Coyote – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Silver or Lead

We begin episode 2 of Coyote in 2019, deep in the heart of El Salvador. A kid called Manuel shows up with a loaded gun at school. His teacher brushes aside his threats though and tells him to leave. Unfortunately this boy happens to be working for a gang and they’re none too happy with him.

This gang finds the teacher’s home and eventually begin slicing him up with swords. As a completely out-of-place hip hop record plays, a girl called Maria escapes out the house and hurries away from them.

We then cut back to the present as Maria heads out into the wilderness with Ben. Unfortunately they get a flat tyre and are forced to walk 27 miles North to Bisbee. En-route, Ben leaves a voicemail for Garrett asking for help.

Back in town, Sylvia is confronted by Dante and his gang. It turns out Maria is pregnant and he’s the Father, which explains why he’s after her. Despite trying to teach Maria some English, three men riding motorbikes distract them as the duo are forced to continue on without leaving footprints.

Both Maria and Ben hide out and seize their opportunity to sabotage their bikes. Afterwards, the pair begin walking again through the desert where Maria encourages Ben to cover up his neck. Trigger happy Ben then shoots a beer can rattling in the wind, believing it to be a person.(what if this was just an innocent bystander?)

Anyway, the Mexican gang members notice the can and realize they’re on the right path. They eventually fire some warning shots but despite there not being anywhere to go, Ben and Maria soldier on.

Down by the border, Ben uses a series of tools to try and pry open the fence and cross to the other side. As they break through, the trio smirk and utter “See you soon.” Unfortunately Ben also drops his tracker too as they walk away.

Ben and Maria eventually makes it to the road but unfortunately the approaching truck isn’t Garrett but a couple of Mexicans asking for Maria. They eventually open fire, leading Ben to shoot one dead and repeatedly crack the skull of another one with a car door. After dumping them unceremoniously in a hole, Garrett finally shows up.

Anyway, things take a turn for the worst when Ben receives a video call of someone heading into his daughter’s room. Dante rings and tells him to head back to the place where he left his truck. If he doesn’t, then his daughter is going to die.

This catches us up to the moments at the start of episode 1 as Ben heads back across the border where he’s picked up by the Mexicans. They take him to a stadium where he meets the big boss, Juan Diego. He happens to be in charge of this gang and gives Ben an ultimatum, forcing him to work as a coyote to keep his family safe.

Back in America, officers arrive at the scene of the crime and notice the two dead Mexicans. Using the facial recognition of their phone, the American officers break in and see the video of Ben’s daughter first-hand.

Back in Mexico, Ben is dropped off at Javi’s caravan but finds the foundations for Javi’s house burning to a crisp, courtesy of Diego.

The Episode Review

So that’s four dead Mexicans now that Ben and Maria have on their hands. So far there’s been no repercussions for their actions and if anything, things have taken a turn for the incredulous.

How does Juan Diego and the others know where Ben lives? How did the Mexicans get across the border and live-stream a video of his daughter to his phone so quickly? Why is Ben so interested in helping Maria? Surely he would have seen numerous cases of pregnant ladies over the 32 years of servitude? How is Maria any different?

Coyote is one of those shows you really need to switch your brain off to to enjoy. Unfortunately, given the level of quality TV there is out out on the market now, CBS’s latest thriller is a far cry from the best quality.

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