Crash – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Yeon-ho’s Past Revealed

Crash Episode 6 begins with Yeon-ho entering the police station and everybody staring at him. He meets So-hee and admits everything the online post said is true. She tells him he should have been honest from the start.

Lee Tae-ju arrives at work and hears about the online post. Myung-hak also hears about it and tells his secretary to find out who posted it. Chief Gu tells Jae-man that public sentiment is highly against Yeon-ho and they should put him on leave for a while. Jae-man says he will take full responsibility and refuses to remove Yeon-ho.

When the DNA results come out, Yeon-ho and So-hee go to collect it. The results don’t match so the car thief doesn’t seem to be the rapist. Jae-man sends the team members to do more investigating. Meanwhile, Lee Tae-ju is told that another set of DNA was found on the scissors from the car thief. He asks for a reanalysis.

The TCI looks through a list of ex-convicts and then finds the woman’s red car in a public car park. They find a pair of red heels inside. Yeon-ho wonders if the culprit is using the dashcam to find information about his victims.

Later, they find another case of car theft and decide to investigate it. They meet with the woman who is prickly and doesn’t want to speak to So-hee. She says none of her stolen items have been returned. So-hee gives her her contact details and leaves. But she tells Yeon-ho that she saw a pink stun gun in the car, which was on the list of stolen items. This means she might already be a rape victim but doesn’t want to talk about it. But then why were the DNA results different?

Meanwhile, Tae-ju seems frustrated and tells his team to collect DNA from every suspicious person. One of the staff takes Tae-ju aside and tells him that the second DNA has a 100% match with the rapist. Tae-ju tells him to keep this under wraps for now. Tae-ju then comes by the TCI office and chats with Jae-man, trying to find more information about the car thief. He then tells his own team to look at ex-convict car thief who were recently released.

At a restaurant, Myung-hak meets with Jung-wook and Jae-young, berating the latter for putting up that post about Cha Yeon-ho. Jae-young says he was angry about Yeon-ho having become a policeman but apologises anyway.

So-hee and Yeon-ho come back to the office to see two investigating officers. They question him about his case and the after-effects. He admits to nightmares, tinnitus and more. Meanwhile, the rest of the team discusses what So-hee found in the other case. When she learns that Tae-ju had come to see Jae-man, she grows suspicious. Naturally, she finds the new DNA results and confronts Tae-ju in front of everyone, revealing what he did. Everyone realises that Yeon-ho was actually right.

After handing over their materials to the joint investigation, the TCI team laments how all their hard work is going to another team. So-hee gets a call from Cho Moon-ju, the woman from the car theft case. This time, she admits what happened. After her car was stolen, she got the stun gun back in the mailbox but didn’t report it to the police.

Meanwhile, Yeon-ho is finally let out of the interrogation. He returns to the empty office to find that So-hee has left a box of new running shoes for him. Cho Moon-ju tells So-hee that the culprit was tall, had double eyelids and spoke in a specific dialect. Elsewhere, Tae-ju sends his team after Park Sung-jin, an ex-convict.

So-hee returns to the office and tells Yeon-ho everything Moon-ju said. Moon-ju also told her that the man said he never failed once he eyed a woman. This makes them wonder if the woman from the first case, who they saved, is still in danger. So-hee goes to inform the joint investigation team. Yeon-ho takes her car keys and goes ahead but halfway through, he gets flashbacks from his accident. Still, he pushes on in order to save the woman.

At the woman’s house, we see that the man has already broken in and has held her mother at gunpoint. Yeon-ho arrives and sees a cigarette butts outside the house. He finds the woman’s mother who has been tied up. Just as the man is about to attack the woman, Yeon-ho interrupts. It is indeed Park Sung-jin. He runs away and once again, Yeon-ho chases him. This time, he recalls his training with So-hee and uses it to overpower him.

The case is wrapped up, although the other detective from the precinct gets credit on national TV. Tae-ju then meets the TCI and congratulates them for solving the case. He also reveals that the results of Yeon-ho’s case are out and he won’t be dismissed. The team goes out to eat beef, all except for Jae-man. So-hee says it’s his wife’s death anniversary. Later, she asks Yeon-ho how he drove her car and he says he was focusing on saving the woman. He asks about Jae-man’s wife and So-hee says she died in a hit-and-run.

Elsewhere, Jae-young is driving recklessly again and speaking to Jung-wook on the phone. He’s complaining about Yeon-ho when another car begins to speed around him. It provokes Jae-young, who tries to one-up the car and ends up crashing and landing upside down. The person from the other car walks up to Jae-young and makes the whole thing explode at the end of Crash Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Crash Episode 6 wraps up the case of the car theft and the serial rapist, finally revealing the connection between the two. The entire investigation, the DNA reveal, the other victim who didn’t want to speak up, and Tae-ju making some bad decisions, are elements that make the episode a captivating watch.

Tae-ju being outed by So-hee in front of everyone is also extremely satisfying. On the other hand, Yeon-ho goes through a lot with the interrogation and then braving his trauma to drive a car and go save someone else.  

Things are also getting interesting with the blackmail storyline. Not only does someone want to remind everybody about the accident but they are also out to get revenge. Jae-young is surely the first victim in a long list and this means Yeon-ho would soon find himself in danger as well. And while things are getting amped up with this storyline, it’s not overwhelming the episodic cases which is a good sign!

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