Crash – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Catching Jung-wook  

Crash Episode 10 begins with Chae-man confronting Jung-sub about his son-in-law, Kim Min-sung. Jung-sub admits he thought Min-sung was dead but he came back to Korea a year and a half ago. But he refuses to tell Chae-man more, he plans on protecting Min-sung.

At his office, Jung-wook gets a mysterious call. The man on the phone plays a recording of Kyung-soo confessing that Jung-wook killed Lee Hyun-soo on purpose, so she couldn’t identify them. The man then gives Jung-wook an address and tells him to meet him there.

Jung-wook then approaches Chairman Yang, Jae-young’s father. Despite Myung-hak telling Yang to keep things within the law, Jung-wook persuades Yang to deal with the culprit outside the law.

Meanwhile, So-hee comes to the office to see Yeon-ho looking for NFS papers. He notices that the NFS reports have the same print marks as the letter he got as blackmail. He then remembers Kim Hyun-min has a crippled leg and pinpoints him as the culprit.

Yeon-ho confronts him at the NFS centre, revealing him to be Kim Min-sung. Hyun-min turns out to be the name of his and Hyun-soo’s unborn child, which he then adopted himself. He claims he wanted to live a normal life but then came across evidence showing that Yeon-ho’s car tires didn’t match those on Hyun-soo. That’s how he found out about Jung-wook and the others.

At the same time, we see Tae-ju entering the area with an arrest warrant in hand. Yeon-ho argues that killing the others makes Hyun-min no different from them. He tearfully apologises for what happened that night and promises to catch the real killers. But Min-sung attacks Yeon-ho and runs away instead. His car rams through the security gate and escapes the compound while Tae-ju orders his men to go after him.

Yeon-ho follows in his car as well but is soon joined by the men from Chairman Yang’s gang. They surround Min-sun’s car but Yeon-ho helps break their circle. Suddenly, we hear Chae-man’s voice through a radio telling Yeon-ho to commence the operation. Turns out, the person in the other car is not Min-sung but So-hee! They swivel their cars around and disorient the other drivers.

Speeding backwards, the other cars then crash into a massive truck driven by Dong-gi. Hyun-kyung joins the foray on her bike. Together, they lead the cars right into a trap surrounded by police cars. At Chae-man’s orders, they are rounded up. Tae-ju arrives a bit too late and asks about Min-sung. So-hee casually responds that he must be at the police station.

We then see a flashback to ten hours ago when Yeon-ho told the whole team about Kim Min-sung. While Yeon-ho offered Min-sung a chance, the others waited nearby, listening. They caught him when he tried running away. An angry Min-sung tells them everything that Kyung-soo told him.

Another flashback shows us what happened ten years ago. Jung-wook is driving his father’s car recklessly with Kyung-soo and Jae-young. They aren’t paying attention and get blindsided by Yeon-ho’s car, swerving to the side. They get out and see Hyun-soo and Min-sung on the ground. Hyun-soo is conscious and begs for help. But because his father’s career would be at risk, Jung-wook uses his car to run over her again.

Min-sung tells the TCI all of this and they assure him that Jung-wook will be caught and punished. At that moment, Min-sung gets a text from Jung-wook who tells him to meet him at a specific address. Chae-man realises it’s a trap and they come up with the plan to corner the cars following Min-sung.

Back in the present, So-hee and her colleagues get Jung-wook’s address and go after him. Tae-ju tries to stop them but Chae-man holds him back, even going so far as to punch Tae-ju.

So-hee and the others reach the company’s house and tell Chairman Yang to come out. Instead, they are met by a horde of Yang’s gangsters. Of course, our four officers are more than a match for the entire gang. Even Yeon-ho, whose skills have immensely improved! Dong-gi and Hyun-kyung take on Yang himself while Yeon-ho and So-hee go after Jung-wook. Both end up losing the fight to the TCI.

Later, Chief Gu discusses the situation with his colleagues and worries about what will happen. So-hee insists they have to keep working to punish Jung-wook. Tae-ju interrogates Min-sung and tells him that the video of Kyung-soo’s testimony is invalid because it was obtained through torture. Jung-wook is behind bars but his lawyer assured him that the charges won’t stick.

Tae-ju gives Myung-hak an update and Myung-hak decides to let Yang take the fall for it all. Although, they don’t seem to know where Kyung-soo is. Meanwhile, the TCI gathers once again, going to meet Chae-man where he’s serving his disciplinary action. They need to find Kyung-soo before Tae-ju does.

Yeon-ho interrogates Jung-wook again but to no avail. Tae-ju looks through Min-sung’s dashcam footage and finds a clue that leads him to the hideout where Kyung-soo was tortured. In the interrogation room, Yeon-ho and So-hee return, this time along with Kyung-soo. Another flashback shows that Dong-gi had taken a backup of the dashcam footage from Min-sung’s car. They found Kyung-soo and So-hee left her business card for Tae-ju to find there later.

At present, Kyung-soo tells Jung-wook to give it all up. Kyung-soo then gives his testimony. Soon enough, Jung-wook and Myung-hak are all over the news. Someone even makes a comic video about the situation on the internet. It turns out to be uploaded by the news reporter who helped the detectives. He did so at Yeon-ho’s request.

Jung-wook’s father visits him in prison and reveals he’s going to pretend he knew nothing of Jung-wook’s crimes. Tae-ju, meanwhile, ignores Myung-hak’s calls. He has a flashback drive which seems to hold some important information.

Jung-wook grows angry as he thinks about how his father told him to stay quiet. He suddenly yells at the guards to bring Yeon-ho in. After a press conference, Myung-hak gets into his car and ends up falling asleep. When he wakes up, he realises the car is being driven by Lee Jung-sub at the end of Crash Episode 10.

The Episode Review

Crash Episode 10 brings the tension to a peak as the real culprit of the murders is revealed and the TCI finally get their hands on Jung-wook. Both parts of the episode are executed well — Min-sung’s story is accompanied by the right emotional weight and a convincing performance. On the other hand, the TCI’s trap for Jung-wook and Yang plays out in an exciting car chase as well as a thrilling fight scene with four detectives taking on an entire gang.

The story is a crisp and emotive one but this episode did rely on flashbacks a tad too much. After the first one, the others make it seem like the series is telling us rather than showing us what happened. Still, the effect of the episode is effective and you do feel satisfied watching Jung-wook finally go behind bars. But with two more episodes left to go, I wonder if Crash will extend the show’s conclusion more than it needs to.

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