doing well to keep things interesting. Breaking the investigations over two episodes makes it even more compelling for one to keep watching.

It’s interesting how this case in particular started with a dead man in the middle of a road and slowly spiralled into a case of multiple trucks being sabotaged. Linking this with Kyung-soo and the overarching mystery of the Lee Hyun-soo case does make things a bit convoluted, but since we are nearing the halfway mark this might be warranted.

Also, the mystery of Chae-man and his connection with Yeon-ho lingers over it all, keeping us intrigued. All in all, it is a delight to watch the family-esque TCI work together in harmony.

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