Crash – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Myung-hak’s Last Ploy

Crash Episode 11 begins with Myung-hak apologising to the public for not raising his son properly. On the way home, he suddenly realised that Lee Jung-sub is driving his car. News of the general commissioner getting kidnapped reaches the TCI and Tae-ju as well. Chae-man goes to the hospital looking for a female patient but learns that she passed away two days ago. This is presumably Jung-sub’s wife.

The TCI realises the kidnapper is Jung-sub and decide to trace his phone. Meanwhile, Myung-hak tries to tell Jung-sub that he’s innocent but Jung-sub knows the truth. He wants to take him to his death. When Yeon-ho calls Jung-sub, the latter picks up but refuses to let Myung-hak go despite Yeon-ho’s pleas.

By then, Chae-man has received their location and driven up to Jung-sub. He parks his car right in front of Jung-sub, forcing the latter to stop and allowing Myung-hak to escape. Chae-man stops Jung-sub from physically assaulting Myung-hak but he seems distraught when his longtime friend is finally taken away by the police.

While Jung-sub is being questioned in custody, Tae-ju brings Myung-hak out of the hospital in a wheelchair to gain sympathy from the press and the public. Later, Myung-hak discusses his son’s case with his team. He learns that Chairman Yang has submitted a photo of the three boys in the car, clearly proving that Jung-wook was at the wheel.

But Myung-hak’s lawyers say that they can work around it. The court case begins and Kyung-soo is first questioned but his testimony is tainted by the fact that he asked Jung-wook to lend him money.

Back in the office, the TCI look for more evidence. Yeon-ho recalls that there was a report that proved the tire marks were different but it was missing from Kim Min-sung’s house. Instead, they decide to look for the person who made the report — a man named Jin Chang-wook.

A flashback shows that Myung-hak had told Tae-ju to steal the report from Min-sung’s house. At present, Myung-hak looks stressed when he hears that Chang-wook has been called as a witness from the US.

So-hee and the others pick up Chang-wook from the airport. On the way back, So-hee’s car is surrounded by other cars, no doubt Myung-hak’s men. Hyun-kyung and Dong-gi exit the car and make the gangsters think they got the wrong car. Elsewhere, So-hee is escorting Chang-wook via the subway.

At court, Myung-hak sends the prosecution a note. The prosecutor says she wants to call Pyo Myung-hak as a witness. A flashback shows that Tae-ju told Myung-hak to reveal the report before the TCI and get ahead of the game. He should position himself as someone who is mercilessly just, even towards his own son.

At present, Myung-hak submits the tire report, saying he received it anonymously. It heavily incriminates Jung-wook but Myung-hak says he’s an officer of the public before a father. This sends Jung-wook into hysterics and prompts him to come clean about everything. We then see a flashback of the murder again. After killing Hyun-soo, Jung-wook calls his father, who orders all of them to say they were only witnesses.

At present, Jung-wook says his father hid the report on purpose and got them out of trouble. He asks for a reduced sentence since he was a minor at the time. At this moment, Tae-ju leaves the courthouse and brings a flash drive out of his pocket, looking at it thoughtfully.

Next is Chang-wook, who reveals to the court that it was Myung-hak who asked for the tire report just when Chang-wook was packing up to go to the US. Ultimately, an announcement is made that Myung-hak will be indicted for tampering with evidence. Naturally, the commissioner general is furious.

Elsewhere, a judge receives an anonymous letter detailing more of Myung-hak’s corrupt activities. The inspection office turns up at Myung-hak’s office and begins to search it. Tae-ju arrives as well and reveals he’s the one who ratted Myung-hak out. So-hee is at a hospital, watching a news report about this letter and Myung-hak’s arrest. She’s then called in to see her father, who has finally woken up.

In court, the final verdict holds Jung-wook guilty for killing Hyun-soo and for hitting So-hee’s father. Considering that he gave evidence against his father, he gets a 20-year sentence. Myung-hak gets 12 years and a hefty fine. Chairman Yang gets 10 years and 6 months. We then see Jung-sub visiting Kim Min-sung in prison. Jung-sub tells him to ensure he lives well as Hyun-soo is at peace now.

Meanwhile, Tae-ju is promoted to Chief Superintendent. While walking out, he comes by So-hee and Yeon-ho. Instead of congratulating him, So-hee says she’s on her way to look into more of Myung-hak’s corruption. Particularly the unlicensed taxi case — which takes Tae-ju aback. Once he’s alone in his office, Tae-ju calls someone and makes a report on the TCI.

The next thing we know, the TCI has been dissolved and its members are sent to other divisions. Chief Gu addresses them but says his hands are tied. They begin to pack up all their things, lamenting their fate. All except for Yeon-ho, who’s on the roof.

So-hee goes upstairs and asks Yeon-ho if he will be okay since he’s being sent to a remote island. He says he will and thanks So-hee for helping him out. She returns the kind words. Yeon-ho promises to come pick up her father from the hospital when he’s discharged.

The scene skips to one year later. Yeon-ho is working on Hwapyeong Island, patrolling with another office. Yeon-ho tells an old man off for drinking and driving a farming vehicle. Later, he goes home where he’s staying alongside a man and his young daughter. In the evening, he chats with the daughter. She asks Yeon-ho if he has friends.

We see Dong-gi working as an emergency dispatcher, Hyun-kyung as a traffic policeman, and So-hee arresting a rash driver. She gets a text and we learn that the TCI group has decided to meet the next day.

Back on the island, a fight breaks out between the man Yeon-ho’s staying with, due to his resort on the island. The older residents of the island complain that the resorts use up the island’s resources.

Later that evening, the man’s daughter, Seunga, goes out for a birthday party while he’s entertaining some guests. In the morning, Yeon-ho finds the man worried because Seunga hasn’t come home yet. Yeon-ho decides to help find his daughter before heading out to Seoul. He ends up finding Seunga’s shoes by a cliff.

In Seoul, the TCI meet for a meal and discuss how Yeon-ho couldn’t make it due to the missing person case. When they learn that the island has only four security offices, an idea strikes them all.

We then see them all get off a ship and enthusiastically greet Yeon-ho on the island. They’re going to work the case together. On a CCTV camera, they spot Seunga walking on her usual route. They search the area and find a piece of a car’s bumper as well as Seunga’s phone hanging. At the end of Crash Episode 11, they conclude that an accident occurred at that spot.

The Episode Review

Crash Episode 11 puts the last piece of the puzzle into place with the last remaining culprit, Myung-hak, finally going behind bars. It’s an interesting journey for the TCI, who can’t just count on Kyung-soo’s statement but are forced to find more evidence. With the original officer who made the report coming in to testify, things are wrapped up quite well. It is highly satisfying to watch Jung-wook put the final nail in Myung-hak’s coffin as well, giving him exactly what he deserves.

What’s more interesting is watching Tae-ju let Myung-hak walk into a trap. Is this what he always meant to do? Is he really out for himself and nobody else? If there is something lacking, it is more insight into Tae-ju who is still shrouded in mystery. The TCI being dissolved is sad but also makes sense considering the power play in the system.

The only question left is, why is the series not over yet? The show had a perfect conclusion but here we are, with a whole new case in a small town. An odd choice but we will hold judgment till the finale comes.

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