Crash – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Ghost

Crash Episode 3 begins with So-hee, Yeon-ho, and their colleague Dong-gi wondering how their car crashed in the same spot as the man from the previous episode. And they, like him, saw a ghost dressed in white.

While discussing at the office later, Dong-gi says the car’s wheels turned of its own accord. Yeon-ho finds that multiple people have reported an accident at the same spot. The team does some investigating. A shopkeeper tells So-hee and Dong-gi that unclaimed graves were bulldozed to make the apartment nearby, which is why there are ghosts now.

Yeon-ho and Hyun-kyung meet the man from before, who also insists his wheels turned on their own. The group then meets with a shaman, who tells them it’s a ghost. She also warns So-hee against Yeon-ho. Back at the office, they watch the dashcam footage from the drunk driver’s car and see the same person dressed in white. Meanwhile, Chief Gu learns that Yeon-ho has proposed removing the Chief’s parking space. His colleague advises him to go along with it.

Yeon-ho studies the road and reveals that it’s too flat, which leads the road to hold on to water. Which means it would be slippery on rainy days and cause accidents. Which is how the wheels moved on their own. But the dates of the accidents show that some took place on sunny days. So could someone be causing the accidents on purpose?

Later at night, So-hee waits in her car at Kanghee Junction and Yeon-ho soon joins her. So-hee realises that he’s submitted the parking spot complaint about the chief and is dismayed because their relationship with the chief is already on bad terms. A few hours later, they suddenly see the ghost — a person in white.

So-hee and Yeon-ho give chase and follow the person into the woods. They split up and end up following the person to a nursing home. At the nursing home, they are told that an old woman used to walk around in white, mourning clothes for her late husband. But she died a year ago.

Back at the office, Yeon-ho finds that the very first accident was caused because of the old woman, Kang Ok-geun. The driver of that accident was the same man who came to tow So-hee’s car when they got into the accident themselves. The man, Choi Bum-gu, and his towing company have seen quite a success thanks to the accidents. decide to look into him. Meanwhile, Bum-gu sits with two other men and they discuss their business.

Sometime later, So-hee and her team see Chief Gu getting rid of his own parking lot. Although, he makes it seem like it’s his own idea. So-hee wonders why he’s sucking up to Yeon-ho and Hyun-kyung tells her that he is related to Commissioner Cha.

However, they have gotten it all wrong. Chief Gu meets Commissioner Cha and realises Yeon-ho isn’t the commissioner’s son after all. At the same time, Chae-man comes across an old colleague he used to work with.

So-hee and Yeon-ho meet with one of the victims of the towing service. He says he was scammed by them as well as the auto repair shop and the car rental. They made him rent a car while his was being repaired and then overcharged him for ‘damaging’ the car. After that, So-hee realises that three men are involved in the scam — Bum-gu, the head of the auto shop, and the head of the car rental company. So-hee thinks they can catch them by becoming the next victim. They rent a car and decide to catch the culprit in the act.

Yeon-ho then visits a man who drives a sprinkler truck on the same route. The driver tells him he saw another truck near the tunnel while driving there. A moment later, it begins to rain. Which means they can put their experiment to the test. So-hee wears a wig and gets into an “accident.”

Bum-gu arrives almost immediately and So-hee’s car is taken to the auto shop for repairs. So-hee throws a wrench in their plans by saying she wants her car scrapped rather than repaired. Meanwhile, Yeon-ho checks the rented trucks at the car rental shop. He also sees bags of calcium chloride. Just as he gets caught by the car rental CEO, So-hee saves him by pretending to be his wife.

Once they leave, Yeon-ho tells So-hee about the sprinkler truck and the rental truck. So-hee also noticed burn marks on all the employee’s hands. Yeon-ho says they used calcium chloride to keep the road wet after the sprinkler truck passed. That would have caused the burn marks and made the road slippery as well.

So-hee once again drives her car through the junction and this time, she catches the man pretending to be a ghost. She arrests him then and there. Later, the whole TCI team arrives at the car rental store to arrest the rest of the gang, albeit with some fighting involved.

After all is done, So-hee’s father comes to pick her up and they give Yeon-ho a ride as well. While So-hee sleeps in the back seat, her father tells Yeon-ho how So-hee spent a lot of time in his taxi as a child, sleeping and eating there while her father worked. That’s why her current car is her father’s first taxi. They drop Yeon-ho off near his apartment but it seems like someone is watching him. He checks his mailbox and finds a paper that talks about a married couple’s death.

The epilogue shows a conversation between Chae-man and Yeon-ho. Chae-man tells Yeon-ho that he knows Jung-sub (this is probably the man Yeon-ho was seen talking to in the previous episode) and about Yeon-ho’s past.  He tells Yeon-ho not to let his past have an adverse effect on the TCI team at the end of Crash Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 takes on an intriguing case. It is quite engaging to watch the team navigate something that seems supernatural and then unravel the entire scheme run by the three men. It’s quite a different tone from the previous case, which is promising for future cases that the show will handle. The light-hearted nature of the case and its consequent comic elements make the episode a fun watch.

Yeon-ho and So-hee make an interesting pair as well, with the former’s stoic awkwardness balancing out the latter’s more friendly and outgoing personality. Overall, the episode moves quickly and doesn’t linger at any moment, which works to keep viewers engaged. All in all, Crash seems to be a fast-paced and captivating drama.

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